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  • [Review] Klipsch Image S4 Headphones

    Are you looking to get the best sound you can with small pocket-able headphones?

    If you're an iDevice user who wants to get better sound from that sound jack than Apple's stock headphones can offer, I think that you should try out these headphones, the Klipsch Image S4 series. They come in at a hefty $79.99, but for in-ear headphones, the bass is pretty impressive, the sound isolation is great, and the comfort level is off the charts. It may be a pretty expensive investment, but after trying these, you'll never look back at your stock Apple headphones the same way again. The Klipsch Image S4 headphones have two versions, one has an inline remote and microphone and the other does not. I chose the buy the pair that did not have the inline remote and microphone.

    When you open the box, you see a nice aluminum carrying case and numerous sizes of ear pieces. The stock ones that come on the headphones already usually cut it for most people. The silicon is so soft that you will barely know that they're in your ears. The Bass is so noticeable, but it isn't so brutal, that you can sit back and enjoy what you're listening to without getting sore ears after more than fifteen minutes. That is the effect that I have had with similar headphones such as the Skullcandy Titan series which I would not recommend at all because they have sound problems with the all-around iDevice lineup.

    These headphones are small, and they can reach some pretty impressive lows. Of course, you won't get studio quality bass in something that discrete, however you will be able to mellowly enjoy what you're hearing because you can hear those low frequencies just well enough to... well audiophiles know exactly where I'm getting at. Unless you buy big and bulky headphones that literally overlap your whole head, you won't get true mobile bass. But the Klipsch Image S4 takes the modern day mobile headphones and meets those heavy bass bulky headphones at an intersection. The quality is there, the noise isolation is excellent, and you will feel like you bought a pair of headphones that you can listen to your music with.

    The wiring isn't tangle-prone which means that you can bunch it into your pocket with confidence. Like all wires, it can tangle, but it's not nearly as bad as how tangled the stock Apple headphones can get if you bunch them up in your pocket. Comparing these headphones to a similar pair - the Apple in-ear headphones, you will notice that the Klipsch headphones bring a more illuminant sound. The Apple in-ear headphones simply don't have any boom in the bass at all - just a tick.

    If you're looking for good headphones for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, I recommend the Klipsch Image S4 (or Klipsch Image S4i if you want the inline remote and microphone). What do you think about these headphones - have you ever tried them? Share in the comments.
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    1. Phillip Swanson's Avatar
      Phillip Swanson -
      Definitely a fan of lossless compression, and to experience the high-fidelity sound lossy files allow high-end earbuds are a must. I've always wanted to invest in a pair of Ultimate Ears, and have even dreamed of getting custom-molded buds, talk about true sound isolation. But, $1,200 is a ton of money drop on buds no matter who you are. But, the TripleFi 10 look very tempting right now.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob_1980 View Post
      Very nice, but how far do you go where iPod audio is concerned?

      How many of you actually have lossless quality audio files on your iPod or iPhone as opposed to compressed mp3s?

      I'd pay that price if I had spent the time ensuring my whole music library was at the highest quality feasible, and there was a recognisable difference between those and my sennheisers.

      Without a doubt, the stock headphones are extremely poor quality, designed for somebody with massive ear holes who doesn't care about quality.

      Any other in ear headphone that simply fits in your ear properly would be a great improvement!
      I don't use lossless at all. Just about any pair of headphones will provide a notable difference over the standard apple ones. I keep the apples as an "emergency" pair, but one does not need to use lossless to be able to enjoy a better pair of headphones.
    1. metalhawj's Avatar
      metalhawj -
      best bang for buck earphones. only problem is the wire. not as durable but the earphones come with a lifetime warrenty
    1. ishamiyal's Avatar
      ishamiyal -
      Quote Originally Posted by jwil736 View Post
      Lmao you wouldnt catch me buying $120 ear buds.
      This is like buying a Nakamichi or Onkyo receiver and then buying $20 Kraco truck speakers to go with it. The speakers are what you actually hear with and as such probably deserve more attention and finance than the player. I couldn't think of a more misguided or ignorant mindset about this particular issue.

      ...And since when is $79 expensive for a set of decent headphones (a category within which the ones that come with the phone do not fit)- I mean the phone retails for like 800 bones without a subsidized contract. iPod Touch isn't what I would call cheap (relative to whining about $79). Perspective people, perspective....
    1. DirtyDan's Avatar
      DirtyDan -
      I used to have these... loved them a lot until I lost them. I've since picked up a pair of sennheiser in-ear buds that sound just as good (or better) for $50.
    1. Amraam's Avatar
      Amraam -
      I've not listened to these but I know someone who owns them and he rates them highly. I have the Sennehieser MM70i which are on par with these and they sound amazing - they cost me £69.99. I was tempted to buy the Klipsch X10i but they were £240 when I was looking to buy. They're down to ~£160 now so may be tempted one day.

      I don't have all of my music collection as lossless AAC, but most are 320kbps mp3 or m4a. A cheap £10 would sound better than the crap apple include. Apple go so far with style and quality, yet they skimp so much on headphones.
    1. Akins Etrieo Powder's Avatar
      Akins Etrieo Powder -
      funny enough i just got these for christmas lol and i approve of this review
    1. Akanaz's Avatar
      Akanaz -
      for a cheaper price the sony ear buds with iPod remote are about 40 buck and the specs for it are actually better then these Klipsch check out the specs, •Driver Unit : 9 mm, dome type (CCAW)
      •Frequency Response : 6-23,000 Hz
      •Impedance : 16 ohms at 1kHz
      •Sensitivity (db) : 100 dB/mW
      •Volume Control : Yes
      MDR-EX38iP/BLK | EX Earbuds with iPod® Remote | Sony | Sony Store USA
    1. kakojan's Avatar
      kakojan -
      Thanks guys for the info, just picked up s4i brand new from kijiji for $75 in Toronto, the even the guy had the bill of sell for it $119 + tax,