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  • [Giveaway] Enhance Your Multitasking On iOS

    Zephyr is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia right now - fresh off of the press by renowned iOS hacker and developer Grant Paul (chpwn). He's responsible for great jailbreak tweaks like Infinifolders, Infinidock, and Infiniboard. We couldn't help but notice that he released this awesome new jailbreak tweak in Cydia today and it lets you do some cool things with multitasking that you could never do before.

    Referring the video above by Grant Paul, you see that you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger to reveal the App Switcher from anywhere on your phone whether it be on the SpringBoard or from an application. Or, if you're in an application already, you can swipe in from the side of the screen (right or left) with one finger to switch between running applications. This is a great way to multitask like the iPad in terms of multitasking gestures - only without using so many fingers on a little screen.

    Steve Jobs envisioned an iDevice that had no buttons. We can still help his dream live on by using a tweak like this that helps eliminate one of the uses for the home button.

    Zephyr has a simple settings panel in the Settings application that lets you choose just a couple of things like using both the left and right edges to switch between applications or enabling or disabling bringing up the App Switcher by pulling up from the bottom of the screen.

    Zephyr does come with some prerequisites - if you open Notification Center often, you will sometimes inadvertently open the App Switcher when swiping up to close Notification Center. Another thing to note is that if you're used to swiping left from the right side of the screen to reveal the red, "Delete" button in emails and text messages - trying to bring up that button might cause you to switch between applications on accident. So be prepared to use the edit button to delete things from now on instead of using touch gestures. Hopefully chpwn will come up with a way to improve on those conflicts and make it easier to use under those circumstances. Other than that - I really like this concept and I recommend it.

    Zephyr works on iOS 5 and it currently is made only for the iPhone and iPod touch. Chpwn has included that he will add more gestures for it in the future to add more functionality.

    Name: Zephyr
    Price: $2.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0-1
    Developer: chpwn
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    We are giving away 20 copies of Zephyr. Leave a comment below explaining to us why you think you should win and leave your Cydia number in the comment. Winners will be chosen December 31!

    What do you think about Zephyr? Tell us in the comments.

    Sources: chpwn
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    1. andersmoldin's Avatar
      andersmoldin -
      If I win, I will name my next child "Zephyr". Or maybe "chpwn". Let me think about it!
      Cydia Account #2478173
    1. modymalay's Avatar
      modymalay -
      I think I should win because I unfortunately don't have a credit card because I am too young. But I am still a huge fan of chpwn's tweaks and I really don't want to pirate his tweaks because I have way too much respect for him. Thanks for reading my comment

      Cydia#: 2478198
    1. lindberghsjump's Avatar
      lindberghsjump -

      First off, I think this is a great tweak. I've been hoping someone would develop something like this for quite some time now. I would love a copy of the program.

      I should be chosen for one of the free copies of the program because, unfortunately, last week my car was broken in to and my iPad stolen (yes, right before Christmas - I know, it sucks!). Receiving this app will do a little to make me forget my misfortune.

      Keep up the great work chpwn.

      Cydia #1180161
    1. b4life75's Avatar
      b4life75 -
      Even though my iPhone 4S still unable to use the wonderful software like infini, but that would be the first software I will install once I'm able to load cydia on my 4S and hope zephyr as well...

      Ps, it's the best software that I feel money well spent.

      Cydia# 612356
    1. newskin's Avatar
      newskin -
      It would e great if i could get a license for this tweak, 1) because i bought three of the infini tweaks, 2) apple wants to charge me for my defective home button and 3) Mr. Paul came to my christmas party with no drinks and no presents. He then told me "don't worry man, i have an awesome tweak coming out that will help save your defective home button, I'll give u a copy!". Remember Paul? Still waiting man. Thx chpwn and modmyi, keep up the great work.
      Cydia# 370846
    1. nsachar's Avatar
      nsachar -
      It would be nice to win because I've never pirated any tweak from Cydia that I haven't eventually bought. With over 100 tweaks purchased I would welcome Zephyr to my collection. Been a part of the jailbreak community since Ziphone *

      Cydia # 101806
    1. Mr. Russian's Avatar
      Mr. Russian -
      chpwn is the greatest developer because he develops the greatest tweaks there are today. His tweaks are the most useful and he is just an awesome developer that knows Obj-C and how to write the best code. i should win because i want to learn and get ideas from the best developers. My cydia account number is 2820476. thanks for the giveaway
    1. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
      BenderRodriguez -
      Looks like I won yall can stop entering it
    1. iPhoneThereforeIAm's Avatar
      iPhoneThereforeIAm -
      Yeah, nice app - but there are a few downsides.

      1. - It needs to be able to work with Backgrounder (once Backgrounder's ported to iOS-5.x).

      2. - It needs an option only to cycle through running apps - which is why it needs to work with BG'r, given that iOS 'multi-tasking' isn't actually multi-tasking.

      Once it has these, it actually will be awesome.
      But I don't understand why having included this as an (albeit four-finger) gesture on the iPad, why Apple didn't make it a single-finger gesture on the iPhone ... or come to that, a single-finger gesture on both.

      Cue outraged indignation >
    1. invalididentity's Avatar
      invalididentity -
      I actually agree with xCrims0nx, but for me this Activator-gesture never worked. Maybe I was too dumb, whatever.

      I think this tweak is not only very simple to use but also very fast and time-saving like explained in the video, not every time have to "double press the home button". I also think this is a good replacement for the 4- and 5-finger gestures on the iPhone and iPod touch. Seriously: how will you manage 4-5 fingers on this tiny screen - this is not the best solution (for me). Zephyr will be!

      Also good luck to everyone around here! Have a happy new year later on

      Cydia #2679529
    1. Double-0-zerO's Avatar
      Double-0-zerO -
      I would truly appreciate receiving a copy of this tweat because it is exactly what I'm looking for in multitasking gestures. I know its just $3 to just have it now but honestly, with 3 kids and 1 job, i can't afford to cough and fart. lol. Overall i would enjoy this like no other and of course make a video all about it on my youtube channel. thanx to the ones making this possible and chpwn! Cydia #3147527

      I would truly appreciate receiving a copy of this tweat because it is exactly what I'm looking for in multitasking gestures. I know its just $3 to just have it now but honestly, with 3 kids and 1 job, i can't afford to cough and fart. lol. Overall i would enjoy this like no other and of course make a video all about it on my youtube channel. thanx to the ones making this possible and chpwn! Cydia #3147527
    1. bdawg923's Avatar
      bdawg923 -
      I would love to win this because I follow chpwn on twitter and that's where it really counts. :P
    1. Moakley9's Avatar
      Moakley9 -
      This is crazy cool! I think I should win because my home button is acting up and have been looking for a tweak like this for some time. Plus this is something I know I will use everyday. My cydia number is 1354467.
    1. jonjonjonjon's Avatar
      jonjonjonjon -
      Chpwn always trying to make right what Apple did wrong, thanks to him we can improve... I would like to win because I love and want to support the jailbreak community even in places like latin-america where piracy is the rule.

      Tx Chpwn and modmyi

      Cydia #1255518
    1. rdakers28's Avatar
      rdakers28 -
      Just need a faster way to flip off porn to another app before someone walks in Cydia # 2331687
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      Hmm… I have to disagree about Activator because yes it has options for some of these swipes but not for switching apps directly. This tweak appears to bridge the gap and add the extra functions for app switching!
      I'd love this as the iPad 4.3 gestures were way overhyped but this tweak is clean, simple, and made by one of the best Devs!!!

      Cydia Account #46009
    1. pin_head's Avatar
      pin_head -
      I would really like to win because first and foremost this is a concept that looks very promising and i'd love it. I'd also want to brag to my friends about a "new multitasking technology" lol. Please pick me, it'd be much appreciated! CYDIA NUMBER = #3149383
    1. mehsieh's Avatar
      mehsieh -
      I never win
      Cydia # 69127
    1. kramiel16's Avatar
      kramiel16 -
      I would like to win a free copy because i don't support piracy. Thanks in advance.
      Great work @chpwn