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  • [Giveaway] We're Giving Away $200 Worth of Cylay Licenses AGAIN: Celebrating Untether

    We're giving away another ten licenses of Cylay to the lock readers of Modmyi to celebrate the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak!

    Cylay is a wonderful application for tracking your stolen iDevice or doing other tasks that involve spy-work. We wrote a review on Cylay back in November that can be read at this link. Cylay is a fully featured tracking application that includes anti-shutdown measures, accurate tracking, iCloud-like PC to mobile features, and camera spying. A license for Cylay lasts one year and costs $19.99 and we're going to give away one year licenses to ten lucky Modmyi readers!

    Cylay is primarily a Find My iPhone substitute. It works much better and offers features that Apple would never allow in their own applications - such as camera spying and preventing power-down. By preventing a power-down, you can be assured that your iPhone can be tracked from anywhere. You can use another iDevice with Cylay installed or the Internet on a computer to track your iPhone using Cylay. Cylay is compatible with all iDevices and works with iOS 5 and older.

    I have been able to use Cylay myself for many instances. One being that I let someone borrow my car with my iPhone hidden inside of it. I was able to track the car wherever it went. Another instance was setting up a surveillance camera in my front window and actually catch a thief stealing mail from my neighbor's mailbox. In both instances, the end result proved helpful in the long run. I am sure that many of you will find your uses for Cylay too. Cylay was a big hit last time and we have no doubt that it will be big this time too!

    I talked to Cylay support via email to ask some questions about the tweak and these are the responses that I got:

    Anthony: What was the hardest part about making Cylay?
    Cylay Support: The most hardest part was making it compatible with the latest iOS. Making the system more secure and doing some low-level work.

    Anthony: Are you planning any future updates for Cylay?
    Cylay Support: Yes, we are always keeping Cylay updated and we have for almost 3 years. Every 3 months we will post a big update in the future.

    Anthony: Do you have any recommendations for Cylay in how users should adjust the settings, or how they can use it?
    Cylay Support: Users who want to use cylay just need push notifications and a network connection. That means their iOS must support push and needs cellular/Wi-Fi data connection at any time.

    So, Cylay. Very good application! Nice job Cylay team!

    Name: Cylay
    Price: $19.99/year
    Version: 4.6.1
    Repo: Modmyi
    Developer: Cylay
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    To win a one year license for Cylay ($19.99 value) please leave a comment below explaining how you would use Cylay. I will contact the Cylay winners on January 2nd via PM. To win, you will need a Cylay account that can be credited. Cylay has a free trial and can be downloaded from Cydia right now. Good luck!

    Sources: Cylay
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] We're Giving Away $200 worth of Cylay Licenses AGAIN: Celebrating Untether started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. SRPrentice's Avatar
      SRPrentice -
      I had a free trial on my phone a few weeks ago. I just updated to 5.0.1 and am going to reinstall it. I've been debating about getting it as I go to school downtown Chicago. I am cautious as it is with all the robberies and beatings on campus. This would give me a bit of a sense of security if something happens.
    1. theroyalwe's Avatar
      theroyalwe -
      Well I used to have a free trial almost half a year ago now, loved the service to death and was greatly saddened when the trial ran out.. I used to poke around the settings of this thing just for fun. I'd feel a lot safer using this software combo than just the simple Find my iphone app/service. I really do believe that this is the only reasonable option for iDevice security (aside from an insurance plan which costs >5x as much).
    1. youngyoshi's Avatar
      youngyoshi -
      Cylay would be great for me seeing that I was robbed a few months ago and had my iPhone stolen. Was unable to track it because they powered the phone down just minutes after it was stolen. Tried Find my iPhone couldn't locate it. Would love to get this!
    1. dfheje's Avatar
      dfheje -
      I lost my old iPhone and had to go through a phoneless period
      I always wanted one of these, but theres no iCloud for iPhone 3G
    1. A3gOwner's Avatar
      A3gOwner -
      I would use it like it was ment to be used. To help find my phone when/if it's stolen.
    1. jrlrule's Avatar
      jrlrule -
      can i haz because can i haz?
    1. eman561's Avatar
      eman561 -
      A Cylay liscense would make my iPhone complete for the holidays.... HOOK IT UPPP
    1. jesda's Avatar
      jesda -
      I'm using this on trail to track my girlfriend. Found out she lied and cheated. Thanks to Cylay for awesome features photo taking on stealth mode and voice recording.
    1. Jdub752's Avatar
      Jdub752 -
      honestly i would use cylay to track my girlfriends iphone, i dont trust her.
    1. Hillefied's Avatar
      Hillefied -
      I feel cheated. 4S owners won't be able to access Cylay or other Cydia awesomeness for a little while longer. *sniffles*. I miss my jailbreak.
    1. roly01's Avatar
      roly01 -
      i need clay, because ive already had my original iphone stolen (ended up getting it back months later after the thief never cleared my info and started sending pictures of himself through my email lol i made a thread about it here a while back) but anyways this would be great to help me protect my phone from ever having to go through that again!
    1. johnr9412's Avatar
      johnr9412 -
      If given to me I'll immediately turn around and donate it to Pod2g for his work on the jailbreak.

      (seeing as I have a 4S and can't use this..)
    1. sajidaguilar's Avatar
      sajidaguilar -
      Last May my car, phone, wallet, and a lot of personal stuff was stolen from me, if I had something like cylay at that time it wouldhelp me to get some of my stuff back.
    1. Hillefied's Avatar
      Hillefied -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnr9412 View Post
      If given to me I'll immediately turn around and donate it to Pod2g for his work on the jailbreak.

      (seeing as I have a 4S and can't use this..)

      I concur.
    1. SubyDoo's Avatar
      SubyDoo -
      i've had 2 cars stolen from me and one of them was a in good neighborhood and the other was a semi decent neighborhood.
      i would LOVE to catch the next person/s that steals my car.
      nothing feels worst then getting your belongings stolen from you.
    1. mehsieh's Avatar
      mehsieh -
      I keep losing/misplacing my wallet and my phone so I recently bought the iphone wallet case. Now if I have cylay and I lose my wallet (and phone in this case), all i need to do is to activate the camera to see exactly where it is misplaced.
    1. Hillefied's Avatar
      Hillefied -
      Quote Originally Posted by SubyDoo View Post
      i've had 2 cars stolen from me and one of them was a in good neighborhood and the other was a semi decent neighborhood.
      i would LOVE to catch the next person/s that steals my car.
      nothing feels worst then getting your belongings stolen from you.
      Just so no one misinterprets me or the fact they can't hear the joking inflections in my voice, the following is just poking fun.


      Dude, this particular post is about Cylay, which to my recollection works on Apple iDevices, not Japanese imports.

      Remember .. just kidding. ;P
    1. Sherm23's Avatar
      Sherm23 -
      As a police officer, I have about a 20% chance that a victim of theft will have find my iphone enabled. Then there is about another 20% chance that the phone is on and transmitting. If I ever come upon the unfortunate victim that has Cylay on their iPhone I will be very happy. That case will be so easy and that thief will feel so stupid...ah dreams.

      I would use cylay as an educational demo as well as protecting my own rig. I would like to say that I would install it on a bait phone and use cylay to trak it, but thats one expensive bait phone!!
    1. woko0291's Avatar
      woko0291 -
      Well for starters, as a person who has had his vehicle broken during a jog at the park and had his ipad and iphone stolen �� i would find the nearest computer and pay whatever reasonable price asked to track down the scum who stole my 'Life' and once i obtain the necessary information, rather than call police who have a horrid track record responding to this kind of situation i would take matters into my own hand and meticulously ruin that persons life. Kind of like "Law Abiding Citizen" but with less blood (..and bodies ��) . But thats just me, the details are still a little fuzzy but for the most part, yeah, you get the point. haha. I need this!
    1. ******Mother's Avatar
      ******Mother -
      iGotYa combined with Find My iPhone can do a robber in. Especially if its mine or my wife's iPhone 4S (as soon as this jb is released). BUT the trial I had of cylay years ago on my 3G worked pretty good