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  • [Review] SiriMemes - Have Siri Show You A Meme


    Memes - they are a part of the Internet that you cannot escape. They are everywhere. From forums, to social networking sites, to Google searches and now they are a part of Siri! If you don't know what a Meme is, it means that you don't spend enough time on the Internet. They are a way to express your face at an instance of time. If you have ever done something on purpose because you know it will tick someone off, then you might get a laugh out of it by sending them a 'trollface' Meme; there are also many more.

    A new tweak has made its way into Cydia called SiriMemes by iOS developer xxtesaxx to allow you to command Siri to show you a meme. SiriMemes is a plugin for the AssistantExtensions which was jailbreak tweak made to provide a framework for Siri plugins for iOS developers. SiriMemes was, without a doubt, made for entertainment purposes only because it doesn't hold any useful functionality value.

    Using SiriMemes is simple. You just invoke Siri and then speak the words that you would expect for the meme you want to see. There is a complete list of sayings in the Cydia description. For example, saying "trollface" or "problem" yields the 'trollface' meme above. Another one includes the 'y u no guy' meme which can be invoked by saying, "Why you no":

    You can also invoke the 'me gusta' meme by saying, "I like":

    There are a few other memes as well, but there would be no point in loading this review with a screenshot for each one. SiriMemes is free in Cydia today and you can give it a try for yourself! It's great for playing a joke with friends or simply having a laugh or two on a boring day. I can even think of some people in my own contact list that would love to get a screenshot of one of these showing up in Siri. For sure, this tweak is a disposable one. You will probably have fun with it for some time and then get rid of it shortly after.

    SiriMemes requires iOS 5 and Siri functionality. You can be using an iPhone 4S with Siri, or you can be using the Spire port on any other iDevice. Either way, you will be able to have your Memes! There are no settings to configure, just install and have fun.

    Name: SiriMemes
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.0.1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer xxtesaxx
    Editor's Rating  5/5 (Problem?)

    Sources: xxtesaxx
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    1. rickstrada103's Avatar
      rickstrada103 -
      These are Rage Faces, not Memes.

      Get your **** together...

      And before anyone asks, why yes, I am mad... bro...
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      Sounds more like the rageface meme than memes in general. LOLCATS, Demotivationals, and Mind-Effing Brick-Sh**ers, unite!