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  • Samsung Releases "Urban Camping" Ad as part of its Anti-Apple Campaign

    Samsung seems to have released another commercial for their Samsung Galaxy S II’s anti-Apple campaign. This one is labeled "Urban Camping" and continues the trend of pointing out features which Apple’s iPhone 4S does not have. In this specific ad, the main feature being flaunted is the 4G speed that the Galaxy S II has that the iPhone 4S does not. Samsung continues to stereotype Apple users as being the “barista” types who are excited about waiting on line to pick up the iPhone 4S and willing to go as far as camping out on large lines.

    You can take a look at their new advertisement below:

    At this point, the advertisements seem a bit repetitive and predictable as the company doesn’t seem to have much to argue against that isn’t known already. What was funny at first now seems dull and expected as well especially since the campaign has been going on for some time. The only subtle change here (which was also found in the previous commercial) was the fact that Samsung seems to be portraying their users as hipsters as well. The irony here is quite hilarious as the company continues to imitate Apple users while flaunting the features of their device.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the previous advertisements that were a part of Samsung’ anti-Apple campaign, you can do so by clicking the following links: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

    What did you guys think of the new advertisement? Do any of you feel that this campaign is getting pretty old? Share any thoughts and comments below!

    Source: SamsungMobileUSA

    *Thanks to Nicholas Sneller and iPodTouchMan77 for sending this in*
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    1. darkcrave's Avatar
      darkcrave -
      Quote Originally Posted by kddw1 View Post
      You know it's funny how android and iPhone uses go back and forth I've had a iPhone for five years and I've tried android let me give everybody a reality check android wouldn't exist if it wasn't for that guy that left apple and went to google and helped with their android os. Now this App Store thing I hate the fact that Apple fanboys think that the Apple originated the App Store last time i checked Palm had a few app stores 10 years ago with thousands of apps some of the most popular business apps came from developers that used to make apps for palm ie pocket informent just to name one that's on both iOS and android. The fact of the matter is this google coped of ios and iOS copied off of window and plan phone. There are way to many different andriod makers out there Motorola's going to destroy them all now that google owns them their going to bring the apple feel to the andriod. Sorry I'm just talking about everything at once. My phone of choose is the iPhone not because it's the best phone out there but because I love the ui. I don't like using android phone because they feel to plastic and I don't like the ui.

      Sorry for the typos I used the Mighty Siri to write my last post. Smh
      atleast you gave an honest opinion (I think) mostly what I see are rabbid fanbois here, I mean I have owned an iPhone since 2g gave my 4g to my mom and got a samsung galaxy and got my wife a 4s just yesterday and own an iPad, but still I prefer android now over ios because for one, im running 1.75 ghz dual core and the themes even without jailbreaking or adding a new rom are mostly free and beautyfull functionality is the same, there is no difference atleast for me.

      But here you will see fanbois just bashing others, when the iterations of apple are so small and charge so much, that's all the quarrel I have against them.

      I will be switching from ipad 2 to transformer prime just because quadcore nvidia i am a gamer and all gamers know nvidia is pretty much the hierarchy of the gaming world.
    1. kddw1's Avatar
      kddw1 -
      Once again there goes the fanboy nonsense. I was waiting for some silly lil fanboy to respond. I will dumb it So you can understand " I can give two shits about Android or Apple". The fact of the matter is both have there pros and cons. I said i prefer my iOS over the android well because I can deal with it. I don't care about your phone that 1. What ever ghz it has the fact of the matter is that android software gets crappy on all the different phones that it's on. Motorola and it's handsets will crush your silly lil Samsung phone.
    1. darkcrave's Avatar
      darkcrave -
      damn you just cant even come up with any thing constructive, just spew **** out of your mouth, spoken like a true fanboy!
    1. kddw1's Avatar
      kddw1 -
      No you're just too dumb to get what I'm saying.
    1. darkcrave's Avatar
      darkcrave -
      nah I think I spot a fanboy
    1. SAVAGE5's Avatar
      SAVAGE5 -
      Galaxy S2 SR is sick.
      iPhone 4S is sick.
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      Which Crashes More? Apple Apps or Android Apps? Im sure some of you have read this story by now. Its being talked about all over the net--except for apple fan sites.

      So all you guys who keep going on and on about "crappy Android OS" I suggest you read this story. Do iOS Apps Crash More Than Android Apps? A Data Dive - Forbes