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  • [GIVEAWAY] Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    Otterbox cases are known for their incredible durability and big chunky bodies. They've become synonymous with the highest standard of protection - you've probably heard “Be safe and get an Otterbox” for anyone who does outdoor work or needs the most solid case.

    The Defender series we're looking at today comes with a built in screen protector and a pad inside so it will not scratch your iPhone. The case is considerably big and has a easy grip rubbery texture so it won't slide - or fit well in your pocket. But don’t worry! They give you a solution to that problem by including a hearty clip that attaches to your belt and rotates so you are able to wear it however you want.

    All the buttons are covered, as well as dock connector and silence button, which are covered with a flap. The headphones jack is not covered nor is the camera with flash - so be careful around water. The case actually consists of two parts; a hard plastic case which goes around the iPhone itself, and a rubbery exterior which goes around that case to further protect the device.

    We noticed when using this product that the front sensor does not work as well - but only when it is not cleaned regularly. Also the outer skin pops off of the latches to the inner skin somewhat easily but all you have to do is pop them right back into place.

    The Otterbox Defender gives you security and a sense of belonging in the chunky case community. It comes in a variety of colors and retails for $49.95 at OtterBox.com - but we're also giving away our review unit! Comment below for your chance to win one which we'll ship out this week and announce the winner here! Congrats to andypropaganda for winning!
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    1. AlexE7's Avatar
      AlexE7 -
      I own a black case, I have a little sister and she just loves playing with the rubbery outer 'grip layer. Cool if I won.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      Quote Originally Posted by Core627 View Post
      I used to hate how big they were, but they grow on you....check out the orange woodland one....serious!
      i could use a new case
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      Nice! It is BIG and CHUUUUNKY and it's Be/yooo/tiful! Gonna have one of this. And oh, it blends well with my white iPhone. Thanks ModMyi!
    1. wasimbadboi's Avatar
      wasimbadboi -
      I hope i win
    1. annddrrewww's Avatar
      annddrrewww -
      Quote Originally Posted by i.Annie View Post
      Those things are ugly. But they grew on me. Found myself browsing for cases and looking at them more often lol.
      Thats true that they're so ugly. all my friends have them and they're good. I really want one!
    1. AdilMoosani's Avatar
      AdilMoosani -
      I want one
    1. vafirefighter's Avatar
      vafirefighter -
      Great case would love to have one
    1. elcabezon's Avatar
      elcabezon -
      If you have kids or are clumsy an Otterbox is an absolute must.
    1. RobberBoy's Avatar
      RobberBoy -
      nice case...
    1. 408Abel's Avatar
      408Abel -
      I have had so many close calls - I need this thing!
    1. micktheant's Avatar
      micktheant -
      I'd love one!!!!! Great stuff ModMyI!!!!
    1. giacomomancuso's Avatar
      giacomomancuso -
      I hope to win !!! Feel Lucky =)!!
    1. icecold786's Avatar
      icecold786 -
      i would love to have this case as i often go out camping, and want to protect my phone
    1. Baxt3r's Avatar
      Baxt3r -
      I love these!! need one water proof case! thats awesome
    1. Koinonia's Avatar
      Koinonia -
      I had a ballistic HC case which is similiar to this and is nice. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on this otterbox though. Would be nice for at the gym.
    1. ZeRo-cOoL's Avatar
      ZeRo-cOoL -
      I'm the type of person that want my device protected no matter what. It would be great to win. Thanks !
    1. WXH's Avatar
      WXH -
      Hope i can win this!
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      Would love an otter box to prevent my clumsy self from ruining my phone. I'm fairly clumsy with a fairly flimsy case so I could definitely use a pretty bad *** case like this one.
    1. chaingang54's Avatar
      chaingang54 -
      Hopefully I can win this.
    1. VerizonIphone4_help's Avatar
      VerizonIphone4_help -
      My wife has gone through 2, death 1 was falling down 2 flights of concrete stairs (iphone fine, case cracked). Death 2 was being knocked off a balcony onto rocks 15 feet below, iphone fine again case cracked.

      i need another one quick! she goes through them like water!