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  • Zephyr 1.1 Released With New Touch Features

    A lot of you have been begging for this feature to be added to Zephyr. Now it's here.

    If you were one of the thousands begging chpwn for the ability to not only multitask but also for the ability to get onto your home screen using only touch gestures, then you'll be very happy to hear that he has done just that. To do this, chpwn has updated his extremely popular Zephyr (touch multitasking) tweak which we reviewed here upon its release, that allows you to toggle the App Switcher, switch between applications, and now exit an application using only touch gestures without ever having to use your home button. Here is a video demonstration of the new features:

    You will see first and foremost that the settings for closing an application are actually merged with that of opening the App Switcher. When you are in an application, swiping up will close the application. Swiping up but pausing about halfway up will bring up the App Switcher, but if you are on the home screen, then obviously the App Switcher will pop up regardless if you pause or not since there are no applications open that you can exit.

    I was at first confused as to how exactly you open the App Switcher since it appeared as though the settings were merged with that of closing an application. The key is that you pause halfway, it will take approximately one second for Zephyr to realize that you want the App Switcher open and that you don't want to only close the application. Even under the circumstances that you do exit the application, you can always open the App Switcher when you are on the home screen after exiting.

    For many of us who purchased Zephyr, this literally means that we don't 'have' to use the home button anymore. The only reason that I could possibly see fit for using the home button is to enter DFU mode. I don't use the iOS 5 Camera button from the lock screen often, and I don't normally use the home button as a shortcut for going from the last SpringBoard page to the first. That being said, I think that Zephyr has replaced a hardware function of iOS with a great software counterpart.

    You can go into the Zephyr settings and choose between swiping up to both toggle the App Switcher and exiting an application, or you can choose to have only the App Switcher opened. It's up to you how you ultimately want to use Zephyr, since the settings are extensive and intuitive. If you have never bought Zephyr before, buying version 1.1 will set you back $2.99 and you can download it from the BigBoss repo today!

    Sources: chpwn
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    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      Quote Originally Posted by Alveezy View Post
      that takes awhile! or it's a little tricky! he should've implemented two-finger swipe up to bring the switcher or vice versa to go back to home screen P.S. Grant Paul/Ryan Petrich, if you're reading this...implement it on the next update pls.!!!
      Maybe, but after doing it a couple times it becomes second nature and really easy.
    1. Tesep's Avatar
      Tesep -
      Love the app, there some problems however, you can't close any app in landscape and also some games in portrait can't be closed either. Hopefully they fix this in the future because right now you still have to use the home button to get out of alot of apps.
    1. APFDF's Avatar
      APFDF -
      This has been possible with QuickDo since I started using it on ios3. QuickDo doesn't get enough love from places like modmyi because it's written by a NESB and it's so comprehensive. This tweak and others are just slicing features out of QuickDo.
    1. charliebee's Avatar
      charliebee -
      I was really looking forward to this update but after using it I think I would prefer if it would first show the switcher and then if you keep going it goes to the home screen. I think it would feel more natural that way. I don't like having to wait (even 1sec) for the switcher to show up.

      With that said I really like the performance boost. The app switching is way more responsive on my iPhone 4 with this update.

      I'd also like to be able to specify a region of the side of the screen that would trigger the app switch. I often end up switching app when I actually wanted to horizontally scroll in an app. I know I can disable Zephyr for a particular app but that would be overkill...
    1. xhazex9x's Avatar
      xhazex9x -
      Zephyr is a lot more smoother than activator imo i feel sometimes with activator you gotta dothe gesture 2 or even 3 times zephyr is the ****
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Comment in general but QuickDo is very buggy, I also used it from the iOS 3 days and also conflicts with a few other tweaks. Not going into detail on this, just fyi. Zephyr is very stable and smooth for me on my 4S.
    1. bobright's Avatar
      bobright -
      Quote Originally Posted by charliebee View Post
      I was really looking forward to this update but after using it I think I would prefer if it would first show the switcher and then if you keep going it goes to the home screen. I think it would feel more natural that way. I don't like having to wait (even 1sec) for the switcher to show up...
      I fully agree, the 1 sec wait thing makes it feel clunky, or bloated what have you. Is it possible if he were to do it where the appswitcher shows if swiped up about 1 1/2 inch - then if you go more than that say midway to the screen then it closes the app?? What is the use for the wait?

      I thought that's how it'd be implemented, I'll stick to appswitcher only until an update where it's a bit smoother.
    1. paocer's Avatar
      paocer -
      Quote Originally Posted by noname8317 View Post
      I second you on those 2cents. I use the swipe on my status bar as my home button. Especially after my home button stop functioning efficiently. Activator is still the original in my opinion.

      Have you tried resetting your home button?