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  • Apple Developing Water-Resistant iPhone 5?

    Water damage continues to be a major impediment to the otherwise long-life most iPhones and iDevices should be fortunate enough to enjoy. But if you're accident-prone around water or have a toddler who likes to drop things into the "potty" (something I learned the hard way), the concept of Apple developing water-proof iDevices is very, very attractive.

    Apparently, the team in Cupertino shares our concern. As a result, we're hearing today that a company called HzO, which makes a high-profile "WaterBlock" technology, is said to be in talks with Apple to make iPhones and, ostensibly, other Apple gadgets water resistant.

    According to our friends at Picket-lint, a company official was recently heard at CES saying that they "expect HzO to be in next season's phones." It has been rumored but not confirmed for more than two years now that Apple wants water repelling technology for its iPhone. If the reports out of CES are accurate, such a development may transpire in time for the next-gen iPhone.

    The people at HZ0 maintain that their WaterBlock solution is safe and made from organic materials. For those chiefly concerned with the iPhone's look and feel, the company says WaterBlock wouldn't alter the phone's appearance or weight.

    Source: Pocket-lint
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    1. Moreno53's Avatar
      Moreno53 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Raeki View Post
      This is amateur business. Real business is about making great products (sound familiar?). They've never been about quantity (eg, selling more phones to people who break them). Besides the fact that it's plain stupid and childish for Apple to try to profit off broken phones, Apple'll get many new customers by having the "first waterproof phone."
      Finally some sense!!! Pass up on an amazing feature that could easily add another 25% to their sales numbers all because of the amount of money they make on damaged phones........riiiiiiighhhhhhtttt. THIS brilliant philosophy is what has made Apple the multi-billion dollar tech giant it is today. Sometimes the level of stupidity....
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      Quote Originally Posted by Liambakerg View Post
      I'm not sure if i believe this 100%... I personally think that Apple do make a fortune from broken/damaged phones. Just for example if you were to crack/smash the screen on an iPhone 4 you are looking at a possible $200 bill to have it repaired (This figure might not be 100% accurate and can change depending on how nice the Genius behind the Bar is) when it costs Apple themselves $188 to build the whole phone. If they were not out to make money on customers they would repair that at cost price + labour and be done with it. If they weren't making money on fixing iPhones then there wouldn't be such a market out there for all of these other iPhone repair services.
      Yes, but making money off broken screens didn't stop Apple from putting in the strongest and hardest one available, now did it?
    1. IphoneReaper's Avatar
      IphoneReaper -
      This is from the Razor phone page " Spilt coffee? Caught in the rain? No problem. This phone is protected with a splash-guard coating — even the electrical boards inside."so Apple not gonna be the first to market this type of technology but they will probably be the most successful
    1. Madman604x's Avatar
      Madman604x -
      google "#1 phone dropped in water" ...sigh..
    1. Bronxboy99's Avatar
      Bronxboy99 -
      I can totally see those Strident Gum commercials in my head as I'm reading this article, but instead Apple would be hunting down people and breaking their idevices.
    1. Agent929's Avatar
      Agent929 -
      Quote Originally Posted by c0dy View Post
      I think the company official is blowing smoke, trying to impress investors. Apple would have acquired them by now if there were plans to be used in 2 years.
      Well it's a lot involved with doing something like this besides just doing it. I'm sure money is a big issue.
    1. didupart13's Avatar
      didupart13 -
      Apple should parter up with www.neverwet.com
    1. Andaz's Avatar
      Andaz -
      Quote Originally Posted by Liambakerg View Post
      Apple make an absolute fortune from people breaking their iDevice due to water damage. I can't see them signing up to this...
      But there is good point though for people who claims new idevice due to either insurance or it's warranty. It's still loss for the company...
    1. JPili's Avatar
      JPili -
      ohmaigoshh!!!! Finally!!!! Now I don't have to worry about not using my iPhone in the rain OR shower!!! FTW.
    1. georgeD's Avatar
      georgeD -
      Why would they offer a water-resistant iPhone at all? People should just not dip there iPhones into lakes.. And at this point they would have to start dealing with all those people who claim that their iPhone actually broke with water damage.