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  • [GIVEAWAY] SGP Valentinus Leather Card Case for iPhone 4 or 4S

    Another one of the companies we like (but whose name we occasionally make fun of) is the LA based Stylish people's Good Partner (or SGP - also known as SPIGEN).

    The Valentinus leather case is a combined wallet and case. An all-business flap-with-a-snap keeps it from popping open if you've got a wad of cash in the case. If you're just carrying a couple cards, the case stays together fine, and I kind of wished we could remove the snap-flap.

    SGP's Valentinus protects the front of your phone, and when opened has two slots for cards. There's also a pocket behind there for storing business cards, cash, or another card. The iPhone pops in a hard plastic case inside which keeps it snug and secure. The plastic is a nice matte black which matches the rest of the case well. The top and bottom of your iPhone are still exposed when this case is closed, which makes for easy access for charging and headphones. You can also still use the camera when the case is on, as there's a cutout in the back of the case.

    I'm a fan of the card-carrying cases - I've used one for a couple years now. If not for the slightly cheesy snap-flap on this case, I may have used this one instead; the ability to hold some cash makes it a big plus. If you're not against the flap, I'd say this is a good one for you.

    This case is also a little pricey at $54.99, and we're giving away our brown one! Comment below, and we'll announce a winner this week and ship it to you. Congrats to Greatbiguns on winning!

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    1. lokiju's Avatar
      lokiju -
      It's pretty sexy looking case. Not something that if explained to me I'd think I'd like but seeing it sells it.

      DO WANT!
    1. rion_j's Avatar
      rion_j -
      ive been looking for a case like this for a long time. would love to win!
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      A case and a wallet. A case for my iPhone, a wallet for my cards. Wow! Sherlocked! Thanks ModMyi!
    1. MrMBerman's Avatar
      MrMBerman -
      Yes please.
    1. ryanhaines21's Avatar
      ryanhaines21 -
      My exgirlfriend kinda smashed my last case i had when we broke up. Luckily I took my phone out of the case so she just smash a case. Still need this case really bad. Hope i win
    1. Greatbiguns's Avatar
      Greatbiguns -
      This is an EXCELLENT idea, I love it...
      The detail looks great, right down to the camera cutout on the back, nice job.
      I would love to win this, very practical and looks very user friendly!!
    1. wouter15's Avatar
      wouter15 -
      Wow, I like this! Fingers crossed.
    1. gdonnelly's Avatar
      gdonnelly -
      That could be my fancy, special occasion case.
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      WITH CARD holders.. Thats Creative!
    1. bpchleb22's Avatar
      bpchleb22 -
      Looks sweet! Great design!
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      looks cool
    1. MS80's Avatar
      MS80 -
      Nice, may have to pick one of these up (if I don't win )
    1. GMA's Iphoner's Avatar
      GMA's Iphoner -
      I had the competitions case and it sucks. No camera hole in the back and barley holds 2 cards and no cash. This looks and sounds 1000% better. Please give it away to me!
    1. mfletch15's Avatar
      mfletch15 -
      Very Nice case. Want one bad. I really hope I win.
    1. rokindeez's Avatar
      rokindeez -
      really awesome case.
    1. tsandershsa's Avatar
      tsandershsa -
      I would like to give it a try!
    1. madrich's Avatar
      madrich -
      Quote Originally Posted by celeron View Post
      I want this too lol
      Me too!!!
    1. ventodivino's Avatar
      ventodivino -
      in the beginning i was never a fan of the idea of keeping the phone and wallet together. now, it seems like one pocket has a phone and a wallet, and the other has the keys. i'll forget my wallet places, but never my phone. this would be perfect!
    1. yiboy's Avatar
      yiboy -
      I hope I win!!!! My iPhone is naked!!
    1. badmannie's Avatar
      badmannie -
      Lovely case would look even better with my iPhone and cards in in thought