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  • Ovum Report: App Developers Putting Android Ahead of iOS?

    Here's a headline that will probably make more than a few folks scratch their heads.

    Despite the runaway growth of popular Apple devices powered by iOS (and previous polls and studies showing an overwhelmingly strong developer preference for iOS), a sizable portion of the mobile application developer community is now picking Android over iOS as the preferential platform to develop for.

    Independent technology analyst Ovum's second annual developer survey shows that Android appears poised to bump iOS before the end of 2012 when it comes to the platform viewed by developers as being the most important to concentrate on.

    Of course, I'll believe that when I see it. But, for now, that's what Ovum's numbers tell us.

    Published Monday, the study does, however, show that almost all developers will continue to support both platforms. But Android's ascendance means that iOS will no longer see preferred status with many devs.

    So why the big change? According to an underlying theory advocated by no shortage of industry analysts, iOS is no longer viewed as the only means to make serious cash. As more individuals and companies turn to Android devices and apps at a record pace, many developers now view Android as the operating system with real lucrative momentum.

    The report concluded by acknowledging that developers are also beginning to give up mobile-centric development tools (Java, Flash, WAP, etc.s) in favor of HTML5, a Web-based standard that gives developers better reach across diverse devices and platforms.

    Source: Ovum
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    1. PorthosPirate's Avatar
      PorthosPirate -
      Speaking as a manager that hires people to build mobile apps, I can say that iOS will continue to be my first build because of the proven track record of where the money is spent. The advertisers that pay for our company want to advertise to those that spend money.

      To those that try to hold almighty market share as the magic number, I would remind everyone that with 4% of the global market share in mobile, Apple took 52% of the profits (and that was just Q3 2011, it doesn't include the record breaking quarter that they just had).

      If someone shows me actual reported numbers (not trends, not predictions, not a crystal ball) that I can make more money developing for Android first, then I'll be the first to pay my developers to go there.

      Money is what drives this market, and iOS is where the money is.