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  • Got Spire? Here Are Some Working Servers

    So, you've downloaded Spire, but you want to get Siri functionality.

    Spire is the Siri GUI port that was brought to use by Grant Paul and Ryan Petrich. It works on any iOS 5 iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch (excluding the iPhone 4S since Siri is already there). It isn't a full port; it is a GUI that lacks Siri functionality until the user gets that functionality themselves. There are a few ways to get that functionality. One way is to set up your own Siri server and use your own (or someone else's) iPhone 4S as the go-to to using Siri. This means that you will need to update your own server with new iPhone 4S keys daily.

    If the daily routine of updating your server's keys sounds absolutely cumbersome to you, then there is the painless option of using Siri server hosts. Almost all of them support Spire. There are many free and paid servers; most being paid if you want good up-time. Free servers can be unpredictable and paid servers can often be scams. There is no real way to stop this, however we would like to spread awareness of some paid Siri servers that we know you can trust to keep excellent Siri up-time, and additionally, some decent free servers which we cannot guarantee 100% up-time from. This is because free servers depend on key donations which are never really guaranteed. Paid servers usually feed their own keys and are much more reliable.

    We've done some scavenging around for you to find servers that have good up-time, legitimate payment records, and cheap rates. If you are serious about getting Siri functionality on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then you might want to consider some of these servers. I can confirm the working statuses of all of the paid ones, however the free ones are mostly free-lance servers that will be hit or miss.

    *Please note that we are not responsible for the following:*
    • Scams
    • Termination of Siri service
    • Unreliable Siri service
    • Data overages
    • Identity or personal information theft
    • Issues making your Siri port work
    • Linking you to their third-party Siri server Web sites

    Installing Spire on your iDevice and using a third party server to gain Siri's service is done completely at your own risk - just like jailbreaking. Please use this information responsibly - never make an online payment unless you feel comfortable.

    1. SiriZone - $20/Year

    You might think of the figure $20 and think to yourself, "darn, that's a pretty big figure." Thinking in terms of rates, however, it's not a lot. You are paying less than $2 per month to have Siri functionality on your iDevice. This figure is on a 'per-device' basis because they use your device's UDID to register you on their system. This means that if you buy Siri functionality for one device, you won't be able to use it on another one without paying for the new device. SiriZone has four servers - three of which are in the United States (California, New Jersey, and Texas) and one of which is in the United Kingdom. The speeds are excellent and zippy. I always recommend that you choose the server that is closest to you to have the best connection possible.

    SiriZone has above 97% up-time which is outstanding. There is a large group of iPhone 4S owners that feed their keys to SiriZone so that there is always a massive amount of potential for users. This means that they have a large area of wiggle room to accept more users. If at any time traffic becomes hard, they will shut down the ability to order slots to help accommodate for the people who are using their paid service. The server speeds are top of the notch in my opinion. The SiriZone team has excellent customer support that you can use if you have any problems. They are right there to answer your questions for any reason through their Twitter, Facebook, and through E-mail. A quick Google search for SiriZone will land you where you need to be to pay for this Siri service.

    Name: SiriZone
    Price: $20/year
    Speed:  5/5
    Support:  5/5
    Up-time: / 4.5/5
    Pricing:  4/5
    Spire-compatible: Yes

    2. iPhoNews.ro - 10

    The 10 price figure for this server is a one-time payment which lasts a lifetime (or as long as the service can be legally operated). You go to their Web site, make the donation, and they will make the server information available to you. This server will only give you access to Siri on one iDevice for this price. You will have to pay an extra 10 per device that you want to add Siri functionality to. The servers are located in both Romania and in the United States. The speeds are pretty decent. This price might be something that you are looking for if you don't mind waiting a few seconds for Siri to be responsive.

    iPhoNews.ro has about 95% up-time which is pretty great. The only time that the server is usually down is for 5% of the time when they are renewing the keys necessary for people to use the server. They offer customer support through their Twitter. The pricing is very reasonably done being that it is forever without reoccurring payments. The host also told me that if someone buys four slots, they will get the fifth slot for free. If someone buys three slots, then the price will be 25 instead of 30. Not too shabby! You can find information about payments and how to sign up on their Web site which you can find through a Google search.

    Name: iPhoNews.ro
    Price: 10 (About $13.16)
    Speed:  4/5
    Support:  5/5
    Up-time: / 4.5/5
    Pricing: / 4.5/5
    Spire-compatible: Yes

    3. SiriServers - $45

    SiriServers is a United States-based server located in California. It requires a one-time payment of $45 to grab, however any added devices that you want after you pay the first time will only cost an additional $20. The speed of SiriServers is rather shocking. It is quick and feels like you are using an iPhone 4S directly. They tell me that they have a surplus of iPhone 4S keys running their servers, which of course helps boost their speeds.

    The up-time is anywhere above 95% which is pretty outstanding. The two people that run the server offer support through either their Twitter accounts or through email; their Twitters are here and here. Testing it myself, it has great response time. One of our super moderators also uses SiriServers to power his device and he also speaks highly of it. You can find out more about them and how to pay for their Siri server by searching Google for their name.

    Name: SiriServers
    Price: $45
    Speed:  5/5
    Support:  5/5
    Up-time: / 4.5/5
    Pricing:  4/5
    Spire-compatible: Yes

    4. SiriTD - $11.99/Month

    The SiriTD server is a paid Siri server that will cost you a monthly amount. It is in the United States in California. The speeds are great and the response time is pretty nice. I found that the server has around a 96% up-time with a few random hiccups that self-corrected themselves with no problems at all. The administrators feed the server with new iPhone 4S keys every day to make sure that down-time is non-existent or minimal.

    They offer a deal for their users where iPhone 4S owners can use their server for free for their devices as long as they feed their iPhone 4S keys to the server. They require that an iPhone 4S user feeds them keys for at least 3 days before they will get their free slot. They often do Twitter giveaways for their Siri server on their main Twitter account here. I found that this server has a reliable latency and can handle some good bandwidth. You can do a Google search to find their Web site where you can take care of the billing and get yourself set up with them.

    Name: SiriTD
    Price: $11.99/month
    Speed:  5/5
    Support: / 4.5/5
    Up-time: / 4.5/5
    Pricing: / 2.5/5
    Spire-compatible: Yes

    5. The Three Little Pigs - Free

    The Three Little Pigs server is a user-based server in the United States. You will get out of it what you put into it. It works by people donating their Siri keys to the server management team. Once they do that, people who are signed up with the server (more information about using it on their Web site - Google to find it) can access Siri for free. The number of devices that you can use with The Three Little Pigs server is unlimited. Just understand that because it's an unlimited server, there is a lot of traffic and because of that, access may not always be granted or guaranteed.

    From experience, I have only been able to get this server to work once - late at night. Although, it does try hard to get you though. This is probably because of high traffic or servers that can't handle the bandwidth. Since the server uses a share-all technique where it relies on free donations to serve everyone who might possibly find their server, traffic can often be congested. Since the server is free, no one should be complaining! You can always keep trying to get a request through. It might work at some point. They offer support through each of the server's maintainers' Twitter accounts; one here and the other here. You can find information on their server from their Web site which can be obtained through a Google search.

    Name: The Three Little Pigs
    Price: FREE
    Speed:  2/5
    Support: / 3.5/5
    Up-time:  1/5
    Pricing:  5/5
    Spire-compatible: Yes

    These should get you started. As more verified Siri servers become available, we will keep you updated on them. If you did not already, please read the disclaimer at the beginning of this post. Ratings are based on user-happiness. Speed is based on the feeling of fluidity, not comparing each server to another. Support is based on motivation of the staff. Up-time is based on how often the server is working for the user. Pricing is based on how fair the price is for the value of the service, not comparing each server to another. We have you Google their Web sites to keep the responsibility in your hands - it's your iDevice and what you do with it is your business, not ours. If you have problems with any of the above servers, contact them for support (we linked each of their Twitters in their descriptions), we probably will not be able to help you with it here because we are not affiliated with them. We can answer general how-to questions in the comments. Also note that there are many other servers out there, however we will only post about the ones that have been verified by one of our writers. We will never post a third party server that we, ourselves, do not trust. Feel free to leave comments regarding your experiences with the servers or your contentedness with them. We are always happy to hear your opinion about them!
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    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by bradmullins007 View Post
      Spire when installed on my iPhone 4 causes safari not to load. I think they missed the mark on this attempted port.
      Spire has memory leaks. Keep your installed tweaks to a minimum when using it.
    1. homing's Avatar
      homing -
      Yep samething here for iPhoNews.ro
      I,ve paid 2 hours ago , and still no news. Is there only one guy in charge and he's sleeping ?
    1. ModestMoo's Avatar
      ModestMoo -
      Quote Originally Posted by homing View Post
      Yep samething here for iPhoNews.ro
      I,ve paid 2 hours ago , and still no news. Is there only one guy in charge and he's sleeping ?
      I think - yes. :/ OK, I'm going to play Temple Run and then sleep. Wake up, get certificate & url and talk with that bit*h all day all night.
    1. oldschoolandrew's Avatar
      oldschoolandrew -
      Just signed up for SiriZone and within 5 minutes I have Siri working. It's the real deal. Very happy.
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      Quote Originally Posted by rukavuda View Post
      im currently using sirisn0w and i have to say the service is amazing
      i can honestly there is hardly any down time, keys are updated regularly
      would honestly reccomend SiriSn0w
      sid and hisyam are 100% genuine and the service is amazing

      $20 for 1 yr with sirisn0w?
    1. ltoms76's Avatar
      ltoms76 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Russian View Post
      Make one
      I have an iPhone 4S. how do i use my own server?
    1. borisk's Avatar
      borisk -
      i just signed up for DoUSiri, it is pretty fast. got my cert in 20 mins.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Quote Originally Posted by NJRonbo View Post
      Just signed up for SiriZone as well. Was hugely skeptical that it would work but thought I would gamble with my $20. I cannot believe it -- Siri is actually working on my iPhone 4. I am talking to her like a whore.
      Did you install according to their email?
      1. install Spire
      2. go to every one of the server and install the certificate:
      a) Open Safari go to the site and click install Certificate.
      b) click install
      c) click install now button
      d) click install
      e) click install now button
      f) the screen will then become green check mark with Trusted.
      g) repeat with all other server they emailed you.
      3. Go to Settings>Spire> type https://12.345.678.90 (replace the ip address with the ip of the server closest to you.
      4. Turn on Siri: Settings>General>Siri

      My first install I had some glitches, so I uninstalled everything and then I turned off Auto-Lock (possibly interfered with my Spire install earlier?) reinstall according to the list here and it works

      Quote Originally Posted by bradmullins007 View Post
      Spire when installed on my iPhone 4 causes safari not to load. I think they missed the mark on this attempted port.
      This happened to me, it is actually getting the keyboard to pop up that is when it crashed.
      I uninstalled Spire, turn off the Auto-Lock (think it may have interfered when it shut phone down in middle of install) then reinstalled.
    1. radwkw31's Avatar
      radwkw31 -
      Eveyone who bought a slot on Siri.iPhoNews.ro was emailed!
    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Does anyone else get an unsupported url when attempting to get directions somewhere?
      I've got an iPad 2 on Spire

      Does anyone else get an error of "unsupported url" when trying to ask for directions?

      I'm running an iPad 2 on Spire on sirizone
    1. rukavuda's Avatar
      rukavuda -
      Quote Originally Posted by toyvan View Post

      $20 for 1 yr with sirisn0w?

      no its 20 a month
      but ive just noticed on twitter is morning that its now 20 for 2 months

      amazing service from these guys
    1. Blackmobbin's Avatar
      Blackmobbin -
      SiriZone WOrking! Defo not fake. WOrks outstandingly well!!
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by Foozelz View Post
      You need to add @DoUSiri on there;
      15$ Lifetime and it's pretty fast!
      Tried it. Couldn't get it to get past the verify udid page without an error:
      "Internet Explorer could not install a profile due to an unknown error." !?!
    1. iamthekiller's Avatar
      iamthekiller -
      I had no idea this was even possible to use siri without actually having a 4s. This is the first I've heard of siri proxies. I installed spire, paid for sirizone and instantly got an email with certificate info. 10 minutes later I was using siri on my iphone4. Unreal!

      There was a huge lack of instructions on the email from sirizone though. Basically, click each of the 5 certificate addresses and say "yes" to the 3 times it asks you to confirm. When done, go to aspire and add the IP# of the proxy closest to your physical location.

      Easily worth $20 for an entire year.
    1. skiptowncat's Avatar
      skiptowncat -
      Sirizone is working great, shame Siri is a bit crap everywhere apart from the us. It can't search businesses or maps!!
    1. T8NYC's Avatar
      T8NYC -
      I have just signed up for Siri Proxy by iPhoNews.ro and the service so far seems really great, very quick replies to emails and Siri is very responsive 10/10
    1. ddarxide's Avatar
      ddarxide -
      I just started using iPhoNews.ro server. That server works perfectly!!! Thanks to the author for pointing it out.
      The guys behind it are really enthusiastic because they replied in matter of minutes to all my questions.
    1. peterex007's Avatar
      peterex007 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ModestMoo View Post
      Why did u gave Name: iPhoNews.ro
      Price: 10 (About $13.16)
      Speed:  4/5
      Support:  5/5
      Up-time: / 4.5/5
      Pricing: / 4.5/5
      Spire-compatible: Yes

      I've been waiting for almost 2 hours and nothing. :/
      Hey, It works like magic !!! I sent the money via PayPal, imessage the transaction ID, waited for about 20 minutes, received the instructions and it's done. Fantastic !!!

      Did it the first time. Thanks Radu (iPhoNews.ro), AWESOME !!!
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      I use SiriZone, works perfect, fast and never down.
    1. pyroheart's Avatar
      pyroheart -
      just got spire to work on Siri Proxy by iPhoNews.ro 100% working. replies imessages very fast great service. thanks!