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  • AT&T to Revamp Data Plans With More Bang for Your Buck

    AT&T wants to offer you more data: for just a little bit more money.

    Here is an odd turn of events from AT&T - in what seems like a strange move by them, they are going to start offering you higher data caps so that you can use more data per month without overages. The only prerequisite? You'll have to shell out an extra five dollars per month. Now before you pre-judge the fact that it will cost more, you should take note that for just five dollars, you are getting a rather large data increase. It's actually a pretty good deal compared to what you're paying for now if you're on the tiered plans.

    Currently, if you are paying monthly for a capped data plan from AT&T, then you are on one of the following plans:

    • $15/month gets you 200MB/month
    • $25/month gets you 2GB/month
    • $45/month gets you 4GB/month with tethering

    The new data plans that AT&T will be offering are as follows:

    • $20/month gets you 300MB/month
    • $30/month gets you 3GB/month
    • $50/month gets you 5GB/month with tethering

    If you're on the 256MB plan already, then upgrading to the 300MB plan for $5 more per month doesn't make much sense. But if you're on either of the other two plans, then $5 gives you a whole extra gigabyte to play around with. I think that is a pretty good deal, considering the fact that 2GB = $25 meaning that you're paying around $12.50 per gigabyte. So getting an extra one for $5 is a steal. I currently have the 2GB plan and I will be upgrading to the 3GB plan as soon as I get the chance to.

    These new tiers will become available to you beginning January 22nd. You can upgrade online, over the phone, or through an AT&T store near you. If you are grandfathered into the unlimited data plan, then this change will not affect you and you can keep your unlimited data. If you are on the current AT&T plans and you plan to upgrade to the new plans on January 22nd, you can upgrade without renewing your contract for another two years. So you can upgrade and cancel your contract one month after you upgrade without paying a cent more for early termination fees (assuming that you've completed 2 years of your contract already).

    Will you upgrade to the new AT&T data plans if you're currently tiered on AT&T's network? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Cowboy (AT&T employee)
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    1. svolam's Avatar
      svolam -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdjatt View Post
      Exactly. This is not a steal for customers, it s for AT&T. I have a 2 GB plan of which I use around 200 to 350 MB every month - which means now I need to pay $5 more.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      It depends on what kind of user you are.

      I use up to the threshold of my 2gb plan... So an extra gb would be awesome, and for just 5 bucks is a steal for me. Of course this is a steal for AT&T as well but that's the way business is, offer additional services at an affordable rate in turn they make money. I'm happy and AT&T is happy, even though they loss me off sometimes with my data(besides the point)
      With your usage and plan I'd stay where your at because you don't seem to be a heavy user and 2gb is very comfortable for you.
    1. RoloDiva13's Avatar
      RoloDiva13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by A3gOwner View Post
      Yes I am sorry. It's not my fault they offered us unlimited data and some of us actually used it as unlimited. I travel a lot and sharing a 20+mb cable connection for a whole hotel, speeds can get ridiculously slow and 3G is faster. I used my phone for everything from Netflix to Hulu because with the $30 dollar/month unlimited data and the $30 dollars/month for Netflix and Hulu is still cheaper than cable where I'm at. Plus way more content. So say as you wish but it's not our fault for using a ton of bandwidth it's AT&T for giving it to us. Now they are taking it away slowly but surely. It wasn't the last five months tho either I've been in Iraq for six months and returned a couple of months ago. The last two months since I've been home it's been throttled right round 2-3gb.
      I understand what you're saying but please believe that "unlimited" has NEVER truly been so. Those Terms & Conditions have stated forever that they can augment your data speed or term your contract if you "abuse" the network (of course, that so-called abuse being determined by the company). This isn't new to smartphone users, either; just more prominent now as more people have more efficient hardware to access the network. Back in the day when folks used to use regular flip phones as modems AT&T would get them then too, if they "used too much". The point remains that there are people complaining about the congested network but then don't want want to be throttled even tho they're the reason why its congested (no matter the reason).

      When tethering I've never come anywhere close to hitting the usage you're describing cos I actually have respect for the OTHER millions of smartphone users who are paying the same $30 for "unlimited". Don't u think we all deserve that bandwidth we're paying for? No offense, but you might wanna think about finding another way to split your entertainment time instead holing up in the hotel clogging AT&T's network IJS
    1. AUZambo's Avatar
      AUZambo -
      Quote Originally Posted by svolam View Post
      Exactly. This is not a steal for customers, it s for AT&T. I have a 2 GB plan of which I use around 200 to 350 MB every month - which means now I need to pay $5 more.
      You'll be grandfathered into the $25/month plan. I called customer service and specifically asked them that.

      I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I called them because neither my wife nor I ever reach 2 GB of data but I'm paying for unlimited. I decided save the $10 a month and drop the unlimited packages, but wanted to be sure I'd be grandfathered into the $25 plan before swapping.