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  • Next iPod Touch May Feature Glasses-Free 3D

    A report from Japanese blog Macotakara states that according to their sources, Apple is toying with the idea of adding glasses-free 3D technology to the next generation iPod touch. The iPod touch would be a direct pocket-gaming competitor to Nintendo's upcoming 3DS.

    This report comes after a multitude of 3D related patents that Apple has been granted over the past few years. MacStories, discussing the report, writes that Apple would integrate the 3D technology "without any external peripheral or accessory."

    It appears that the 3D screens would be supplied by Sharp, who is currently developing small, glasses-free LCD screens that could theoretically be used as the screen for a future iPod. Macotakara writes that the company is currently preparing to manufacture the screens.

    Although strictly a rumor at this point, a move towards glasses-free 3D does make relative sense for Apple, particularly on the iPod touch, as it continues to compete for pocket-gaming supremacy. This would be considered a technological feat for Apple, but I suspect that the company will wait and make sure the glasses-free technology is truly ready for prime time, and does not sacrifice any current functionality, before it is used in the iPod touch or any Apple device.

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    1. NinetyFour's Avatar
      NinetyFour -
      Finally! I've been waiting for this
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Hi Nintendo....oohhh that looks nice.....yoink!
    1. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
      awesomeSlayer -
      I doubt it will be competing with the Nintendo 3DS in terms of gaming.
    1. KBI2113's Avatar
      KBI2113 -
      This would be so awesome to have! I predict in the future- iPhone 6 or 7 will have this technology. I'm laying it out there right now.
    1. pdiddy21502's Avatar
      pdiddy21502 -
      WHat will they think of next. Glasses free. That will be sweet
    1. relkorama's Avatar
      relkorama -
      I am sick of 3D. I go out of my way to watch movies in the theater that are NOT in 3D.
    1. frankenberrie's Avatar
      frankenberrie -
      I rather have holographic projection screen but thats just me
    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Oh great, now some iPod touch rumors
    1. LuckyShot's Avatar
      LuckyShot -
      Why didn't you tell me this BEFORE I bought the 4g ipod Touch??????
    1. piston597's Avatar
      piston597 -
      If iPhone 5 doesn't have this and the new iPod Touch does I might just opt for an 8gb model of it!
    1. Maxhasadhd's Avatar
      Maxhasadhd -
      this will probly be really bad 3D
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      I cant wait to put those 3D glasses while am driving or walking and just play need for speed.

      On that small screen
    1. Co1d Night's Avatar
      Co1d Night -
      Everything is 3D!

      I think they should put 3G on the iPods
    1. Silverado87's Avatar
      Silverado87 -
      Quote Originally Posted by relkorama View Post
      I am sick of 3D. I go out of my way to watch movies in the theater that are NOT in 3D.
      I agree although I'm not sick of 3D I would love the option to turn it on or off
    1. McMichael96's Avatar
      McMichael96 -
      I hope they do.
    1. blueblaze4444's Avatar
      blueblaze4444 -
      That picture is AMAZING......
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      No thanks, I wouldn't like to feel nauseous every time I look at my phone.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Quote Originally Posted by delusion950 View Post
      I cant wait to put those 3D glasses while am driving or walking and just play need for speed.

      On that small screen
      It's glasses free 3D technology

      Any impressions I've read about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS have said that the 3D is actually very very good. Surprisingly good. And the 3DS has the option to turn on or off the 3D effect at any moment.
      I don't want 3D on my iPhone just to play Cut the Rope for 5 mins in 3D. At least Apple is looking into copying other peoples ideas.
    1. Tech guy's Avatar
      Tech guy -
      I'm so updating to this iPod touch when it come out. But I do what to see a on and off button. Because if your friend wants to see they will not have glasses. How will apple have a iPod keynote with 3D