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  • The iPad Is Cheap Compared to Some Future Windows 8 Intel Tablets

    Credit goes to jdlasica for the image - Flickr.

    In the personal computer world, Windows PC's are cheaper and more disposable than Macs. But could that change in the tablet world? Windows tablets are working towards using Intel processors inside to perform well and keep the portability. Currently, Apple's iPad uses a much cheaper and efficient ARM chip which is great for portable conditions. Windows tablets, using the Intel processors will find that meeting a low price standard will be difficult. We could see Windows 8 tablets with Intel processors selling between $599-899. That's as much as a Mac where the Mac Mini starts at $599 and prices go up from there.

    The iPad, however will continue to sell for $499. The iPad 3 rumored to be unveiled in February with iOS 5.1 is said to sport a quad core A6 chip, retina display, and LTE technology. How will this scale up to a Windows 8 tablet running an Intel processor? Well for one, the battery will have to be bigger. An Intel processor will use more power than an ARM processor will because ARM is used in the mobile world for a reason - power efficiency. A bigger battery means a thicker product. Do you really want a bulky, expensive Windows tablet? The iPad is slim and with jailbreaking, can be versatile keeping its long battery life of up to one month shelved.

    Due to the high prices of Microsoft's Windows 8 licensing and Intel's failure to cooperate with its prices, vendors of Windows 8 tablets might be more inclined to convert to ARM-based processors to save money as Digitimes reports. Intel is a great solution for power, but the expense isn't great for a company trying to make money. An ARM processor is much cheaper to manufacture and similar, somewhat less powerful results can be achieved. For around half the price, and for what it is, I'd say the iPad is a better deal. Unfortunately, we don't know enough about Windows 8 tablets or their specifications because they haven't been released yet to compare.

    Who do you think will win the tablet market? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Digitimes
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      kadernal -
      ^^ that makes no sense, why do you feel the need to share your thoughts with someone so mindless then? that said...

      the article says that the ipad will still be $499.... I'm guessing that with the feature set the windows 8 tabs are hyping up they will include much more than 16gb of storage. So a fair comparison would be more like $839 vs $899. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for expandable storage and non-proprietary connectors.