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  • Costco Allegedly Angry with Apple and Dropping the iPod

    Costco, the third largest retailer in the US, has been getting a lot of press the last few days over the company's alleged secret feud with Apple. Why the supposed bickering? It's all about the iPad. At a time when the holidays are approaching and the likes of Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and even Sam's Club have been given the green light to stock and sell the iPad, the folks at Costco feel a little left out.

    As a result, Costco executives are said to be fuming and considering dropping the iPod from its electronics inventory in order to "punish" Apple for the shun. The only problem with this accusation is that Costco is yet to formally announce any such plans. It seems the basis for these claims is that Costco recently removed the iPod from the company's online storefront. In addition, "anonymous sources" quoted in various published reports state that all Apple iPods are now being sold without Costco replenishing supplies.

    Although Costco has a history of getting "revenge" on partners who don't play nice - like last year's decision by Coscto to pull the plug on Coca-cola products over a pricing flap - Costco is yet to say a word about its plans to drop or continue to carry the iPod. But at this time it appears that there are no plans in place for Apple to begin allowing Costco to sell the iPad. And that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads.

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    1. Aleckloss's Avatar
      Aleckloss -
      Quote Originally Posted by mohaas05 View Post
      Costco seems to be using dirty business here, trying to bully Apple into bringing the iPad to them.

      But what percentage of iPod sales come from Costco anyways? I don't think it would be a big loss for Apple.
      Ummm 3rd largest retailer suddenly stops carrying the iPod? Seriously? Many people buy from Costco. Don't even begin to kid yourself.
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      Quote Originally Posted by delusion950 View Post
      i dont see how is this article related to jailbreaking unlocking or modding iphone ipad ipod or any of such in any possible way. nd who cares about cosco nd apple business how many ppl on this forum actually go to cosco to buy apple product.
      For Christ's Sake, it doesn't have to be jailbreaking related news!!

      Costco's way of punishing Apple isn't gonna even hurt Apple one bit.
    1. mADMAN8's Avatar
      mADMAN8 -
      Quote Originally Posted by vruls View Post
      lol yeah, they should offer free jailbreaking and unlocking on the spot, for FREE to spike apple, it would be perfect
      Spite not spike
    1. Johnboy00's Avatar
      Johnboy00 -
      If true, dropping iPod just for spite is childish and a lot like the proverbial cutting off of one's nose to spite one's face. How does Costco executive management explain to stockholders, without looking foolish, that they dropped a profitable product line purely for spite?