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  • Case Manufacturer Already Selling iPad 3 Cases

    Case makers traditionally spot on with their prematurely released case designs for not yet acknowledged or released iDevices, and the iPad 3 is no different.

    Last year numerous chinese manufacturers missed the mark on a redesigned iPhone 5, but the earky iPad 3 case produced by Chinee appears to share the same form factor as the current iPad 2. The lone difference is the addition of 1mm of thickness to the case design. This additional millimeter falls in line with previous rumors that the next iPad would be thicker in order to house a new retina display.

    The cases are on sale now indicating that someone somewhere leaked the design specs for the new iPad, that is if the information Chinee is going off of is accurate. If these cases do in fact represent the final design of the new iPad, rumors of the iPad 3 going into production near the end of January would likely prove true too.

    Not much else can be inferred from the cases other than possibly a larger rear camera lens based on the size of the hole in the back of the case. It seems those hoping for a major redesigning of the iPad will be disappointed again. For the rest of us the rumored quad-core A6 processor, retina display, Siri and LTE connectivity will be enough. If the iPad 3/2S/whatever actually has those things.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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      Wonderful group of people in here aware of things!
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      We know where this went with the iPhone 5 cases...