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  • [Giveaway] We're Giving Away $200 Worth of Cylay Licenses AGAIN: Celebrating Untether

    We're giving away another ten licenses of Cylay to the lock readers of Modmyi to celebrate the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak!

    Cylay is a wonderful application for tracking your stolen iDevice or doing other tasks that involve spy-work. We wrote a review on Cylay back in November that can be read at this link. Cylay is a fully featured tracking application that includes anti-shutdown measures, accurate tracking, iCloud-like PC to mobile features, and camera spying. A license for Cylay lasts one year and costs $19.99 and we're going to give away one year licenses to ten lucky Modmyi readers!

    Cylay is primarily a Find My iPhone substitute. It works much better and offers features that Apple would never allow in their own applications - such as camera spying and preventing power-down. By preventing a power-down, you can be assured that your iPhone can be tracked from anywhere. You can use another iDevice with Cylay installed or the Internet on a computer to track your iPhone using Cylay. Cylay is compatible with all iDevices and works with iOS 5 and older.

    I have been able to use Cylay myself for many instances. One being that I let someone borrow my car with my iPhone hidden inside of it. I was able to track the car wherever it went. Another instance was setting up a surveillance camera in my front window and actually catch a thief stealing mail from my neighbor's mailbox. In both instances, the end result proved helpful in the long run. I am sure that many of you will find your uses for Cylay too. Cylay was a big hit last time and we have no doubt that it will be big this time too!

    I talked to Cylay support via email to ask some questions about the tweak and these are the responses that I got:

    Anthony: What was the hardest part about making Cylay?
    Cylay Support: The most hardest part was making it compatible with the latest iOS. Making the system more secure and doing some low-level work.

    Anthony: Are you planning any future updates for Cylay?
    Cylay Support: Yes, we are always keeping Cylay updated and we have for almost 3 years. Every 3 months we will post a big update in the future.

    Anthony: Do you have any recommendations for Cylay in how users should adjust the settings, or how they can use it?
    Cylay Support: Users who want to use cylay just need push notifications and a network connection. That means their iOS must support push and needs cellular/Wi-Fi data connection at any time.

    So, Cylay. Very good application! Nice job Cylay team!

    Name: Cylay
    Price: $19.99/year
    Version: 4.6.1
    Repo: Modmyi
    Developer: Cylay
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    To win a one year license for Cylay ($19.99 value) please leave a comment below explaining how you would use Cylay. I will contact the Cylay winners on January 2nd via PM. To win, you will need a Cylay account that can be credited. Cylay has a free trial and can be downloaded from Cydia right now. Good luck!

    Sources: Cylay
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] We're Giving Away $200 worth of Cylay Licenses AGAIN: Celebrating Untether started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. Johnnyboi's Avatar
      Johnnyboi -
      I have had a iPhone stolen before, but i sat it down, when i usually never let it leave my side. So it was kinda my fault gor being too trusting of ppl's morals! but that's not the main selling point for me! For me it's the peace of mind knowing that I can know EXACTLY WHO took my phone. I can go get it back myself, or get the police involved and show them exactly who has my phone.
      Apple needs to take notice and steal, I mean incorporate, it into the next fw!
    1. Pedro2NR's Avatar
      Pedro2NR -
      30 day trial was fun as it lasted. Hoping a year trial would be more useful. Hoping to see this app again.
    1. a_lunatic's Avatar
      a_lunatic -
      One feature I will love to use if my iPhone goes missing is taking pictures of the thief who has stolen it.
    1. idkanymore's Avatar
      idkanymore -
      If it weren't for their broken English, I would have tried this a while ago. When they can't even have it proof read by a native speaker, it makes me question their professionalism.
    1. laadam's Avatar
      laadam -
      Lost my iPhone 4 on a winter ride just a couple days ago but someone turned it in. Thank goodness for honest people! This would have come in handy!!!
    1. snarkster's Avatar
      snarkster -
      My crazed toddler is always taking off with my iPhone and stashing it somewhere far away. With the ringer on silent, I've spent hours searching... How cool would it be to just pull up a photo of the the back yard or the recycle bin and save some serious search time! That and busting scumbag tweakers! Winning a license for this amazing software would be sweet and I'd definitely put it to good use.
    1. mr_motta1989's Avatar
      mr_motta1989 -
      id use it if my phone got stolen to photograph the robber and the area he is in to get my device back and save tons of money :-)
    1. Tommar's Avatar
      Tommar -
      I will use it. It is so helpful if you lost the phone. Great app
    1. JPili's Avatar
      JPili -
      I would use Cylay to make sure no one uses my iphone -_- I'm very paranoid. VERY. PARANOID. ._.

      I would use Cylay to make sure no one uses my iphone -_- I'm very paranoid. VERY. PARANOID. ._.
    1. dararaju's Avatar
      dararaju -
      The Great App after checking this app i was astonished with the performance and features. After i installed this i ave removed the FIND MY IPHONE APP as there is no use and no word to compare the with CyLay. Thank for all great APP. ;-)
    1. gallaxya's Avatar
      gallaxya -
      As I have had issues with nasty people who have threatened me and stole 2 of my phones, i would use Cylay to protect myself and discourage such behavior!
    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      I would like this cause I find apple iPhone finder is slow! Also it's my birthday on Sunday and it would make a nice birthday present! Cheers lol
    1. duromega's Avatar
      duromega -
      Question for Anthony:
      I have no problems to lend my car , but leave my iPhone inside it ???
      Sorry but I can't leave w/o my iPhone does this app is compatible with iPod touch ? I guess no ! Because you were leaving your iPod in the car instead of your iPhone

      - Well I live in Bronx NY and is very bad around here I get home around 3:00am taking the subway and walking 2 years ago I got robbed by two guys I ****** one up but the other buddy put a Gun on my head and told me to walk away !! It was an iPhone 2G !!!! with a broke glass digitizer now I have a 4S uy uy and some times when I'm coming from work at those times if my wife or kids call me I rather don't pick up the call because I'm scared of being walking around here and talking on my iPhone

      This app will work excellent for me, NEW YORK is one of the cities were more iPhones are stolen ;(

      And !! The untether was released Dec. 27th my bday
    1. 3xpl05iv3's Avatar
      3xpl05iv3 -
      I would use this to keep an eye on my daughter who has the tendency to wonder off occasionally, a worrying time for any parent!
    1. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
      s0ulp1xel -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnr9412 View Post
      If given to me I'll immediately turn around and donate it to Pod2g for his work on the jailbreak.

      (seeing as I have a 4S and can't use this..)
      Same here uh
    1. nityanandachandra's Avatar
      nityanandachandra -
      To find my phone. Simple as that
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      I need cylay to protect my phone in the city, and crime rates on iPhones are increasing here
    1. hevi99's Avatar
      hevi99 -
      Our daughter just turned 16 and we got her a 4 for Christmas. Ive played around with cylay in the past and it was pretty neat. I think I'd be a great program to keep an eye on her and the phone:=)
    1. mortalcombat's Avatar
      mortalcombat -
      Cylay is the perfect app for securing my iphone. I once had my phone and 80Gb iPod stolen at the gym and was hoping to catch the robber with my phone's serial number. Unfortunately I couldn't do it because the phone carriers couldn't do that.

      I had tried Cylay's trial and it was perfect. I can make sure that my data is safe at any time. It has all the options one could need, and it's extremely reliable.

      I also read once that a guy caught his phone's robber using findmyiphone, and I know that Cylay's even better. It would help even more, especially with a picture of the thief.
    1. kramiel16's Avatar
      kramiel16 -
      This is so great! This is a must specially here in philippines. I'm going to ask for help in the media while retrieving my lost iPhone if it happens. You will see your tweak in action