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  • [GIVEAWAY] Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    Otterbox cases are known for their incredible durability and big chunky bodies. They've become synonymous with the highest standard of protection - you've probably heard “Be safe and get an Otterbox” for anyone who does outdoor work or needs the most solid case.

    The Defender series we're looking at today comes with a built in screen protector and a pad inside so it will not scratch your iPhone. The case is considerably big and has a easy grip rubbery texture so it won't slide - or fit well in your pocket. But don’t worry! They give you a solution to that problem by including a hearty clip that attaches to your belt and rotates so you are able to wear it however you want.

    All the buttons are covered, as well as dock connector and silence button, which are covered with a flap. The headphones jack is not covered nor is the camera with flash - so be careful around water. The case actually consists of two parts; a hard plastic case which goes around the iPhone itself, and a rubbery exterior which goes around that case to further protect the device.

    We noticed when using this product that the front sensor does not work as well - but only when it is not cleaned regularly. Also the outer skin pops off of the latches to the inner skin somewhat easily but all you have to do is pop them right back into place.

    The Otterbox Defender gives you security and a sense of belonging in the chunky case community. It comes in a variety of colors and retails for $49.95 at OtterBox.com - but we're also giving away our review unit! Comment below for your chance to win one which we'll ship out this week and announce the winner here! Congrats to andypropaganda for winning!
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    1. flacogp23's Avatar
      flacogp23 -
      i need to make sure my iphone is safe, can i win this case!!!!!
    1. rboileau's Avatar
      rboileau -
      I would love to win this! I've never had an Otterbox and would like to try this out.
    1. doc_mufasa's Avatar
      doc_mufasa -
      I used one while stationed in Iraq. Can say they definitely work! I need a new one to replace the old one!
    1. afg4life23's Avatar
      afg4life23 -
      I want this case, Hook it up please
    1. SuperBillyson's Avatar
      SuperBillyson -
      I'm in the US Army and I've broken 2 of them, but not my phone, even made it through my deployment! I would love a free one!!
    1. Cmalinowski's Avatar
      Cmalinowski -
      My current one cracked in several places. Still works better than anything else I've seen and I still use it. Just doesn't defend quite as much as it used too
    1. Thailocalguy808's Avatar
      Thailocalguy808 -
      hey that thing is big but you pay good money for your cell and if your working in harsh conditions this a must have for piece of mind anyways hey i like.................pick me pick me haha lol
    1. thunderstruck05's Avatar
      thunderstruck05 -
      These are the best!! I could always use a different color other than black.
    1. Chris Braden's Avatar
      Chris Braden -
      i have two young boys....it is a matter of time until my 4s gets destroyed...I NEED ONE!
    1. Runt's Avatar
      Runt -
      Otterbox case for me?? Sure, I'll take one, in fact, I'll take anything for FREE.
    1. zoltan1600's Avatar
      zoltan1600 -
      I need a defender series case! I go hunting and fishing and i work hard labor in the summers and I don't want the worry that my phone is gonna go caput but I don't have a 50$ for a case unfortunately so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      My son has one for his 3GS I was just in the market for one for my 4S!
    1. cally122's Avatar
      cally122 -
      [This just proves one thing... Lifeproof Cases for the win!
    1. ddarxide's Avatar
      ddarxide -
      Performace and safety vs looks. No matter how good the iphone looks without any cover I always feel like i'm touching a crystal jewelery. I'm careful not to slide it over the table, how I put it back on the table, and damn... it always happens that my phone and my keys end up in the same pocket. Yes I want one.
    1. SAZepeda's Avatar
      SAZepeda -
      This case seems absolutely wonderful and considering that I am a clutz this would be a very good addition to my life.
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Do want
    1. batrad's Avatar
      batrad -
      good for my spouse.. hopefully we will be able to keep the phone for the 2 years off the contract...
    1. P99's Avatar
      P99 -
      I want one
    1. DubbaCTrumpetMSU's Avatar
      DubbaCTrumpetMSU -
      Quote Originally Posted by ThaNatrix View Post
      I had an otterbox defender on my iPhone 4. It let dust in and scratched the screen. I am openly disappointed by their performance. I have a LifeProof and love it. Smaller, more protective, waterproof.

      This. I think it's funny that those pictures on the front page show it in watered areas, but in fact if that were to happen, your phone would be toast, and completely dead. It's NOT a waterproof case, if anyone is going to test that...That case is a water trap--and I really don't like the sticky outer case, either. LifeProof all the way.
    1. Enrique789's Avatar
      Enrique789 -
      I hope I could win I could really use one