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  • [Review] Bulletin - Get Notification Center On the Lock Screen

    Many of us like the idea of having the ability to get Notification Center on our lock screens. One popular way to do this is by using IntelliScreenX, a $9.99 application that not only adds Notification Center to your lock screen, but also has multiple other extensive options. If that price is too high for you and you aren't in need of the extensive options, then there is a new, much cheaper package now available dubbed Bulletin by iOS developer Ma Jun. Setting you back just 99, Bulletin puts Notification Center, as is, on your lock screen.

    You use Bulletin by invoking Notification Center on your lock screen the same way that you invoke it from anywhere else - pulling down from the status bar. It comes with a very compact and straightforward settings pane in the Settings application. They're not very extensive, but for 99, it's enough to make most people happy with it. The settings are shown below:

    The first two settings are for 'Anywhere' so this means that it will apply to being on the home screen or in an application. You can make notification Center transparent like glass, which is unfortunately without blur. You can see everything behind Notification Center very clearly and that can make it difficult to focus on your widgets. For that reason, I leave that option turned off. Solutions like Ryan Petrich's FastBlurredNotificationCenter make better alternatives to making Notification Center transparent because it blurs what is supposed to be out of your focal point. The second setting is a feature that allows you to have a close button appear on a banner notification. That close button is present in IntelliScreenX's Messages+ application only, however Bulletin brings that manual banner dismissal feature to every banner notification that is received - not just SMS or iMessages.

    Under these settings you find a section that pertains only to Notification Center when it's opened up on your lock screen. Of course, you have the enable and disable button which allows you to choose if you want Notification Center on your lock screen or not. The transparency option does the same thing on the lock screen that it does anywhere else, but it appears better on the lock screen because there is very little to focus on when you're on the lock screen. The last setting allows you to hide the giant lock screen clock when Notification Center is opened. When you slide it back up, the clock becomes visible again. IntelliScreenX also comes with a feature to hide or show that clock.

    For the most part, what you are getting is the ability to have Notification Center on your lock screen, a transparent Notification Center appearance, and the ability to manually dismiss notification banners. That is what comes with Bulletin. It is direct competition with IntelliScreenX. If you want a ton of settings, Bulletin isn't for you - IntelliScreenX is what you might be looking for. If you are looking for a lightweight and cheap way to read your Notification Center and widgets from your lock screen, I can absolutely recommend Bulletin to you. It is very well built and having the option to manually dismiss banners also gives you as much time as you need to read a banner instead of it disappearing on you before you can read it.

    Bulletin is completely compatible with other tweaks that edit Notification Center such as third party widgets or Ori Kadosh's Custom NC Background, which lets you pick an image for the Notification Center background. It was recently updated to support backgrounds for Notification Center on the lock screen. Note that you need to be on iOS 5 or higher to use Bulletin since this tweak is built for Notification Center and notification banners.

    Name: Bulletin
    Price: 99
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Ma Jun
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Sources: Ma Jun
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    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by ianblondeau View Post
      Glad you enjoy it. I didn't. And I have no use for it now. That's why there's so many different people and options. We're not all the same. My iPhone hates it. Yours loves it. All is well.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by AKCHRIS View Post
      I still see IntellaScreenX as the Best out there..unless they can make one with Less Features but keep some of the Major stuff but say for......$4.99 or....$3.99
      Agreed. This tweak is much cheaper though. If all you want is notification center at the lockscreen, this is a good deal for a buck.
    1. stylin97's Avatar
      stylin97 -
      i had Intellescreen X and didnt care for it, nor need all the features so this is perfect.

      i also emailed the developer suggesting he update it with being able to press the home button to close the NC on the lockscreen, and and a few hours later there was an update in cydia including that feature!
    1. rimshak's Avatar
      rimshak -
      I have to add my 2 cents as well. ISX is pretty and a nice idea but it would always lock my email up if I were to either dismiss or delete an email from ISX. I would wonder why my emails weren't coming in, so I'd go open the email app and it would just set there, then finally just close. I'd have to go to the task switcher, close the mail app, then re-open and all of a sudden a flood of 20+ emails would come in. I just did a clean restore and re-jailbreak, so I'm going to give it another go. Hopefully it was just a simple conflict with another tweak I had installed.
    1. hotman's Avatar
      hotman -
      Quote Originally Posted by ianblondeau View Post
      ...With all the tweaks for notification center, all you need is to be able to have it on the lock screen and ISx is pretty much useless for me.
      Agreed. Besides, ISx has no option to enable/disable NC, so it's kind of redundant. I realized now that $?? for ISx only for iTicker and settings toggles that we can get from SBSettings ,Omni Stat, twitter, facebook, mail widget and so on. Talking about crash and bugs, in fact, the developer himself did so many updates/upgrades in just about 3 months.
    1. ca3sar's Avatar
      ca3sar -
      does not work when charging, or with omnistat for NC. Please update. Runs smooth also rather then blurriedNC.

      But enjoy it greatly. TY
    1. brianjw's Avatar
      brianjw -
      I am having trouble getting Bulletin to work at all. I have resprang and rebooted several times, though my lockscreen just stays looking the same.. Stock - like I just bought the phone with the standard Slide to unlock and time, with my wallpaper.

      I have LockSliderz installed, but it's disabled, so I am not sure if any conflicting there. It just won't show. Like it's not installed at all.
    1. d_animality's Avatar
      d_animality -
      okay i like this tweak... i have it installed and i have android lockscreen installed as well... the problem is when i click the notification from the lockscreen, it bypass my lock without me entering the pattern.. so its quite unsafe.... please fix
    1. ca3sar's Avatar
      ca3sar -
      Am I missing something? I can't enable Bluetooth when accessing from lock screen with omnistat.

      Can you fix please!
    1. ca3sar's Avatar
      ca3sar -
      Any fix on this yet?
    1. skrApy's Avatar
      skrApy -
      app Lockinfo is more comfortable for me