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  • Yosion Apple Peel 520 Makes the iPod Touch A Real iPhone

    Here is a handy device you may not have known about. Many people buy an iPod touch because it is cheaper than an iPhone and then later on decide that they want an iPhone. In that strange turn of events, they sometimes decide that they don’t want the iPhone because the iPod touch mirrors the iPhone so closely and having both devices would feel redundant. You can use your old iPod touch as an iPhone for a fraction of the price of buying a new iPhone. The amazing device is called the Apple Peel 520.

    The Apple Peel 520 works as a case for the iPod touch, but it has attachments inside that permit the iPod touch work as an iPhone would. The attachments include a SIM slot, external battery, and dock connector. A 22-year old Chinese programmer named Pan Yong created the device and it costs $119 in the United States, available today. To use it, you have to install some software on your iPod touch, which will give it SMS and calling capabilities – complements of the hardware in the Apple Peel 520. It also gives your iPod touch about 5 hours of talk time thanks to the extra battery.

    Citing the Apple Peel 520 Web site, the device can be used on a monthly plan with AT&T or T-Mobile, or you can use a pay-as-you-go plan instead. It is fully compatible with the iPod touch 4G and comes with holes to compliment the cameras and the microphone. Sound quality for calls is assured to be crystal clear. The Apple Peel 520 is guaranteed to work around the world with your GSM cellular carrier. It comes with the following features:

    • GPRS Access: Access the internet in any country via the GPRS standard. This is perfect for those who need to be connected anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in the café or even in the library!
    • Custom Ringtones: Customize SMS and Call ringtones with your favourite songs, sounds and melodies! If you’re like us, then you’d love to personalize your iPod /iPhone so that everyone will notice.
    • Powerful Phone App: Yosion has developed an amazing phone application. Everything is almost like an original iPhone: caller ID, call history, address book and vibration mode – you won’t notice the difference!
    • FM Radio and Integrated Bluetooth: You can listen to almost ANY local radio station in your area while you’re jogging, having a walk or literally doing anything. Also, Bluetooth is integrated into the device with the possibility of using your own hands-free headset!

    The company gives you a 15-day trial of the Apple Peel 520 and a money-back guarantee. With the ability to have whichever GSM carrier that you want, the ability to have no contracts, the ability to use it anywhere around the world, the ability to not need to buy a brand new iPhone when you own an iPod touch, some added hours of battery life, and a money back guarantee, I would say that the $119 price tag for the Apple Peel 520 is well worth it.

    Sources: TheTechJournal
    This article was tipped by Modmyi reader inFamous2FoB.
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    1. n0thingMuchToSee's Avatar
      n0thingMuchToSee -
      I personally have one of these, it is pretty awesome. There are a couple of problems I have found with it, like the sound quality from the case isn't as great as the iPod's, so I'm constantly pulling it out the case to get good quality sound when listening to music also, not sure if this is the same with for everyone else, but I've found that the peice that slots on top of the iPod to keep it in the case keeps falling off, which gets pretty annoying...
      still, it is pretty awesome, does what it says on the box, and the comapanion apps for it do receive the occasional update, best £70 I've spent in a while
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      This doesn't cost $60, it costs $119 according to the website!

      Major error in fact -50 points.

      Be careful which one you order. One model only covers firmware 4.x, the other covers 5.x.

    1. Len0888's Avatar
      Len0888 -
      where can i get one????
    1. jeffhesser's Avatar
      jeffhesser -
      this would be hilarious if they offered an LTE version of this and had the first 4g iphone! haha
    1. FilSmith's Avatar
      FilSmith -
      Love my iphone 4 but really wish they had this long ago. I'm sure it will be a very hot seller.
    1. jesstaticx's Avatar
      jesstaticx -
      I've used this thing before but its not as cool as you think it is. What I'm using now is the C Peel from iskyphone. It's way better than Yosion's Apple peel.
    1. k3u's Avatar
      k3u -
      I was going to recommend this to my girlfriend's little brother who has an iPod Touch and needs a phone. However seeing the price as $110 I believe that buying a used iPhone 3GS from Craigslist for $100 or cheaper is a better deal.
    1. raduga's Avatar
      raduga -
      Quote Originally Posted by jesstaticx View Post
      I've used this thing before but its not as cool as you think it is. What I'm using now is the C Peel from iskyphone. It's way better than Yosion's Apple peel.
      How do they differ, and why is the C Peel better?
    1. chad daddy's Avatar
      chad daddy -

      So no 3g data?
    1. scream777's Avatar
      scream777 -
      so does this mean if i have an iphone 4 sitting around with an unlockable baseband it can be unlocked?
    1. GXGOW's Avatar
      GXGOW -
      The only bad thing is the GPRS connection. It's sooooo damn slooooow!
    1. trialnterror's Avatar
      trialnterror -
      Now all they need to do is make one for cricket !!
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by scream777 View Post
      so does this mean if i have an iphone 4 sitting around with an unlockable baseband it can be unlocked?
    1. bulp's Avatar
      bulp -
      have u try Gmate by skyroam? this is external device for making call + sms for ipod touch, ipad, iphone or even android device... much more flexible than cpeel or aple peel.. the downside is just the speaker n mic location, since it use the original ipod & ipad mic n speaker..
    1. willfcc's Avatar
      willfcc -
      The point here for me is pre-paid. I carry a cell and an ipod. The cell costs $100 a year for 1000 minutes, more than enough for my uses. With the peel, now I can dump the cell, which doesn't get ANY internet. WIFI is fine for me, and the peel beats the hell out of $1800 for a two year contract.
    1. bcscustom's Avatar
      bcscustom -
      Yet another expensive gadget to attach to my iPod
      It's funny, but I have more money in accessories than what I paid for my iPod to begin with

      Looks like I'm gonna have to rack that total up again.
      I already use my iPod as a VoIP phone, but being able to use it anywhere and with extra battery to boot it sounds like a win/win
    1. jesstaticx's Avatar
      jesstaticx -
      Quote Originally Posted by raduga View Post
      How do they differ, and why is the C Peel better?
      C Peel is more durable than Apple Peel. Apple Peel is made of plastic, easily breaks when you accidentally drop it while C Peel is made of rubberized casing. C Peel has stable signal reception than apple peel though both give fake signal sometimes. Both also has a slow GPRS signal.
    1. iPhone nerd's Avatar
      iPhone nerd -
      My friend bought one from a site called gottabuyone.com and says it works awesome! I need to pick up one of these for my wife!

      My friend bought one of these from some site called gottabuyone.com for 109.
      He says the thing works awesome! I need to pick up one for my wife!!