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  • [Review] Change the Color Profile of Your iDevice Display

    With this tweak you can change the color profile of your screen.

    Are you unsatisfied with the color scheme of your display? Maybe the colors seem a bit off to you? Well if you didn't know, you can adjust that. You can change the color profile of your iDevice screen the same way that you can with your Mac using one of Ryan Petrich's jailbreak tweaks which has been dubbed Color Profiles. It certainly isn't new, but it's something that seems to have been forgotten in the jailbreak community. With it, you can change the color profile of your screen using either the manual sliders or by selecting a pre-installed color profile. Are the pre-installed color profiles not enough for you? No problem! You can download more in Cydia.

    You'll notice that when you install Color Profiles, you are given a new settings cell in the Settings application that lets you change the color profile settings. You will see two sliders, and a button. The button brings you to the menu of pre-installed color profiles that you can toggle for your iDevice. When you download any new color profiles from Cydia, they will also appear in this menu. You can see what the menu looks like in the image below:

    Now of course, the color profile settings could be used for several different things. One, and the most obvious, would be making the device look better under certain lighting conditions. We've seen something similar to this in the f.lux application that was released into Cydia about three months ago which would change the color temperature of your iDevice automatically depending on the time. This tweak can do something similar, except that it's not on a set time limit; you can set the color temperature manually by yourself without any automatic intervention.

    Alternatively, you can use it as a type of theme. The color profiles that are built in include numerous color types like grayscale (which makes it appear black and white), and if you're a colorful case user, you can pick a color that looks good with the case. While not the best way to theme your iDevice, it's one way that some people might find this functionality useful for them. I would have to say that perhaps one of the cooler color profiles in this tweak would be the classic Mac profile.

    There is even a setting built in that allows you to toggle a color temperature using an Activator action. This allows you to toggle on certain color temperatures or profiles based on your preference by invoking a special Activator action when you want to very easily instead of fiddling with the settings each time you want to change something. You can set up to one color profile per Activator action and they will add up quick, so choose wisely. If lighting conditions go from suddenly very bright to very dark, you can invoke an action to set the color profile to a more preferable color setting so that it will reduce eyestrain and help you read your screen more comfortably.

    My favorite part about this tweak is being able to tinker with all of the different kinds of color settings. I like seeing how my photographs and things of that nature appear in them. It could be more of an entertainment value to me, but I think that someone who needs to adjust the iDevice's color scheme will find this tweak useful if that constant bluish glow hurts their eyes later at night. I give this tweak a good rating because it's simply easy to use and does exactly what it's intended to do very well. After installing this tweak there will be no icons added to your home screen; settings will be added to the Settings application. Color Profiles is compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5.

    Name: Color Profiles
    Price: $1.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Ryan Petrich
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Sources: Ryan Petrich
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    1. Don Ju4n's Avatar
      Don Ju4n -
      Hello everyone
      Made a big boo boo.... I messed around with the warmth and settings of the colors, but realized it I hated it so I uninstalled the package. Yet after I resprung the settings stated the same :P any plist I can delete to restore back to the default warmth? Thanks
    1. Tashawn's Avatar
      Tashawn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      Screenshots don't capture the effect.
      The screenshot part was referring to the greyscale effect.
    1. orgy9111's Avatar
      orgy9111 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stefman_R View Post
      Would have loved to have this two years ago when apple replaced the screen on my 3GS with the worst one possible.

      And the 4s people, why didn't you return yours for a replacement??
      4S People did replace them at the store including myself, guess what replacements are exactly the same, I was told by Apple Genius that 4s screens are made by two different companies. I exchanged 4 iphones and all have that warm tint to it.
    1. Stefman_R's Avatar
      Stefman_R -
      Quote Originally Posted by orgy9111 View Post
      4S People did replace them at the store including myself, guess what replacements are exactly the same, I was told by Apple Genius that 4s screens are made by two different companies. I exchanged 4 iphones and all have that warm tint to it.
      Hmm I'm on my 3rd 4s (once for a color change and once for a capacity change) and none of them have had this. I think the problem is that you did a Genius Bar replacement (like me two years ago, as I said) and not a retail swap. The GB ones always have lower quality screens.

      I actually just recalled that when I swapped my 4 in August to sell it, it did have a yellow screen, so the problem is obviously the GB swaps.