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  • Theme Of The Week: Elite Pro HD
    With an incredible response from the MMi community, the votes have been tallied and Elite Pro HD has kicked some serious butt this week.

    Elite Pro HD

    Elite Pro HD, designed by barsoverbeats, features a completely customized winterboard theme that will transform almost every piece of your iOS 4.1 System on retina displays. As usual your AppStore icons will automatically be created.

    Utilizing the 4.1 update, this theme allows for Retina Display versions of the User Interface graphics, creating a very sharp result.

    The theme also features a weather widget, an animated lockscreen theme, custom UI sounds, and a handful of other customizing options. Of course, this theme also comes packed with extras, including PSD Templates allowing you to further edit the theme to your liking.

    Elite Pro HD is available in Cydia for $2.99.

    Discuss this theme in our forums.

    Nick's Pick
    Suave HD
    Thyraz (Retina-fied by pat974)

    Suave is a theme that has been around since 2008, a rather popular choice for iPhone users. Originally created by Thyraz, pat974 has recreated the theme to be compatible with Retina displays, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn good.

    While this doesn't include a massive UI overhaul, the retina icons are worth it on their own.

    Download Suave HD for FREE :
    Suave HD.rar
    Discuss Suave HD here
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    1. Joserrrr's Avatar
      Joserrrr -
      YES!!!!!!!! Elite Pro HD is by far the best theme I've ever seen and had on my phone!! Thanks bars!! I have always and will continue to be a fan and support all your work!
    1. x| LiB |x's Avatar
      x| LiB |x -
      Yes Sir the Best! Well done Bars
    1. ccoltmanm's Avatar
      ccoltmanm -
      I don't see it up on Cydia yet.
    1. salayyad's Avatar
      salayyad -
      Hell yes I went the beta route by donating to barsoverbeats. This is by far the most beautiful theme I have ever used. Love the auto creating icons. Get it. You won't regret it.
    1. blinden76's Avatar
      blinden76 -
      Sweet! Congrats Bars!

      Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
    1. xXtRaSaUcE's Avatar
      xXtRaSaUcE -
      That has to be the biggest surprise of the year lol. Congrats Boss and everyone who made this possible.
    1. jamesgrenard's Avatar
      jamesgrenard -
      Can't get SuaveHD to work..just SSH it into the themes folder correct?
    1. bostonguy3737's Avatar
      bostonguy3737 -
      Congrats! Nice job Bars, awesome theme once again!! Congrats to the supporting cast as well......
    1. chevymusclecar's Avatar
      chevymusclecar -
      Love this theme! Congrats!
    1. whtnite's Avatar
      whtnite -
      Congratz Bars, to a awesome theme!! Should be Theme of the Year
    1. cmurderr03's Avatar
      cmurderr03 -
      Where is the weather widget I don't see it
    1. barsoverbeats's Avatar
      barsoverbeats -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmurderr03 View Post
      Where is the weather widget I don't see it
      I submitted it first thing this morning, I was told it would be up today, but it looks like it was overlooked.... It will be up tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Nice and Clean...the way a theme ought to be!
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Yesss yeesss elite hd pro baby go bars gooo
    1. vegeto2k2222's Avatar
      vegeto2k2222 -
      Is the wallpaper for elite pro including in the theme or do I have to download it separately?
    1. sjkkjs's Avatar
      sjkkjs -
      Comes with it just got it looks great
    1. rumcajs's Avatar
      rumcajs -
      Awesome...congrats. Bars......
    1. xXxRomero's Avatar
      xXxRomero -
      I love ephd.. I Just bought it, was also in classhd beta... Love all of bars themes
    1. Chevyman209's Avatar
      Chevyman209 -
      You have to take the Suave HD file from the folder because when you extract it, it looks like this CUsers\User\Desktop\Suave HD\Suave HD just use the one with the images in the folder.
    1. GoldfishTX's Avatar
      GoldfishTX -
      I don't see all the sleek color choices for EliteHD. Is this due to the standard cydia repo purchase not having them all, or do I fail at themes?