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  • [GIVEAWAY] SGP Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 4 or 4S

    Another clever, quality case from SGP, aka Stylish people's Good Partner (shouldn't that be SPGP?). This SGP Case is one of my favorite in the bumper-style cases. It comes in two layers; the first is a premium silicon which overlaps a little on the front and back of the iPhone to be a bumper. The second layer is a harder UV coated polycarbonate shell around the sides of the phone. Together they feel very snug on the iPhone.

    As it's a bumper-style case, the Neo ][ Series leaves both the front and back of your device exposed as well as the headphone and charger inputs, and also the silence button. It fully covers the lock and volume buttons but still gives you that “click” sound.

    This case is very fun and chic. There's a wide variety of colors you can choose - from the pastel series with eight colors, the 5 choices of the snow series, or the 4 bright color combinations in the vivid series.

    Although it is hard to attach and remove, we liked how it shows off the actual phone while still providing an adequate level of protection. This case retails for $31.99 on Amazon.com, but we've got a couple to give away as well. One orange/orange and one silver/white - leave a comment below with which one you'd like and we'll choose a winner and ship it out this coming week! Congrats to risingkazuya05 for winning!

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    1. dshiznat's Avatar
      dshiznat -
      I want

      White one id like that

      I hope I win
    1. Woy1975's Avatar
      Woy1975 -
      Boy could I use one of those keeping fingers crossed
    1. Camitampa's Avatar
      Camitampa -
      I would love to win the white one
    1. the4czars's Avatar
      the4czars -
      Very nice! I like the baby blue one!
    1. lagitech's Avatar
      lagitech -
      This is exactly what I have looking for! Orange looks great, so I would love to win one.
    1. aidanharris's Avatar
      aidanharris -
      I would love an orange one since I broke my old iphone's screen and would not want the same to happen to my new 4S
    1. The_Ben's Avatar
      The_Ben -
      Great product and a great giveaway. I'd like an orange/orange one.
    1. Teban's Avatar
      Teban -
      Orange is my Favorite color, and it's the right shade of Orange too. Love to have this slick case.
    1. Nolan MAtt's Avatar
      Nolan MAtt -
      I would like a silver one please
    1. seungki's Avatar
      seungki -
      YC would kill me for bastardizing his song but... white on white on white
    1. Iculknfne's Avatar
      Iculknfne -
      this would be cool to have. i would like the hard one in whichever color you want to give me!
    1. Blondini's Avatar
      Blondini -
      Sweet looking case, either would be nice but would prefer the silver one, fingers crossed
    1. anig's Avatar
      anig -
      Quote Originally Posted by The_Ben View Post
      Great product and a great giveaway. I'd like an orange/orange one.
      Sweeeeeeet. Missed valentines could use to save marriage Well maybe not that bad.
    1. Tripz71's Avatar
      Tripz71 -
      Yeah I'm feeling lucky on this one. ( i say this every time)
    1. Gom33's Avatar
      Gom33 -
      the orange pastel one is clean!!!
    1. p1mpdog1's Avatar
      p1mpdog1 -
      The orange one looks great, would be very nice on my white 4s. Thanks hope you pick me!!
    1. pnutx007's Avatar
      pnutx007 -
      silver/white please. I would love to give this case to my wife for her white 4.
    1. djzito's Avatar
      djzito -
      If i win i want the silver/white...
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      Wow. Another giveaway from ModMyi! When will they stop with the generosity? Well, I would love to have the silver/white one. Thanks ModMyi!
    1. aerovol's Avatar
      aerovol -
      looks like a nice case. Count me in for orange. thanks!