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  • [GIVEAWAY] Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    Otterbox cases are known for their incredible durability and big chunky bodies. They've become synonymous with the highest standard of protection - you've probably heard “Be safe and get an Otterbox” for anyone who does outdoor work or needs the most solid case.

    The Defender series we're looking at today comes with a built in screen protector and a pad inside so it will not scratch your iPhone. The case is considerably big and has a easy grip rubbery texture so it won't slide - or fit well in your pocket. But don’t worry! They give you a solution to that problem by including a hearty clip that attaches to your belt and rotates so you are able to wear it however you want.

    All the buttons are covered, as well as dock connector and silence button, which are covered with a flap. The headphones jack is not covered nor is the camera with flash - so be careful around water. The case actually consists of two parts; a hard plastic case which goes around the iPhone itself, and a rubbery exterior which goes around that case to further protect the device.

    We noticed when using this product that the front sensor does not work as well - but only when it is not cleaned regularly. Also the outer skin pops off of the latches to the inner skin somewhat easily but all you have to do is pop them right back into place.

    The Otterbox Defender gives you security and a sense of belonging in the chunky case community. It comes in a variety of colors and retails for $49.95 at OtterBox.com - but we're also giving away our review unit! Comment below for your chance to win one which we'll ship out this week and announce the winner here! Congrats to andypropaganda for winning!
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    1. Fkli222's Avatar
      Fkli222 -
      can you say otterbox are the best cases and blue is my favorite color?

      i definitely need to get a new one since my phone was stolen a couple of weeks ago and my new phone is still naked!
    1. linedpaper's Avatar
      linedpaper -
      I'm not a fan of the bulkiness of the case, but the protection is superb, I want one!
    1. jbarbee's Avatar
      jbarbee -
      I have several friends that have this exact case. One work in constructions and the iPhone has held up in extreme conditions. I have never had one because of price factor but would be willing to give a try.
    1. alexander_ekin's Avatar
      alexander_ekin -
      I want this otter please
    1. David666's Avatar
      David666 -
      I need one for my iPhone 4S
    1. hayesj3's Avatar
      hayesj3 -
      It would be a great present I would like to have a case like this for my phone
    1. headstrain0z's Avatar
      headstrain0z -
      I really like the background they chose to capture this image on. The wet rocks and flowing water gives an added appeal to this specific case. Looks very clean cut and not only accident proof but now almost completely water proof? Very cool if you ask me.
    1. ohsnapitberic's Avatar
      ohsnapitberic -
      im down to try one, need a case for my phone!
    1. Joshua Montgomery's Avatar
      Joshua Montgomery -
      I have bought many cases over the years but had always thought about buying an otterbox because of the great reviews, I hope this is my chance to get one now
    1. prozac4312's Avatar
      prozac4312 -
      Pick me!
    1. makiza's Avatar
      makiza -
      Otter cases are amazing. I had one on my 3G for a while now and it performed perfectly. I recently got a 4s and need to get an Otter for this phone as well!
    1. cgalaxy360's Avatar
      cgalaxy360 -
      I want an otter box

      I want an otterbox for my iphone
    1. Formanite's Avatar
      Formanite -
      Best cases for protection....surely look great on my iphone 4..:-)
    1. pnut78's Avatar
      pnut78 -
      PLease please please please!! I would LOOOOOOVE one!!
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      looks great to me, but how about the whole for the mic.

      Still whant one
    1. Drummer611's Avatar
      Drummer611 -
      50 bucks to save a 800 bucks phone... OtterBox for the win!
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      Style points are not what you want when you have to go back to Apple and purchase another iphone , because you 1st phone fell in the toilet while you were primpin yourself for your big Valentines Day date. I'll take effectiveness over style any day. Count me in!
    1. fjo_newport's Avatar
      fjo_newport -
      I'm in!
    1. heynow2545's Avatar
      heynow2545 -
      I want one
    1. b3tafx's Avatar
      b3tafx -
      Sweet!!! just got my 3rd iphone 4s back, needing one of these!