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  • [GIVEAWAY] SGP Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 4 or 4S

    Another clever, quality case from SGP, aka Stylish people's Good Partner (shouldn't that be SPGP?). This SGP Case is one of my favorite in the bumper-style cases. It comes in two layers; the first is a premium silicon which overlaps a little on the front and back of the iPhone to be a bumper. The second layer is a harder UV coated polycarbonate shell around the sides of the phone. Together they feel very snug on the iPhone.

    As it's a bumper-style case, the Neo ][ Series leaves both the front and back of your device exposed as well as the headphone and charger inputs, and also the silence button. It fully covers the lock and volume buttons but still gives you that “click” sound.

    This case is very fun and chic. There's a wide variety of colors you can choose - from the pastel series with eight colors, the 5 choices of the snow series, or the 4 bright color combinations in the vivid series.

    Although it is hard to attach and remove, we liked how it shows off the actual phone while still providing an adequate level of protection. This case retails for $31.99 on Amazon.com, but we've got a couple to give away as well. One orange/orange and one silver/white - leave a comment below with which one you'd like and we'll choose a winner and ship it out this coming week! Congrats to risingkazuya05 for winning!

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    1. crystus's Avatar
      crystus -
      I would have to say the silver/white would look good.
    1. HeavyD4's Avatar
      HeavyD4 -
      I am actually a huge fan of this bumper I, it caught my eye when I first saw it on amazon it was siver trim with blk rubber, I bought that first and at first it was a lil difficult to take off n put on and the bottom of the aluminum outter layer became weak near the opening 4 the charger because it is very thin, after about a week it snapped, I really liked it so much I still got three more in different colors but emailed there customer support to point out the problem, well a few weeks later they came out with a slightly thicker metallic layer and much stronger and they sent me replacement bumpers. I gave away all my other cases n numbers and only use these now and I figured the way to put it on where it take about a minute with no problems it's a great product I have, silver, gunmetal and black so I don't mind n e other in the mail!  really who ever gets them is lucky and enjoy them!
    1. justibackwardsn's Avatar
      justibackwardsn -
      I don't really see the difference in this compared to the Apple made bumpers. Yea, it's two layers... But when put together it does the same thing. So why is it more expensive?
    1. KETempleton's Avatar
      KETempleton -
      I hope I win. My current case is cracked.
    1. 10011001101's Avatar
      10011001101 -
      looks like a nice bumper! Pick Me!

      Silver and white please ^__^
    1. Suyanto Xu's Avatar
      Suyanto Xu -
      wow... wanna try the white one... i like white one.. but the orange one also nice.. never try that color....
    1. blinxtom's Avatar
      blinxtom -
      This things is pretty cool. Would really love one
    1. bunkbed's Avatar
      bunkbed -
      Looks sweet! The silver/white one please!
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      Like it want and maybe i will have it ...right no .. I always had bad luck
    1. hondakorn's Avatar
      hondakorn -
      I want orange for my 4s....please.
    1. papen's Avatar
      papen -
      Silver and white
    1. flintTC's Avatar
      flintTC -
      I would choose the silver and white one. its really nice checked out their site.
    1. Tiggs75's Avatar
      Tiggs75 -
      Would love to win a silver/white one!
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      White/Silver for sure...
    1. 1pop23's Avatar
      1pop23 -
      id sure love a white one! getting my 4s in a couple of weeks and have been looking at sgp for sometime now
    1. AUSTIN3:16's Avatar
      AUSTIN3:16 -
      I'd like an orange one.
    1. harrydao's Avatar
      harrydao -
      me want one ! any color is great
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      It's a cool case. Silver/white would be awesome!
    1. forka2k's Avatar
      forka2k -
      I want one silver/white
    1. kevindosi32's Avatar
      kevindosi32 -
      want an orange one for my mom!