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  • Just Mobile Xtand Go White Review and Giveaway

    Back in February of last year we took a look at Just Mobile's Xtand Go in black, and they've since released the white version. We got one in the mail, and figured we'd mention it here.

    The design of the white edition is the same as the last one, so reading our last review will give you our thoughts. We've got a giveaway for you though, so I'll refresh everyone's memories and get you some nice photos of the white version.

    In the box is the iPhone mount (works great with iPhone 4 or 4S), the “arm” – also seen above, the glass mount shown above (I prefer the iPhone to be mounted on the console of the car, some people like it on the windshield), some round double-sided adhesive for affixing the bottom of the “arm” seen above, and a few universal adapters for the “arm” which I will bring up now. In fact, the universal clips are one of my favorite things about this stand.

    The universal clips affix to the back of any case you may use for your device using a powerful adhesive which comes off clean (with a little work). With this universal clip (which is extremely thin for those worried about the added bulk), any device and any case will fit the stand as smoothly as if Just Mobile’s German engineering and design team were using your case when they made the Xtand Go.

    If you’re in the market for a car mount – pick this one up. I’ve tried quite a few, and this is my favorite. And you really can’t go wrong with Just Mobile’s products. The Xtand Go sells for $39.99, although Amazon currently has it on sale for just under $31. Of course, if you don’t want to pay that… just leave a comment in the review thread here, and we’ll pick a random member from the comments Thursday to send a free Xtand Go to.
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    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. spoon's Avatar
      spoon -
      I've been looking for a good stand that I could mount my iPhone on for TomTom. Currently, I am just leaning it against my car headunit with the CD storage door propped open - hoping that I won't hit a sudden bump that will project my iPhone to it's demise.
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      Would be sweet for GPS Navigation while driving
    1. JL_973's Avatar
      JL_973 -
      Love it! Much needed accessory! Alot better then my cup holder lol
    1. england5864's Avatar
      england5864 -
      Looks great I could really use this for all my trips.
    1. pillzny's Avatar
      pillzny -
      Kinda digging it
    1. Skins2Win's Avatar
      Skins2Win -
      Would go perfect with my white car and white iPhone 4S!!!!!! Please pick me
    1. iphonerik13's Avatar
      iphonerik13 -
      i use the MotionX - GPS Drive App every single day and this would change my life. i would be able to safely use my 4S while drive. looks like a solid product.
    1. rayzah_blade's Avatar
      rayzah_blade -
      Insert comment here in hopes of being random member
    1. iphonerik13's Avatar
      iphonerik13 -
      i use the MotionX GPS app everyday!! and this would let me use my 4S safely while driving. life-changing product!!
    1. gillile1's Avatar
      gillile1 -
      So I got in a accident a week ago driving back from new years trip because I was trying to prop up my iPhone 4s on my dash so I could watch sling while driving - my old 3G usta fit on my dash perfectly! I so need(ed) this! ��
    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      This would make a nice gift for my brother who has a white 4S. It looks like a great mount.
    1. malprp's Avatar
      malprp -
      I would love one of these in my car, it's so dope.
    1. yellowxboy's Avatar
      yellowxboy -
      oh sweet, thats a very nice looking stand!
    1. Makzymos's Avatar
      Makzymos -
      man, I soooo need one of these. my speedometer broke in my truck so I use an app on my iPhone as my speedometer and my last phone holder just went and broke on me! perfect timing for your giveaway! I really would appreciate it
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      Oh how I can do with this. The one I got is extremely shaky.
      I'm going to look in the shops today for something like this but I'll wait till Friday to get one just in case I win it.
    1. btuck2246's Avatar
      btuck2246 -
      I need one of these! Would look great in my cruiser!
    1. hameslyons's Avatar
      hameslyons -
      Looks like a great addition to my White 2000 Daewoo Laganza! OH YEA!
    1. jamriman's Avatar
      jamriman -
      Sounds like a nice mount!
    1. Joshua Montgomery's Avatar
      Joshua Montgomery -
      Nice mount, probably real nice to use with my Tomtom app