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  • [Giveaway] RingerX VIP - Be Notified When You Want to Be

    Folks, it's here!

    Hey guys! Today we're going to be showing you a highly sought-after tweak by fabled iOS developer, Yllier. We originally showed you what it as supposed to do back in November when we posted a preview of it in beta stages. Since then, tons and tons of bugs have been hammered out and it has had a name change. A whole lot of other features have also been added. It is now called RingerX VIP and it's live in Cydia today for just $1.99 on the BigBoss repo!

    What does RingerX VIP do? It has extremely deep integration with iOS to make sure that your ringer only rings when you want it to. Traditionally, the mute switch on the side of the iPhone will keep all calls and texts completely silent or make them just vibrate (depending on your settings). However, that's for all calls, even one that you might actually want to be notified for. Let's say, for example, you could make your iPhone ring when your spouse calls you, but it only vibrates when other people call you. Or, you could make your iPhone vibrate when your mom calls you and ring when your girlfriend calls you. RingerX VIP is great for making sure that the people that matter most to you are heard and the people that you don't care so much about are thrown onto the side of the road. Sound good so far?

    First, we will show you what happens when you install it for the first time. After you install it and respring your iPhone (yes, iPhone - RingerX VIP requires an iPhone with iOS 5. Not an iPod touch or an iPad.) you will find a settings panel in your Settings application that lets you enable and disable RingerX VIP on demand so that you will always be notified when you want to be notified of incoming calls or text messages. But that is the smallest part of RingerX VIP.

    The next part that you should look at is your Contacts application. The Contacts application is where most of RingerX VIP's settings are hiding. So, we are going to go into our Contacts application and pick a contact (Modmyi Tips for this instance) and you will notice at the bottom that there is a RingerX VIP cell:

    After you tap on the RingerX VIP cell, you will be introduced to many other options. The options are extremely extensive and you can customize so many different kinds of settings that will make sure you hear from those who matter and don't hear from those who don't matter as much. So, now that we are in the settings for my contact (Modmyi Tips for this instance) you will see that the first option allows you to enable and disable the settings that you set for this contact alone. The enable and disable switch in your Settings application will disable the settings for every contact that you have set your customizations for. Under that switch you see one for always silent. What this does is it makes the contact always silent no matter what; in other words, you will never receive a ring when this contact calls or text messages you. Under that, you have a custom volume option, which lets you set a custom ring volume for this specific contact. You can set the people who matter most to you to have louder rings so that you can hear them throughout the house and you can set the people who don't matter so much to have a lower ring volume so that you will get their voice mail or missed call notification when you are ready to pick up your phone and deal with them. The ignore mute option makes it so that when you have your iPhone muted with the mute switch, when the contact calls you, you will hear the ring or text tone no matter what. This is great for when you are expecting a call from someone important and you want to tone everybody else out. The next feature is always vibrate. This makes it so that when your iPhone is in ring mode, this specific contact will only vibrate. This is great if you want to ignore a specific person. You will hear rings for everyone but the person that you set vibrate to. Under that, you see the messages version of ignore mute and always vibrate. These settings do the same thing as the above descriptions, however they only apply to when this contact text messages to you and not when they call you. The settings are shown in the image below:

    Not only can you set all of those cool settings for individual contacts, but you can set them for contact groups. When you go out as far as you can go in your Contacts application on your iPhone, you will see that your contacts are actually divided into groups whether you divided them from your iPhone or from your Computer. These 'groups' contain whatever categories of people that you might have put into them. In this case, I made separate groups for the friends, family, and co-workers. You can see that RingerX VIP has buttons to configure specific groups in the screenshot below:

    If you tap on one of those VIP buttons next to a specific group, you enter a new settings category that offers you customizations for each contact group. This means that if I change settings for the family group, those settings will only affect the contacts located in the family group; not my co-workers and not my friends group. The settings include the same 'custom volume', 'ignore mute', 'always vibrate' settings for both phone calls and text messages as described above for individual contacts, however Yllier takes it a step further and allows you to set individual ring or text tones for each group so that someone calling from your family group will have a different sound than someone calling from your co-worker group. This logic is the same for text tones too. The settings for groups can be seen in the screenshot included below:

    Not enough for you yet? Yllier thought he could add one more very useful feature that we are sure a whole bunch of you guys will love - the ability to mute your iPhone completely for a set duration of time. That's right, folks. Do you want to take a quick nap for one or two hours? You can use RingerX VIP to mute your iPhone for one or two hours and then after that duration of time, RingerX VIP will automatically unmute your iPhone for you. That sounds better than using the mute switch doesn't it? To use this feature, you will need to have Activator installed (which is a dependency for RingerX VIP) so it will be installed if you don't have it already when you install RingerX VIP. When you go into Activator, you can choose any action that you like - for this demonstration, we will be using the hold down both volume buttons setting from Activator as shown in the screenshot below:

    Now that I have set the Activator action to holding both volume buttons, if I go to the home screen and press both volume buttons, I will get a spin box that lets me choose what time-frame that I want to mute my iPhone for. It includes the option to override all RingerX VIP settings and to vibrate if you don't want the caller or texter to be completely silent. Below is a screenshot of the RingerX VIP spin box:

    So as we have demonstrated, RingerX VIP is a great solution for anyone trying to get some peace and quiet from certain people. It's also a great way to filter between importance of certain contacts. If you think that you might use RingerX VIP to make your iPhone a better communication tool and life-friendly tool, then let us know what you think about it in the comments.

    Name: RingerX VIP
    Price: $1.99
    Version: 0.98
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Yllier
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Yllier was also gracious enough to give away FIVE copies of RingerX VIP. If you think you could use this tweak for great reasons, then list 5 reasons that you would use it for in the comments below explaining how you would use RingerX VIP to make your life better. Include your Cydia account number in the comment. We will pick winners in a couple of days.

    Sources: Yllier
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] RingerX VIP - Be Notified When You Want to Be started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. NerdyGuyJohn's Avatar
      NerdyGuyJohn -
      The Reasons why I would use this app is
      I will know when my girlfriend calls or other girls call me. When I go to school I turn my phone to vibrate and I will normally go to a friend's house and forget to turn my phone on loud because my mom freaks out if I don't answer her calls. When I'm at home sick I have my phone on silent but when my friends or mom call I can hear when they call and not ignore it. If I'm walking somewhere and one of my friend's want me to spend the night or hang out and I have my phone on silent I can tell when they call so I know not one of my ex girlfriend's is calling me. Also USEFUL for when I'm playing video games.

    1. Senyaichiya's Avatar
      Senyaichiya -
      I just want to win something.

      Cydia account number: 3288475
    1. SithStrife's Avatar
      SithStrife -
      So now that RingerX VIP is out, I would never actually have to (1) bombard my mute button just to mute/unmute whenever I'm in a conference or a meeting. (2) I will set my wife's favorite ringtone as her custom ringtone on my contacts list, this would make her day (heck, even forever!). (3) I will use RingerX VIP to group and UNMUTE all of my relative's contacts and set the 'Angry Birds' ringtone as the custom tone. (4) I will set a custom 'Skrillex' ringtone whenever I'm in public, in a bar, in a cafe or in restaurant; this will blow their brains off! Whew' I'm nearly out of reasons. (5) Last and certainly not the least, I will group all of the 'annoyances' in my Contacts, name them 'Annoyances' and MUTE them always (both in tone and vibrate). Haha! Thanks @_Yllier_ , @BouchardAnthony and @modmyi!

      Cydia# 2878917
    1. woolfman72's Avatar
      woolfman72 -
      I would love to have this. Having 30 sales people calling me and trying to have separate ringtones for family and work . The ringtone for my wife is kind of low and the ringtone for work is pretty loud . So i wind up blasting out the office when one of the sales department calls .I share an office with a 71 year old man and every time my phone goes off he just shakes his head at me LOL So this would be a perfect tweak for me.
      I would use it to lower the ringtone volume for the group i have all my sales force in.
      It would be nice to be able to only mute the volume for certain people while i am in a meeting.
      I would be able to set it so my boss would never be on vibrate.
      It could also save an old mans life and keep the sound down and hopefully his blood pressure too!
      i would also use it to set every group to custom ringtones.

      cydia #1058673
    1. 1shuttle1's Avatar
      1shuttle1 -
      1. mute timer for meetings
      2. ignore unwanted calls and get only the ones i want
      3. custom volume
      4. group settings
      5. no more accidental mute button problems

      awesome app

      cydia # 12764
    1. m13's Avatar
      m13 -
      I can only think of two good usage scenario for myself.

      1. Mute everyone except wife and work paging.

      2. Mute everyone for a couple of hours of nap time.

      Everything else I can accomplish. I can set individual
      ring and text tone already in iOS 5.

      It is easier to set up group ring and text tone with
      this app but I only need special ringtone and text
      tone for a handful of contact.

      Thanks a lot for the intro and giveaway!

    1. MiniM3's Avatar
      MiniM3 -
      1. Temporary mute all sounds when sleeping at night
      2. Reduce wear and tear on Mute button
      3. Different ring/message tones for different members of my family and
      4. Set emergency calls to override mute
      5. Group profiles

      Cydia ACCT#: 1238333
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Because of work and close family members (my wife and her father) currently fighing cancer I have to leave my phone ringer on all the time. I work second/third shift so I sleep during the day. The ringer is not a huge problem but now I got these mods here in a group iMessage chat that like to talk a storm up some days. (You know who you are ). So this would help give me certain options to groups I want to wake me and others I can deal with later on.

    1. icebrrg's Avatar
      icebrrg -
      This app looks great, but what would be even better is if it worked for email also.

      Does anyone know of an app for custom alerts based on the email address?
    1. winfis's Avatar
      winfis -
      Great tweak! Here are my reasons!
      1. Since I finish my finals today, it's likely that I'll go to the movies a couple times, at least, next week. It wouldn't be the first time I forget to set the ringer back on.
      2. I'll become a Doctor some day, and some nights I'll need to be on call. Then I'll be able to choose who can wake me up and how can't (thank god).
      3. It's been quite for a while, but a month ago, some idiot started calling me at 1-2 AM. He would hang up before I could pick up the phone, but it still sucked.
      4. Sometimes, at college, I need to receive a very important text, but I can't set the ringer on, cause then all Notifications, Calls, Texts... will sound, and my teacher will pissed, not pleased.
      5. Sometimes I've felt the need to mute all calls, keep some not muted, and leave soe with only vibration (not as important, but wouldn't bother me if they call me). I thought I'd never be able to do that. I was wrong.

      So here you go! Impressive tweak!

      Cydia Number: 264547
    1. laurence0609's Avatar
      laurence0609 -
      Bought this awhile ago and there's a bug...my phone just powered off when a friend of mine is calling and it hangs when I was browsing Modmyi. Uninstalled it just now and will check with the author's forum.
    1. bigliquid530's Avatar
      bigliquid530 -
      Well the reason I think I deserve this giveaway is that I drive locomotives for a living and it would be great to be able to have it ring only if my wife or daughter call while I'm on duty being that I have to pay attention to railroad signals and radio calls plus I work graveyard shift so if they call I know that it's probably an emergency...

      Another reason is that since I work graveyard shift it's hard for me too sleep during the daytime and it's either I turn my phone off while I sleep and miss wife's phone call if needs to get a hold of me. People that work nights know the deal if for any reason you get waken up your pretty much up for the day and there are some weeks I average 2-3 hours of sleep a day so this tweak would actually realty help me out so I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best and great tweak...

      Cydia #1281879
    1. TomTanderson's Avatar
      TomTanderson -
      Great app but the obvious thing that seems to be missing is a scheduler for those times you reguarly want your phone muted. Night time is my favourite as I always forget to un-mute in the morning. I used to use SBScheduler but that doesn't work with IOS5 (like nearly all the scheduling apps).
    1. eballesq's Avatar
      eballesq -
      There appears to be a bug that conflicts with Messages+. Installed RingerX last night and the first time I received a text the phone froze. Had to do the Home/Sleep power off and reboot, and then respring out of safe mode. Tested again this morning with another text and same thing happened. Disabled RingerX in the settings and problem was resolved. Please fix as this is a great idea (and I paid for it)!

      (edit: I'm on a 4S running 5.0.1)
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      One of the grear thing I will like to get:
      -missing many phone calls when i am in middle for meeting and just hit the power bottom righ a way to silant for just sec to answer later.(I am preparing Taxs)
      - control my contact with the easy way to answer.
      -use group of business contact with ringtone easyer.
      -saving time to apply it to all contact and do it right.
      -VIP for family wow I will love it to know whose i will care to answer right away and who I will answer now ( not later)
      - I like to try everything new espicialy when its good one.
      Cydia # 1553023
    1. ord6's Avatar
      ord6 -
      1. I have a lot of contacts and this would make notifications for each caller or texter easier to find out who it is
      2. To mute all calls except my wife during emergency or hospital visits
      3. Setting text tones by group can be a defensive measure
      4.No more accidentally putting my phone on silent in my pocket and missing calls and texts
      5. there are some unspeakables that i need to block on my phone from every calling me


    1. anig's Avatar
      anig -
      1.99 small price to pay for such options. I purchased this trying to follow direction but phone keeps crashing with it enabled any advise. What does this tweak not work so well with that kinda common
    1. anig's Avatar
      anig -
      I have messages + too so I can verify what's already been said about the bug issue
    1. laurence0609's Avatar
      laurence0609 -
      Quote Originally Posted by eballesq View Post
      There appears to be a bug that conflicts with Messages+. Installed RingerX last night and the first time I received a text the phone froze. Had to do the Home/Sleep power off and reboot, and then respring out of safe mode. Tested again this morning with another text and same thing happened. Disabled RingerX in the settings and problem was resolved. Please fix as this is a great idea (and I paid for it)!

      (edit: I'm on a 4S running 5.0.1)
      We have the same problem and sent an email to the developer, Yllier. He quickly responded and sent me a test version which works. I suggest you send him an email with the crash report which can be found in
    1. Supermario20's Avatar
      Supermario20 -
      5 Reason why I should get RingerX VIP
      1. I have never enjoyed my ringtones but if I have this I can schedule my ringer so it doesn't interfere with my life.
      2. I go to school so with this tweak scheduling my ringer I can take it easy even if I forgot to change the ringer to mute.
      3. I would give you any feed back on how the app works or any kinks that would need to be fixed, also if any problem happened with texting tweak like iRealSMS or Messages+ I would inform you immediately since I own them both.
      4. I have always appreciated tweak by you Yllier so when you released RingerX VIP to the public I thought it would be great because I have bad memory, and I can't count how many times my phone went off ringing because I forget to set it to vibrate but with RingerX VIP it solves that solution and if I got RingerX VIP I wouldn't have to worry about that ever again and my life would run a little smoother.
      5. This are hard times & I can't spend money on everything I want but I can learn to appreciate it when it's free.

      Thank You, & please choose me!
      Cydia # 1237512