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  • Merry Christmas!
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    1. d_d2846's Avatar
      d_d2846 -
      Woot! Merry Christmas to everyone!
    1. ricm68's Avatar
      ricm68 -
      Merry Christmas to all, happy to be a part of this community !!!
    1. MemphisYork's Avatar
      MemphisYork -
      Merry HO HO!
    1. Hedrush's Avatar
      Hedrush -
      Merry Christmas everyone. Hope Santa was good to you all.
    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      Seriously people. You should be hanging with your families instead of complaining about your expectations. He lets you download these JB's for free so stop complaining already. unless you pay him hourly drop it. It'll be done when it's done. Oh and...Merry Christmas.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Merry Christmas Modmyi!
    1. MMX007's Avatar
      MMX007 -
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all get what you wanted! If not be thankful for what you have!
    1. GrandMasterB's Avatar
      GrandMasterB -
      MeRrY cHrIsTmAs to all my ModMyi family!!
    1. Junebug916's Avatar
      Junebug916 -
      Merry Christmas everyone ^_^ I've had a lovely day so far ^_^
    1. McManimal's Avatar
      McManimal -
      Merry Christmas!!

      To all expecting an A5 jailbreak...
      That's why you don't go setting expectations... It only sets yourself up for disappointment!!

      Instead just be happy that we have been able to jailbreak soft upto this point and have faith that the latest n greatest jailbreak is yet to come so be patient!!
    1. d_d2846's Avatar
      d_d2846 -
      We heard it the first time...>_>. We will wait.
    1. fulcrom's Avatar
      fulcrom -
      Ho ho ho to all
    1. Pepsolman's Avatar
      Pepsolman -
      Merry Xmas. Where's my jailbreak? Lol
    1. Nickaroni22's Avatar
      Nickaroni22 -
      🎄Merry Christmas ModMyi Staff and Users 🎄

      I received a Mac Mini today 🎁 Very Pleased!
    1. Oddjob922's Avatar
      Oddjob922 -
      I got an Itouch 4g white version for christmas!
    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Merry Christmas to everyone from Puerto Rico!
    1. R.Mortera's Avatar
      R.Mortera -
      Merry Christmas
    1. markydias's Avatar
      markydias -
      How do you get all of those images and that second post especially?!?! (the house + snow falling)!!!!!

      Merry Christmas!!@!!
    1. JayWins101's Avatar
      JayWins101 -
      can u please give me the program i would be forever grateful. thank you