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  • [GIVEAWAY] SoundJaw Makes your iPad 2 Louder?

    SoundJaw is a one-man operation based out of the US. The SoundJaw is built to re-direct the muffled sound towards you for a more crisp sound.

    In order to use this nifty little device, your iPad must not have a case around it (although it does work with Apple's Smart Cover). It is easy to attach and remove, and made out of hard plastic which won't hurt your iPad. It sticks out a little less than an inch from the bottom.

    After using this, we had a hard time noticing any difference. With the volume quite low there was a definite improvement in clarity, but we were unable to get that boost of volume we were hoping for and have seen with heftier solutions like Griffin's AirCurve.

    Their website is an iWeb standard with a PayPal purchase button that sells SoundJaws at $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping/handling. We've got a couple to give away as well - comment below and we'll pick a winner over the weekend to ship to! Congrats to Devodem and Metroidmen for winning!

    This article was originally published in forum thread: [GIVEAWAY] SoundJaw Makes your iPad 2 Louder? started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. bcscustom's Avatar
      bcscustom -
      Thats pretty cool, I use a small cardboard piece to kinda do the same thing. It does make a difference directing the sound to the front
    1. gdonnelly's Avatar
      gdonnelly -
      I use the smart cover to redirect the sound, not too bad too.
    1. binavision's Avatar
      binavision -
      I want one so bad it hurts...
    1. imperialto's Avatar
      imperialto -
      awesome, im interested!
    1. FilSmith's Avatar
      FilSmith -
      Great idea and wish I had thought of it. I always "cup" my hands on my ipad and iphone to do sort of the same thing. Really like this idea.
    1. burnsrbeef's Avatar
      burnsrbeef -
      I saw your original article a few months ago about this. I went to purchase one but they were on pre-order, I might have to splurge now.
    1. blb9556's Avatar
      blb9556 -
      I notice you do lose a good bit of audio. If you curve your hand and place in on the speaker, you notice louder volume.
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      Wheres the iphone version... still would love to try it out on my ipad2.. ;P
    1. blb9556's Avatar
      blb9556 -
      I usually cup my hand and notice a difference. Guess the noise goes everywhere.
    1. jeremiahshea's Avatar
      jeremiahshea -
      I'd love one! I definitely cup my hand around it anytime I need to listen to music or a video and I don't have my headphones handy.
    1. Bongomaster's Avatar
      Bongomaster -
      Please send one so I can get some volume in my life...
    1. DAhn626's Avatar
      DAhn626 -
    1. Blackvibes's Avatar
      Blackvibes -
      Would love to have one! And even more experience it =)
    1. Chuck1969's Avatar
      Chuck1969 -
      Cool idea...would love to try.
    1. aligee97's Avatar
      aligee97 -
      I'd love to win this!
      It would be a great addition to my dadīs iPad 2
      My dad and mom are going to be married for 25 years next month.
      Iīd love to give this to my dad, since he always complains that the volume of the iPad 2 isnīt loud enough.

    1. chandra1971's Avatar
      chandra1971 -
      Look awesome.....!
      I need bring my iPad to the beach for party this weekend....!
    1. mrman78's Avatar
      mrman78 -
      this is a smart idea! I've found myself propping my ipad awkwardly against walls and other things nearby to try and bounce the sound. This would definitely come in handy when I don't have anything to prop it against!
    1. scooterpsu's Avatar
      scooterpsu -
      This would be great, I'd even cut my case if it meant things would actually be louder.

      Who puts a speaker on the back of a device, I mean really?!
    1. mikel639's Avatar
      mikel639 -
      13 bucks or curve my hand around my iPad? Ok I'll pay up
    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      nice could definitely use.