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  • A5 Jailbreak is Live For OSX, Windows Coming Soon

    It's here. It's finally here!

    @P0sixninja (Joshua Hill)z tweeted minutes ago the A5 jailbreak is live, and it is available for download at www.greenpois0n.com. However, it seems the massive demand for the jailbreak has crushed the site's servers as repeated attempts to access the site returned an "Error establishing a database connection."

    Here is the download link courtesy of @pod2g. This circumvents the massive traffic that is likely drowning the greenpois0n blog. @p0sixninja has confirmed that the greenpois0n website has to load on the A5 device before the jailbreak can be triggered. He is fixing the problem, but in the meantime use the above link to download the Absinthe tool.

    The A5 jailbreak tool Absinthe reuses both Corona exploits "as well as like five others" according to @p0sixninja. The Chronic Dev team will be releasing a Command Line Tool along with the jailbreak to help diagnos any problems that crop up. The Jailbreak has been tested extensively, but as always there is no way to test for every possible error or conflict.

    Happy downloading!

    Source: @p0sixninja and @pod2g
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    1. clifdog's Avatar
      clifdog -
      oh ight he said it was windows compatible
    1. fryfone's Avatar
      fryfone -
      Quote Originally Posted by xclusiveiphone View Post
      Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and operating system is up to date.
      yes im up to date
    1. smolk's Avatar
      smolk -
      clifdog install Absinthe_jb_(win)v2.exe Win 32bit
    1. PoEtikly's Avatar
      PoEtikly -
      Quote Originally Posted by smolk View Post
      clifdog install Absinthe_jb_(win)v2.exe
      When did they release the windows version?
    1. smolk's Avatar
      smolk -
      I don `t know
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Poe, "they" havent, Smolk used source and wrote his own thing. I just jb'd successfully using CLI for Windows from "them".
    1. benk9's Avatar
      benk9 -
      Im seeing windows version links on eya are they confirmed to work do t want to try to f#^k my phone up, i want this jailbreak so bad 😱
    1. smolk's Avatar
      smolk -
      metaserph yes CLI for Windows
    1. clifdog's Avatar
      clifdog -
      ok installed shows up on phone but was the next step after instal cant read russian
    1. smolk's Avatar
      smolk -
      clifdog my skype - smolk1984
      add my
    1. qbnucca's Avatar
      qbnucca -
      Quote Originally Posted by spice_weasel View Post
      Not sure what the problem is. I ran a virtual machine of lion in VMware workstation and had no issues. Why bother waiting for the pc version?
      How did you do it?
    1. DieselVexx's Avatar
      DieselVexx -
      Russian! I need some pics, HELP!
    1. smolk's Avatar
      smolk -
      DieselVexx my skype - smolk1984
      add my

      foto Установка Отвязанного Jailbreak На Ipad 2 И Iphone 4S - iPhone & iPad forum Russia

      1 istall new iOS 5.0.1
      2 istall Absinthe_jb_(win)v2.exe
      3 run jb
    1. clifdog's Avatar
      clifdog -
      figured it out but when i try toturn on vpn get cnfig error
    1. OLDCell's Avatar
      OLDCell -
      Did mine a few hours back using CLI on Windows 7. Worked first time no issues. Very happy and iPad 2 works perfect with JB.
    1. RRoD420's Avatar
      RRoD420 -
      I used VMware osx 10.6 snow leopard on windows 7
      Just run the new CLI on Windows! It took 3 minutes to completed: http://www.iphoneheat.com/2012/01/ja...r-cli-windows/
    1. fresh801's Avatar
      fresh801 -
      Need help using the command line install on windows.When i send the -i part it never shows on phone and then computer says Send 1: result too large
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      So now that iPhone4s is jailbroken...I need to buy one before 5.1 comes out!! I live in California.....A while back i thought I read somewhere on this forum, that a certain retailer (can't remember which one) only charges u tax on the $199 price, and not the full price of the phone....Anyone know about this, and if it is true? And if so which store it is? It would be a big savings, probably save around $80 or so with the ridiculous tax rate in Cali. If anyone has any info on this it would be much appreciated!
    1. Jastra's Avatar
      Jastra -
      Just used CLI on windows for my iPad 2. Worked great. Took like 10 minutes and I was jail broke. From the videos I seen using absinthe on Mac, this process might be quicker? So for all you people complaining that there is no windows version just do some research because it's definitely possible and surprising easy to do on windows. http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/01...-2-on-windows/