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  • [GIVEAWAY] Just Mobile Highway Car Charger

    It's no secret we love Just Mobile products. Everything they do is engineered and designed with Apple's sense of style in mind. Just Mobile creates products that complement your Apple products so well you'd think they're made by Apple. They're based out of Taiwan, and are always quick to respond to emails - they even call us up before major events to see if we're coming. Personal touches like this speak to their attention to detail, which spills over into their products.

    So a car charger is just a car charger, right? Nah. With a built in 2.1A fast charge ability (yup, that means your iPad will charge just fine with this too), and a solid aluminum construction, you're getting top quality here. No attention is spared when it comes to design of this product.

    The Highway is sleek, with a three and a half foot coiled cord so you don't have a tangled mess. The cord fits snugly in both the iPhone dock connector and the Highway itself. The charger is detachable from the cord so you can plug any USB cord into it - for any of your USB powered devices.

    The Highway also has a built in fuse to protect your device from power surges, and a subtle green status indicator light to let you know when the device is receiving power.

    You can pick up the Highway charger at Amazon.com for $32, but they've also been good enough to give us an extra Highway to give away. Leave a comment below, and we'll ship one out this week to a winner we'll announce in this thread!
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    1. devious_saint's Avatar
      devious_saint -
      Nice! I need a good car charger. I own several iDevices, so it would come in handy.
    1. iCeDmAn's Avatar
      iCeDmAn -
      This is perfect, been looking for a car charger that would be compatible for my mophie juicepack air for a while! It might sound like overkill but in my line of work my phone needs constant charging!
    1. domenicp's Avatar
      domenicp -
      Great idea. Looks great.... May just have to buy it if I don't win it.
    1. AirDogU2's Avatar
      AirDogU2 -
      Sign me up for this one!
    1. X32izzle's Avatar
      X32izzle -
      94 cav could use some tech in it.
    1. virus786's Avatar
      virus786 -
      wow this looks top notch

      This looks very high quality indeed, in FTW
    1. ddarxide's Avatar
      ddarxide -
      Classy, I'd love one of these in my car.
    1. ManitoN's Avatar
      ManitoN -
      thanks, it will be nice
    1. theroyalwe's Avatar
      theroyalwe -
      This looks really awesome, my previous charger just died on me during a snowstorm the other week but it looks like this one would be able to function longer than my old cheap one.
    1. thomasbiggers's Avatar
      thomasbiggers -
      Would look great in my Solstice...may have to go over to Amazon, as I NEVER win anything!
    1. TimVFR's Avatar
      TimVFR -
      I could make good use of that
    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      Looks like a great product. I could use a really good looking car charger.
    1. MrWHOx's Avatar
      MrWHOx -
      I'd like to win this! It's super nice. Really digging that double-pole ground, if you know what I'm saying. That aluminum ring looks nice as well.
    1. reagan5194's Avatar
      reagan5194 -
      hahhahaha andmine just broke today...GIMME GIMME GIMME PLEASE
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      I broke my charger port in my car and have to get a new one, so this would be a great accessory to try it with.
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      it looks very durable. i have gone through many car chargers because they are made poorly.
    1. newskin's Avatar
      newskin -
      This Would be perfect for my truck driving career. My battery always dies while making cross country deliveries. I'm always stopping at random gas stations in the middle of the night just to charge my iPhone. And I still have a 2g!
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      looks durable!!!!! I have gone through so many car chargers because they are made so poorly. Fingers crossed i hope i win this bad boy.
    1. lighter's Avatar
      lighter -
      How about giving a Canadian some love! My twin daughters are in the wonderful phase of flushing things down the toilet so my iphone just finished taking a bath and had to buy a new one... would love a freebie right about now!
    1. sillybarry's Avatar
      sillybarry -
      I would lk eto be in the running for this rad charger... A nice upgrade from my 5Bellow charger that just died. Thanks.