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  • Find My iPhone App Finds Drugs, Guns, and Criminals for Marietta Police

    Marietta, known for it's diner and apparently stupid criminals

    Earlier this week Marietta Police made a large narcotics bust at the Autumn View Apartments on Franklin Road outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Their big lead? A stolen iPhone and the Find My iPhone app.

    A guest in a nearby hotel reported his iPhone stolen and with permission police used the “Find My iPhone App” to locate the man’s phone. Officers tracked the phone to a nearby apartment complex. Once there “the smell of pot led officers to one unit.”

    A search warrant turned up the goodies picture above which include 1,100 grams of marijuana, what appears to be an AK-47 or a similar assault rifle, five handguns (three of them stolen), and dozens of Oxycodone tablets. Officers made several arrests including one suspect who tried to jump off an upper balcony.

    Who would have thought Apple’s app for the forgetful would turn into a “Find Drugs, Guns, and Money” app for police. Criminals just need to exercise more caution with the phone’s they steal or turn the phone off or at least turn off location services and WiFi.

    *Thanks to MMi member 2Jaze for tipping us to this hilarious story*

    Source: WSBRadio
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    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      I am positive every criminal is reading this article as we speak.
    1. flash66's Avatar
      flash66 -
      [QUOTE= suspect who tried to jump off an upper balcony.


      Yup weed and oxycodone combined make up an ingredient in our bodies that makes jumping from a balcony easy. It's called "F*** it!"

      Quote Originally Posted by Liveitlive View Post
      Because the Xbox is considered drug dealing paraphernalia lol. They think since every dealer has 1... N Prob had enough residue on it from weighing dope & playing games it was entered as evidence.
      they were probably playing GTA. So it's evidence.
    1. MCN's Avatar
      MCN -
      i thought the same thing about the Xbox 360. However, what really puts it over the top is the pack of Newports above the Xbox 360. Police were trying extra hard to make the bust look as big as possible. I knew it was this guy all along!