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  • Ten One Design's Magnus iPad Stand Would be at Home On Jonathan Ive's Desk

    Jonathan Ive and Apple, since the iPod's inception, have emphasized simplicity in both the design and functionality of Apple's devices.

    It's as if their mission is to take, take, and take away from the complexity of a productís design until it borders on inhibiting functionality. Seamless unibody chassis, minimal visible screws, no removable batteries, a dedication to brushed aluminum and glass when much of the industry remains obsessed with glossy plastic (we forgive you iPhone 3G/3GS) are Apple design hallmarks.

    This emphasis on simplicity is why accessories like Ten On Designís Magnus iPad stand pictured above compliment Appleís products so well. Functionally, and aesthetically it shares Appleís spirit of simplicity. Machine crafted from aluminum the Magnus uses a high power neodymium magnet secure to the iPad to the stand. The result, an almost eerie floating iPad sitting on your desk.

    The Magnus isnít cheap at $50, but it isnít a capitalist nuclear bomb to your wallet either. Those concerned the iPad may topple over, the solid aluminum build provides the stand with enough heft to keep the iPad firmly planted. Also, it means this isnít a stand youíre travel with much either.

    Verdict: gift for those with more Apple products on their desk than family photos.

    Source: Gadget Review
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    1. Raahem's Avatar
      Raahem -
      brb spending $50 on a piece of bent aluminium
    1. smoelge's Avatar
      smoelge -
      Horrible Headline.
    1. kmvguy83's Avatar
      kmvguy83 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raahem View Post
      brb spending $50 on a piece of bent aluminium
      Correction, piece of magnetized bent aluminum. LOL