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  • Hacker Pod2g Says iPhone 4S Jailbreak Possible Within A Week

    Something that we've all been waiting for...

    The iPhone 4S holds Apple's newest A5 dual core processing unit which has yet to exploited using a bootrom exploit. The iPad 2, which also holds the A5 dual core processing unit was able to be jailbroken untethered on iOS 4.3.3 back in the days of this past Summer with Comex's Jailbreakme.com stunt. Aside from that, no other untethered jailbreak has ever been released for any A5 devices, which is why we so eagerly await an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. At this point in time, we know that hacker pod2g has been hard at work on creating one, and that he just recently released the untethered jailbreak for A4 devices such as the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPad.

    For something new, we find that pod2g Tweeted earlier on Twitter that the iPhone 4S jailbreak (or A5 jailbreak to be more specific) should be released within only a week's time with some luck. He made mention that he has made a step in the process, which means that he is ever so closer to being able to finally complete one for the public. With all of the negativity that struck pod2g on his blog this past week because of angry iPhone 4S users not having a jailbreak, I admire his efforts to continue to work on it through the harsh words he endured. The Tweet that he posted earlier today on Twitter can be viewed from this link or from the image below:

    With nothing but success in the jailbreak community recently, we expect to see our beloved iPhone hackers bringing much more great things to the community as Apple continues to try and thwart us from the face of the earth. The iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak is something that the community has not only been expecting, but it's something that will open the doors for many things - one being the Siri port for older iDevices. When the iPhone 4S is jailbroken, hackers and developers will have everything that they need to learn how the system ticks and hopefully bring a more useable Siri port to the jailbreak community. Right now, all we have is a free alternative called Spire by developer chpwn that requires anyone with a lust for Siri to have an iPhone 4S handy.

    As always, we here at Modmyi recommend that everyone continues to support our jailbreak hackers and refrain from being negative toward them in their own blogs. They have brought to us some really cool things that we wouldn't have without them. We also condone that you consider sending them donations if you are happy with their work so that they are fairly awarded for their valiant efforts of which they have spent long hours working on.

    Sources: pod2g
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    1. wudzwoody's Avatar
      wudzwoody -
      Quote Originally Posted by thevmax View Post
      I deleted all my other language files and safe launch daemons to increase the speed of my Iphone 4, running IOS 5.0.1, untethered.
      There are 673 Language Files that you can delete. Think about the overhead of keeping those on your idevice!
      So, really there aren't any good reasons to not jailbreak while Apple is signing IOS 5.0.1.
      Can you tell me how you did that? Pls give me instructions
    1. metaserph's Avatar
      metaserph -
      Wud, one word: Google.
    1. Zatch's Avatar
      Zatch -
      Blows me away some people actually have the nerve to talk negative towards pod2g for not having a jailbreak release yet. I don't see you doing anything about it? Give this guy some credit and personally I wouldn't rush him. Nothing good ever came from a half fast job. It's just a jailbreak and if it bothers you that much ya'll should have stuck the 4 out a little longer...
    1. Maxnic's Avatar
      Maxnic -
      Little bit of a dumb question here...

      For the iPad 2 the devs say to upgrade to 5.0.1 and save the SHSH blobs. I'm trying to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.0.1 and am having no end of issues doing so. SO, I decided to just run TinyUmbrella and save my SHSH blobs anyway. It's saying it's saved my blobs for 5.0.1 and 5.1b1! Should I still upgrade the IOS software, since it looks like TinyUmbrella saved the blobs anyway?

      Also, since they're telling 4S users to upgrade to 9A406, would this actually work for the iPad 2 on 9A405? Is the assumption you're all going on that if it's not fixed in 9A406, it must not be fixed in 9A405?

      I would like to point out that I am very happy waiting till the end of time for a JB to release, no rush from me! I'm loving all the apps I've got on this thing, and I've spent the past three months getting my manga addiction satisfied . AppShopper is my new best friend!