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  • Major RingerX VIP Update Brings More Awesome Features

    RingerX VIP was unleashed by iOS developer Yllier in the opening week of February to help you better manage whom your iDevice rings for and more breathtaking features to make sure that you only hear your iPhone ring when you desire to. From that time until now, Yllier has been working hard to make sure that RingerX VIP keeps getting more useful features. In today’s release of version 1.10, RingerX VIP sees not only new capabilities, but also a couple of bug fixes to make it work correctly where it caused some issues in some cases.

    The list of newfangled features is pretty extensive:
    • The capability to construct and then assign custom vibrations or ringtones and texttones for individual contacts and contact groups based on your preference so that you can use vibrations and ringtones or texttones that are not currently present in your iPhone. This will help familiarize you with whoever may be calling or texting you so that you know if you should answer it or not.
    • The ability to disregard the mute switch for not only text messages, but also for e-mails has been included. This means that if you desire to hear alerts from e-mails but not from other alerts such as phone calls or text messages, you can now do so through the settings of RingerX VIP.
    • The ability to assign an e-mail tone to individual contacts or contact groups has been added – great for being able to discern between work-related e-mails and personal e-mails by the difference in choice of tones for each.
    • The capability of assigning custom tones or vibrations to application notifications (such as Twitter, Facebook, or others with push notifications) so that you can easily discern between which applications are notifying you.
    • A new option has been added to configure settings for incoming phone calls that that are, ‘blocked’ or, ‘anonymous’ so that you aren’t disturbed by them. You can set them to an inaudible ringtone so that you never hear them calling again.
    • Full support for unified or linked contacts has been added.

    In addition to these add-ons to functionality, improvements have been made to RingerX VIP’s stability and performance. One major bug fix comprises of a problem that instigated the mute timer to allow ringing too early and not let the timer finish its count-cycle - a surely awkward moment for anyone relying on the mute timer for silence.

    Last but not least, a feature that all Vibrafications owners will love – RingerX VIP is your new acquaintance. Dan Zimmerman will not be updating Vibrafications for iOS 5 and consequently, both developers (Dan and Yllier) came to an agreement. If you are an existing Vibrafications owner, RingerX VIP will be on sale for you for just $2.49. If you are not a Vibrafications customer, then you will have to pay full price ($3.99) for RingerX VIP. The original price was only $2.99, however the added functionality in this version has bumped the price up another dollar. If you are an existing RingerX VIP customer, you can upgrade for free. The update is available in Cydia via the BigBoss repository right now. The full change log for RingerX VIP version 1.10 can be read here.

    Note that RingerX VIP only works with an iPhone running iOS 5. It cannot be downloaded on an iPod touch or iPad.

    Sources: Yllier
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    1. keenpois0n's Avatar
      keenpois0n -
      great! now I can install it again. I was a bit let down after I bought it, so I uninstalled. happy now though will enjoy this
    1. woolfman72's Avatar
      woolfman72 -
      Well after trying multiple ways. I can not for the life of me get my phone to use custom ringtones when silenced , It wants to always just the default ringtone. If i turn off the silence my custom ringtones work. Anyone else have this issue?
    1. a_lunatic's Avatar
      a_lunatic -
      I got it for $1.99 yesterday
    1. quad104's Avatar
      quad104 -
      does the app allow use of songs in the phone's music library as ringtones?
    1. keenpois0n's Avatar
      keenpois0n -
      Quote Originally Posted by quad104 View Post
      does the app allow use of songs in the phone's music library as ringtones?
      don't think so. grab anyring for that
    1. jfreezy's Avatar
      jfreezy -
      Yes - I am having the same issue with it not allowing my custom tones.
    1. LatifKhaliq's Avatar
      LatifKhaliq -
      I got this tweak last week for one main reason, the ability to have group tones. I never got the tones to work for the groups, and furthermore it would not allow for my contacts to use their custom ringtone. I uninstalled, re-installed, still the same result. So, I decided to just uninstall & not use it but my default ringtone in settings overrides all my custom ringtones for my contacts. So, I did 2 restores one from back-up (same result) & then one setting it up as new phone (same result), both times not installing RingerX at all. And I still have the same problem with my default ringtone over-riding my custom ringtones. I didn't have this problem before purchasing & installing this tweak. I have not installed a new tweak (one that wasn't on my phone before) since purchasing RingerX, so I don't see how any of my old tweaks I had before RingerX is causing this. Can someone please help?