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  • Canadian Consumers Purchase Clay iPad 2s Swapped out by Scammers

    Nothing quite like spending $500 and opening up your mint iPad 2 box to find a giant piece of clay. At least it wasnít coal right?

    A number of Canadian consumers thought the same thing this holiday season after some sneaky scammers returned a number of iPad 2s with clay replicas in the boxes instead of iPad 2s. The total number of iPad 2s swapped is as many as 24 all at Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart and London stores.

    Future Shop and Best Buy claim scammers swapped up to 10 devices out at their locations with, Walmart investigating another 10, and London Drugs acknowledging four instances. Obviously customers opening their iPad 2 boxes to find clay were rightfully dismayed, and even worse concerned how retailers would react to them returning a box filled with clay.

    Dayna Chabot purchased a clay 32GB iPad 2 at a Walmart in Langley just south of Vancouver and was refunded her money within 20 minutes of speaking to a manager. However, Mark Sandhu, who purchased his clay iPad at a Future Shop, claims Future Shop management treated him like a criminal when he tried to return his fake device to Future Shop. Sanhdhu has since been given a full refund, but only after taking his story to CTV.

    Best Buy and Future Shop have changed their store policy in response to the scam and require users returning devices to open up the packaging to make sure all the components are present before accepting a return. Common sense is apparently not emphasized at these institutions.

    Personally Iíve had had the experience of seeing an open-box iPad 2 purchased from Best Buy returned because after inspection the device was obviously more than an open-box floor unit. The iPad 2 had extensive scratching on the back, and on the screen, and was sold for only $20 cheaper than a brand-new iPad 2. Somehow that seems a little ridiculous.

    Anyone here ever been bit by the fake item retail bug or shady return policies?

    Source: CTV
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      Quote Originally Posted by cmwade77 View Post
      Honestly, if you are buying anything that costs over $100 in a physical store, you should insist on being able to open it and test it prior to paying for it. If the store refuses, then take your business elsewhere.
      Prior to paying for it? yeah, most stores will refuse that. I am sure they would have no aversion to you paying for it and opening it on the spot. If you didn't get what you were supposed to, they'd legally have to take it back. But too many people would be opening products jst to "test" them and then deciding they don't want it. Things would either go up in price or that store would go out of business. I mean would you buy an open box item for retail price even if it was literally opened 15 minutes ago.
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      Situations like this is why places like Best Buy now ask for an ID when you return stuff... and people still complain.