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  • iLounge Editor Says He Got Touchy Feely with the iPad 3 Yesterday

    On Tuesday we learned that iLounge editor Jeremy Horwitz got to lay his eyes - and even his hands - on the most eagerly anticipated device of early 2012 - the third generation Apple iPad.

    Horwitz says he beheld the iPad 3 yesterday at the CES 2012 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. His response? Not much to write home about, as it turns out.

    "I’d show you a picture," Horwitz wrote today, "but there’s honestly nothing to be seen. Think iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S: this device so resembles the iPad 2 that differences are only obvious when they’re placed next to each other. From the back, you could walk past this new iPad on display and have no idea that anything had changed."

    The new iPad’s body is so slightly thicker than the iPad 2 that the change is unnoticeable on first inspection; a roughly 1mm increase will barely be perceptible to users... these changes are so modest that Apple could easily call this device the “iPad 2S” or “iPad 2HD” if it wanted to start the lettering game with its tablets.
    He did, however, observe that the prototype he viewed didn't appear to be fresh off the assembly line. Horwitz believes the iPad 3 he checked out was at least six months old.

    "All I can tell you is that every company I’ve asked about the next iPad seems to think what I’ve told you above is correct," Horwitz concludes, "apart from the possible screen size tweak, which remains uncertain."

    To read the complete hands-on review, click here.

    Source: iLounge
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    1. James360Petty's Avatar
      James360Petty -
      Quote Originally Posted by babyydaveyy View Post
      The 4s is quite a bit faster. I think its just that people want to be able to be "seen" with the latest generation device. If the next generation looks like the old one, people won't be able to gloat about they're precious device at first glance.
      If anyone has taken the time to run 2 of the same Apps side by side on a 4 and a 4S they will realise the hardware inside is miles apart! Try Angry Birds for a started..... the 4S destroyed my 4 for speed!!!
    1. CMartins's Avatar
      CMartins -
      Quote Originally Posted by Back4More View Post
      Check my standards? Lmao why cause I'm not stupid enough to go buy a 4S seeing as how it's basically EXACTLY THE SAME as the phone I already got in my pocket? I love you guys who keep bringing up the "upgraded camera" like it's this super awesome new feature. Are you kidding me it's a CAMERA PHONE!!! It's a convenient thing to have around if you need to snap a quick picture of something. I find it amusing how many retards use their camera phone for EVERYTHING like it's supposed to take amazing quality pictures or something. I remember seeing one guy talking about how his sister asked him to shoot videos and take pictures at her wedding and how he did it all one his iPhone. Like are you kidding me what a joke I'm sure his sister was amazed at the quality of the videos and photos Oh wait let's not forget about the idiot I seen out on the strip last month taking pictures with his IPAD!! Looked like a friggin moron with a giant iPad in his hand trying to take pictures. Guess it just shows how simple minded most Crapple users really are.

      Also you prove my point exactly when you said "the hardware is pretty different as far as I know", so clearly YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW FOR SURE WTF YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!! Just another trendy person who donated to Crapple's stock!

      Also just for the record I'm not saying that the 4S is a sh.itty phone, well it kinda is because there is no jailbreak and IMO an iDevice WITHOUT a Jailbreak = COMPLETELY WORTHLESS! I'm simply laughing at all the toolbags who own an iPhone 4 and ran out on release day and waited hours and hours in line only to buy basically EXACTLY THE SAME THING they already got in their pocket! It's sad and pathetic!

      So now were talking about another iPad that once again is gonna basically be the same as last year yet people will make a fuss and be like "OMFG DID YOU GUYS SEE THE NEW IPAD OMG IT'S SO EFFIN COOL!!!! Yeah it's exactly like last years model but the new iPad has a toothpick holder on the side now so if I get something stuck in my teeth BLAM just bust out my iPad and BAM got my toothpick right there in the new toothpick holder. OMFG I CAN'T WAIT I'm gonna go camp out at the Crapple store 2 weeks in advance just to make sure I get one!!!!"

      Yeah that about sums it up
      As I said previously, I don't have an iPhone 4S but an iPhone 4. However, as we all know, the 4S is faster and has better graphics. So that's what I said. Regarding the camera, yet again, the 4S does take awesome photos when compared with other smartphones. So yes it is a big deal if you don't wanna carry a compact or a reflex in your pocket.
    1. midnyt's Avatar
      midnyt -
      Arguing on the Internet

      While there are a number of people who do purchase every generation of device, there are also a number who don't. The iPhone 4S was a major upgrade from my old 3G. And I'm sure the iPad3 will make a nice upgrade from my original iPad. Remember, there are other customers out there whose needs might not be the same as yours.
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Please don't feed the troll guys

      @backformore/gocryaboutit/ikillyou this is a public forum and we welcome all opinions, even non-apple ones (which you so love to give). However this forum has rules which I suggest you read up on before making your fourth account. These rules will be followed if you want to post here.
    1. JesseDegenerate's Avatar
      JesseDegenerate -
      he's only here to troll, don't ban him, IP ban him.

      i love kids who have never used a phone, but are very sure about it's capabilities, and deficiencies, all while advertising their age through grammar.
    1. chstriker11's Avatar
      chstriker11 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Back4More View Post
      Last I checked this was a public forum and this is a thread where people can choose to give their opinions and discuss the topic. Clearly it bothers you enough to know that there are people out there who are NOT sheep like yourself otherwise you'd have just read my post, rolled your eyes and moved on. But you and I both know that my post ate you up inside to the point that you just couldn't help buy click the reply button. It's ok don't let my posts beat you up, just feel better knowing that there are like hundreds of thousands of other people like you who spent all that money on the same thing they already had in their pocket last year

      What's pathetic about it? Because all the rest of us have to suffer because of people like you. Because Crapple KNOWS that people like you will just bow down and buy their crap anyways even if it is basically the same thing they put out last year so why the hell would they wanna bother with making something new. If it weren't for soft a.ss people like you then they would tighten up and actually put out NEW products instead of recycling the old ones.

      Oh and working a 9-5?? hahaha why so I can be a square like you? No Thanks, I'll stick to my hustle making ~$1,000 bucks a day for maybe 30 minutes worth of work and you can stick to your 9-5 making MAYBE $100 bucks a day, that is after the government takes their cut out of your little square paycheck

      Your 4S is unjailbroken and you love it? Well of course you do I mean I wouldn't expect someone like you to want anything better than what's given to you. Clearly your a plain and simple person who likes plain and simple things. Why would someone like you have any use for the customization that a Jailbreak has to offer, clearly you're just fine with looking at the same boring stock iOS crap that Crapple has to offer you.

      WOW really? I guess whatever helps you sleep at night. Couldn't be that there are people out there who actually get BORED with the same thing and actually want their money to be well spent on a NEW PRODUCT!! Not the same recycled crap from last year. Nah couldn't be that at all Instead we have to get burned because of people like you who just open your wallet and give your money away no matter what. I bet Crapple could release an iPhone and it be EXACTLY like the last model and people like you would still buy it! Oh wait never mind they already did..... TWICE
      Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)

      Lawyered. Clearly "Crapple," as you so eloquently put it, is not the only company that does this. Go crawl back into your fandroid den, and stay there.
    1. chad daddy's Avatar
      chad daddy -
      Do you guys really want it thinner? WTF its breakable from a 4 foot fall.