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  • [GIVEAWAY] SoundJaw Makes your iPad 2 Louder?

    SoundJaw is a one-man operation based out of the US. The SoundJaw is built to re-direct the muffled sound towards you for a more crisp sound.

    In order to use this nifty little device, your iPad must not have a case around it (although it does work with Apple's Smart Cover). It is easy to attach and remove, and made out of hard plastic which won't hurt your iPad. It sticks out a little less than an inch from the bottom.

    After using this, we had a hard time noticing any difference. With the volume quite low there was a definite improvement in clarity, but we were unable to get that boost of volume we were hoping for and have seen with heftier solutions like Griffin's AirCurve.

    Their website is an iWeb standard with a PayPal purchase button that sells SoundJaws at $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping/handling. We've got a couple to give away as well - comment below and we'll pick a winner over the weekend to ship to! Congrats to Devodem and Metroidmen for winning!

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    1. Devodem's Avatar
      Devodem -
      DAMN that is freaking hot!!! I never win any of these giveaways but this #$%@ is hot!! Need one!
    1. ozmikeli's Avatar
      ozmikeli -
      Awesome! Been using my hand so far...
    1. lalo619's Avatar
      lalo619 -
      m i to late to win one
    1. rondhi's Avatar
      rondhi -
      That's pretty sweet! Paying $20 for a piece of plastic isn't, though. I hope I win one!
    1. harrydao's Avatar
      harrydao -
      i want to test it out !
    1. hacktarded1's Avatar
      hacktarded1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bcscustom View Post
      Thats pretty cool, I use a small cardboard piece to kinda do the same thing. It does make a difference directing the sound to the front
      I do the EXACT same thing! i have always thought it was stupid that the speaker on the iPad2 essentially faces backwards, reducing the effectiveness of what is actually a pretty good speaker. This is something I have said for a while needed to be invented! Glad to see it has been! I'll be getting one for sure!
    1. mortopher's Avatar
      mortopher -
      Got mine in the mail yesterday. It is wonderful, much nicer look than the folded up cardboard/post-it notes I'd be using to redirect the sound.
    1. knd775's Avatar
      knd775 -
      Probably too late for the giveaway, but I really want one of these. I've been following this thing since its kickstarter days, and it really is a great idea.