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  • [Giveaway] Enhance Your Multitasking On iOS

    Zephyr is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia right now - fresh off of the press by renowned iOS hacker and developer Grant Paul (chpwn). He's responsible for great jailbreak tweaks like Infinifolders, Infinidock, and Infiniboard. We couldn't help but notice that he released this awesome new jailbreak tweak in Cydia today and it lets you do some cool things with multitasking that you could never do before.

    Referring the video above by Grant Paul, you see that you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger to reveal the App Switcher from anywhere on your phone whether it be on the SpringBoard or from an application. Or, if you're in an application already, you can swipe in from the side of the screen (right or left) with one finger to switch between running applications. This is a great way to multitask like the iPad in terms of multitasking gestures - only without using so many fingers on a little screen.

    Steve Jobs envisioned an iDevice that had no buttons. We can still help his dream live on by using a tweak like this that helps eliminate one of the uses for the home button.

    Zephyr has a simple settings panel in the Settings application that lets you choose just a couple of things like using both the left and right edges to switch between applications or enabling or disabling bringing up the App Switcher by pulling up from the bottom of the screen.

    Zephyr does come with some prerequisites - if you open Notification Center often, you will sometimes inadvertently open the App Switcher when swiping up to close Notification Center. Another thing to note is that if you're used to swiping left from the right side of the screen to reveal the red, "Delete" button in emails and text messages - trying to bring up that button might cause you to switch between applications on accident. So be prepared to use the edit button to delete things from now on instead of using touch gestures. Hopefully chpwn will come up with a way to improve on those conflicts and make it easier to use under those circumstances. Other than that - I really like this concept and I recommend it.

    Zephyr works on iOS 5 and it currently is made only for the iPhone and iPod touch. Chpwn has included that he will add more gestures for it in the future to add more functionality.

    Name: Zephyr
    Price: $2.99
    Repo: BigBoss
    Version: 1.0-1
    Developer: chpwn
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    We are giving away 20 copies of Zephyr. Leave a comment below explaining to us why you think you should win and leave your Cydia number in the comment. Winners will be chosen December 31!

    What do you think about Zephyr? Tell us in the comments.

    Sources: chpwn
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    1. Bannnat's Avatar
      Bannnat -
      Well the main reason i want this tweak is because my home button doesnt work well enough anymore. I have tried Activator and Multicleaner. They are good but Zephyr is just so much better. It is just like the Multitasking gestures, which I love on my iPad. However the one finder swipe is so
      much more confinient on the iPhone. I would love to have this tweak because it will help me use my iPhone in a way that it is meant to be - easy an fast.
      My cydia number is #1266164
      Happy Holidays !
    1. am0_oma's Avatar
      am0_oma -
      my cydia account #600919

      Quote Originally Posted by am0_oma View Post
      Zephyr got the Apple multitasking to the new level, it better than what is in ipad and you do it more and more, your hand or fingers do not get tired,the main part which everyone will like that decrease the use of home button and fast your change from one app to another so quick so easy, what i like also this tweak is adding features to the existing multitask and it doesn't create new one, that will give more reliability more stability and big improvement.
      I tried many multitasking and many added featured but hey this is a real improvement, i would like to try it.
      I like to get a copy of this.
      my cydia account #600919
    1. abcderick12's Avatar
      abcderick12 -
      wow this is awesome, don't see why its only 4/5! I think I should win because I would be so grateful if i do! Plus, I didn't get anything for christmas :[
    1. drog92's Avatar
      drog92 -
      I think you should have done the 5 sentances again!!! but i want this app because everytime i jailbreak, which i do it a lot, i always check the "Enable Multitasking Gestures" box on redsn0w, just because I love them so much... and now this is the closest thing to it!

    1. sexydadee's Avatar
      sexydadee -
      Zephyr... Awesomeness Level: 140%

      sexydadee showing iphone with Zephyr to friends...

      friends go "ZOMG! that is awesome app, i want one!"

    1. dsg's Avatar
      dsg -
      bah hum bug an American will win, uk contestants need not apply
    1. iKillYou's Avatar
      iKillYou -
      The only worthwhile multitasking tweak is MultiCleaner! And that's so you can DISABLE the crappy counterfeit stock multitasking
    1. Sean Zhu's Avatar
      Sean Zhu -
      i should win cuz i simply need this for my iphone, nuf said

    1. 127er's Avatar
      127er -
      My Problem is, that my Homebutton doesn't work so succesful anymore. When I double tap it, the Homebutton doesn't realize this and just close the running App.
      Thats why this tweak is really useful for me. It would be great if I will win it.

      Cydia number: #439655
    1. lopbird33's Avatar
      lopbird33 -
      This looks awesome! I'd love to try this out! #605906
    1. ord6's Avatar
      ord6 -
      This is exactly what i need since my home button is giving up on me for a while now..

      Awesome work.


    1. anditsung's Avatar
      anditsung -
      great application...
      this is the solution for multitask gesture on iphone4... too bad mutitask gesture from apple only available on ipad
      hope i can win this tweak for my iphone..
      saw the video.. is there a way to make 3 finger to slide from bottom to up? just like ipad
      and 5 finger pinch to minimize the running application?

      my cydia account #3036700
    1. sidelsol97's Avatar
      sidelsol97 -
      Looks amazing, count me in! Account # 1251398
    1. jonppaa's Avatar
      jonppaa -
      This looks like a functional tweak. This would easily improve my iOS experience. Good job chpwn!

      Cydia #3141242
    1. c0dy's Avatar
      c0dy -
      I've been doing this via Activator for a long time. It's super handy. I can't believe this tweak is $2.99 though.

      I highly suggest everyone spend 5 minutes in the Activator settings seeing what kind of cool stuff you can do.

      My Activator functions:
      - Swipe left/right on status bar: Previous/Next track (works with iPod, Pandora, Spotify, everything)
      - Status bar double tap: Pause/Play
      - Status bar hold: SBSettings
      - Volume Up then Down: launch a Flashlight application. A great app too pull up quickly
      - Volume Down then Up: compose text message. You'll need BiteSMS or Tlert or others like that. I love composing texts from within other applications or at the lock screen
      - Volume buttons simultaneously: Close all background applications. There's an app in Cydia you install, then you launch that app via Activator. It clears up RAM fast
      - Double tap lock button: launch Camera app. iOS5 helped with the new camera button on lockscreen, but this is still faster. Cut down on that "Let me take a pic.... Hold on....." time.
      - Mute button toggle twice: Lock/Unlock. Sometimes I'm too lazy to Slide to Unlock
      - And the Slide in from the bottom that are featured in the new tweak.

      You can use these functions from the lockscreen, homescreen, and/or while you have another app open. Think about what apps you need fast access to, and set your own activations. I think it's been the most rewarding part of tweaking my phone. It takes a little while of getting used to using the shortcut before it becomes second nature and you always remember the best way to launch something you need.

      I feel bad for kind of pooping on this developer's plug

      **If you don't have Infinidock or Infinifolders (other tweaks he made), buy them immediately. They are easily two of the best 10 packages in Cydia, period.**
    1. ipyth0n's Avatar
      ipyth0n -
      It's simply amazing, it looks so good!! It's smooth and fluid and a great idea. I personally think all of chpwns apps/tweaks are awesome and really good! I'd love to get another one of his tweaks this is a can't miss twak everyone should get it fast
      Cydia #3014060
    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      Quote Originally Posted by xCrims0nx View Post
      Couldn't this already be achieved via activator actions already--queuing the multitasking bar? (activation by slide up from bottom).
      It's much more responsive and quicker than activator. Much more!!

      Anyway I don't want to win this....

      Because I just paid for it! So far for me it's a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 star tweak.
    1. soliman85's Avatar
      soliman85 -
      it is the tweak i have been waiting for.....actually i dont have any reasons why you should choose me to win this awesome tweak.... but all i know that you will choose me cause i love you bouchard and all your tweak developing community.....))
    1. dekpient's Avatar
      dekpient -
      YESS! Honestly, since the first time I tried to setup Activator's gestures to navigate easily around the multitasking thingy on iOS4, I couldn't help but wonder why there aren't gesture from mid-left and mid-right screen, so I can navigate between apps easily. So, right now I've been using a rather awkward combination of tweaks and gestures: swipe from bottom = multitasking swticher, swipe left on status bar = LastApp, and swipe right on status bar = AppSlide. As you can see, Zephyr would be a GREAT replacement for this whole setup!
      Cydia: 855312
    1. Agent929's Avatar
      Agent929 -
      It's already a couple odd ball tweaks like that out there for free...? I guess modmyi is marketing this particular product for him?