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  • [GIVEAWAY] Just Mobile Highway Car Charger

    It's no secret we love Just Mobile products. Everything they do is engineered and designed with Apple's sense of style in mind. Just Mobile creates products that complement your Apple products so well you'd think they're made by Apple. They're based out of Taiwan, and are always quick to respond to emails - they even call us up before major events to see if we're coming. Personal touches like this speak to their attention to detail, which spills over into their products.

    So a car charger is just a car charger, right? Nah. With a built in 2.1A fast charge ability (yup, that means your iPad will charge just fine with this too), and a solid aluminum construction, you're getting top quality here. No attention is spared when it comes to design of this product.

    The Highway is sleek, with a three and a half foot coiled cord so you don't have a tangled mess. The cord fits snugly in both the iPhone dock connector and the Highway itself. The charger is detachable from the cord so you can plug any USB cord into it - for any of your USB powered devices.

    The Highway also has a built in fuse to protect your device from power surges, and a subtle green status indicator light to let you know when the device is receiving power.

    You can pick up the Highway charger at Amazon.com for $32, but they've also been good enough to give us an extra Highway to give away. Leave a comment below, and we'll ship one out this week to a winner we'll announce in this thread!
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    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      My expensive Scosche dual port charger only works sometimes. I checked the fuse the device looks fine but it only works intermittently. I REALLLLLY need this! Lots of my friends buy things on my recommendation so you will gets lots of sales if I like this device!!!
    1. gallionator's Avatar
      gallionator -
      Would match my interior perfectly in my passat!
    1. jdroller's Avatar
      jdroller -
      Saw Just Mobile at CES. Loved their quality. Ordered two Alupen Pro when I got home.
      Good stuff!
    1. FRiiTOZ's Avatar
      FRiiTOZ -
      Do you have to have wood grain interior and leather seats to enter?
    1. brianlg's Avatar
      brianlg -
      I would love to own this! My old charger I had for my 3GS has been long broke
    1. fearls101's Avatar
      fearls101 -
      I need this!! I have a similar car charger but it doesn't work with my new Lifeproof case. I've been looking for one with the same charing power and a nice slim plug but have yet to find one. This would be amazing.
    1. ijaxter's Avatar
      ijaxter -
      Oh my...
      charge my phone on the fly
    1. burnsrbeef's Avatar
      burnsrbeef -
      I don't have a car, but I do have a iPhone 4s and iPad 2, and im sure eventually iPad 3 when it comes out. My friends have cars tho I can use this in there car. Oh ya and I borrow my moms car on the weekends...
    1. mikel639's Avatar
      mikel639 -
      This looks awesome!
    1. soNburst's Avatar
      soNburst -
      need. nice!
    1. jsmith2's Avatar
      jsmith2 -
      Looks nice. Would love to have one.
    1. folgrz's Avatar
      folgrz -
      Just what I have been looking for!
    1. ToddN's Avatar
      ToddN -
      My latest car charger just died, as I usually buy the cheaper ones, and I would love to have it replaced with one that actually matches the aesthetic of all my iDevices and my stereo.

      Great looking product, will definitely look it up
    1. Markdooler's Avatar
      Markdooler -
      Dear Kyle

      I would like to say that i have a big long story that explains why i deserve this charger more than anyone esle.......

      Unfortunately i dont, i dont think i deserve it any more or less than anyone else here lol

      That is all
    1. akaimeridia's Avatar
      akaimeridia -
      Very cool, could use one since my old one broke lol.
    1. skernohan's Avatar
      skernohan -
      Just mobile should change their name to just amazing.... I need to win this charger!! especially needing a new one and being out of a job!
    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      Would love to have.
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      Wow! I missed this giveaway, but I hope I made it in time. Just awesome! Thanks ModMyi!
    1. akaimeridia's Avatar
      akaimeridia -
      Who was the lucky winner??