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  • [Giveaway] Win A Copy of iRealSMS As A Holiday Gift

    iRealSMS is a useful text messaging client that's loaded with features.

    Do you think that the Messages application on the iPhone is bland? You're not alone. There have been several attempts to make a better Messages application - biteSMS being one, but today we are going to be showing you iRealSMS, an alternative Messages application that's loaded with features that stock iOS owners could only dream of having on their iPhones. It has been developed by a development group known as SpiritOfLogic and it can be found on the BigBoss repository for $12.99 (albeit right now, it's on sale for just $6.99) - that's a really good deal.

    iRealSMS comes with features that you won't find in the stock iOS Messages application such as contacts' photos will appear next to their messages, conversation sorting, and quick compose options. There are also folders; which give a quick overview over incoming text messages just like with email you have all new (maybe unread) messages at one glance. Additionally, the quick compose option makes it easy to start a message, just invoke your action and start sending a message; there is also a quick reply option so that you can reply just as fast as you can compose. You can even have drafts so that if you get interrupted while typing a message, you can get back to it later without starting over.

    iRealSMS comes with features that are helpful for people with bad vision - you have an option that will read the messages aloud to you similarly to the way that CallTell announces who has texted you and what they said. iRealSMS even enables the emoji keyboard natively so that you don't have to mess with any iOS settings to get them. You also have a search feature so that if you're a power user of text messaging, you can search through them to find something that you said.

    iRealSMS doesn't stop there, it also comes with a template feature so that you can set up your messages in a specific way. This can be helpful if you're using text messaging for work and need to respond a certain way. If for some reason you lose service, you can forward a text message via email instead of getting an error saying that the message could not be sent. iRealSMS also comes with a ton of privacy settings. You can text message people being assured that your messages are safe and secure and that no peeping Toms can get into your messages. You can do this with a password lock for your text messages. iRealSMS even includes a character counter for your text messages so that you never write too long of a message.

    Because iRealSMS has all of these breakthrough features - it's no doubt that it's a popular text messaging platform for iOS. It works with iOS 3, iOS 4, and iOS 5. It also works with iMessage. If you're skeptical about buying a $12.99 ($6.99 for a limited time) application from the Cydia store, you can try iRealSMS out with the unlimited free trial. You simply cannot go wrong with iRealSMS because it has so many features that you can make it work the way that you want it to. I've included a video at the top of this article that demonstrates some of the extensive features of iRealSMS (compliments of Christian Heusinger for sharing).

    I tried iRealSMS out myself and I did feel like the extensive features were a tad overwhelming. Apple's official goal of the Messages application was simplicity - but simplicity over functionality isn't always a wise choice. Even though I felt overwhelmed by the features of iRealSMS, after just a few hours I felt like I knew exactly how to use it and I felt that I could somehow find a use for all of its extensive features. I have to say that I'm impressed with the style and abilities of this application and I have to recommend it to and iPhone power-texters. Unlike biteSMS (which puts two separate texting applications on your SpringBoard, iRealSMS replaces the Messages application completely.

    Name: iRealSMS 3.0
    Price: $6.99 (usually $12.99 + unlimited free trial)
    Developer: SpiritOfLogic
    Repo: BigBoss
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    The giveaway here is a gift from the SpiritOfLogic developer, Christian Heusinger. Let's all hand him a big thanks and wish him the best for the holidays. To be entered for a chance to win a copy of iRealSMS, leave a comment below with at least five complete sentences explaining why you think that you deserve to win a copy of iRealSMS and leave your Cydia number in the end of the comment. The funnier you are - the more likely you are to win. The ones who stand out the most have the best chance of winning.

    We are giving away 20 copies of iRealSMS and winners will be announced on December 27.

    Sources: Christian Heusinger
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] Win A Copy of iRealSMS As A Holiday Gift started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. puissance000's Avatar
      puissance000 -
      It's officially Christmas and i didn't get a present this year so i'll gladly accept a copy of iRealSMS. If i don't get one then i wish you guys a horrible holiday season and terrible nightmares! Yes, i mean it with all my heart!
      My best friend has an iphone 4 and uses biteSMS so it would give me the perfect opportunity to compare both apps. Perhaps even make a video or something! I text a lot throughout the day so give me iRealSMS already fools!!!
      Cydia #653232
    1. GrandMasterB's Avatar
      GrandMasterB -
      Just wanted to say this is an amazing app. I don't need to win a copy because I have already purchased it. Just wanted to stop and express my gratitude to the developers.

      !!Merry Christmas!!
    1. Lhmok's Avatar
      Lhmok -
      IRealSms i Love it, wanted and give to me!!!! It Christmas!!! a present would be nice. Cydia number: 2951144
    1. Commandor's Avatar
      Commandor -
      The built-in message.app is suck. And the message+ from intelliborn is still beta. So I really want to give iRealSMS a shot. The vedio demo looks like iRealSMS is a native app from apple. Hey, why has apple not hired you yet?
      Merry Christmas to you all!!
      Cydia number: #2282374
    1. contrain's Avatar
      contrain -
      1. I am a person that really hate the built in messaging for iphone, i need this tweak
      2. I love all your tweaks and i have already bought some of them.
      3. If i won this tweak i will recommend it to many of my friends
      4. I sent a a lot of sms / day and this tweak will facilitate this for me
      5. I LOVE Modmyi.com )
      6. I bought photoalbum + so i will not apply for its giveaway
      # 2940304
    1. ord6's Avatar
      ord6 -
      Because celebrating Hanukkah doesn't get you any presents
      Sick of needing to go to the native SMS app in order to reply to a text while playing.
      Sick of needing to go to the native SMS app in order to send a new text while playing.
      Really need the templates feature.
      I send more than eight hundred texts per month so it's pretty self explanatory.
      Cydia account #3023125
    1. nomiqw's Avatar
      nomiqw -
      Hi all,
      The five reasons I can think of to get the amazing brilliant app as a gift are
      That I am an old timmer who doesn't have any savings
      I have never been given a present b4 and Dat to being so awsome as the IrealSms
      Also I dont have a PayPal account as I don't even know what that is ;(
      Also the developer is amazingly kind person who will definitely will give this as a gift to an old timmer
      Lastly Santa promised me thart he will get me an awsome thing for this Christmas and I believe this is it

      Cydia no is 3102463

      Merry Christmas all
    1. zrevai's Avatar
      zrevai -
      The security and privacy features makes it infinitely better than the stock msg app. Add in backup and restore of the database and it becomes more convenient. Pile on the quick send/reply and it's all most too good to be true. And with still more features including an alternate method of cheaper international txting and it's the best txt app available!
      Though winning it free would make it even sweeter
      Cydia Account #46009
    1. micoyote1's Avatar
      micoyote1 -
      This is way better than the socks and boxers santa gives me every year ....plus with this app I could text santa next year and tell him what I relly want.....
    1. ahasnaini's Avatar
      ahasnaini -
      1. I own a copy of bite SMS
      2. Please refer to the first reason
      3. I want to try something new in messages app.
      4. Please refer to reason 2, Not 1.
      5. while (!freeapp)
    1. detox246's Avatar
      detox246 -
      Currently a bitesms user. If you chose me for the giveaway, maybe you could sway that decision and make me a "irealsms user". I'm not gonna sit hear and kiss your butt. Just wanna try it for myself and figured why not take advantage of a great opportunity to try something new. Thanks

    1. BOYD's Avatar
      BOYD -
      Thank you and happy holidays to the team at SpiritOfLogic. I would really like to try this application out. I read about your app's privacy settings and am thrilled about being assured my messages are safe and secure. I dont want to end up on "How to catch a predator" again. I also love the character counter feature as it could save me tons of money on my bill when I get carried away sexting. Oh yeah, the contact photo appearing next to the message is a must have for pimps like me. I label all my ho's the same, this feature will allow me to see which one I'm texting.
    1. drog92's Avatar
      drog92 -
      I don't normally do giveaways, but when it is something as awesome as iRealSMS, I COULDN'T EVER pass up the offer. I can't say anything that you have not already said, but I can say that my trial will run out here shortly! When I had my iPhone 3g 6 monts ago, yes that short of a time, I tried this app out and it was AMAZING! I have not been able to purchase one as I do not have a credit card, or even the money. But if I am not chosen, then I hope someone that deserves this gets it!


    1. Thomas Fähse's Avatar
      Thomas Fähse -
      1. I hate Apple´s SMS
      2. iRealSMS is much nicer done than biteSMS
      3. All your work (e.g. Photoalbums+) is perfectly done and keeps being updated
      4. My carrier ePlus in Germany blocked me for writing more than 6000 SMS one day, I´m freaky enough to get it
      5. I´m the luckiest guy of the world because some nice guy found my macbook and returned it to me
      6. I WON´T forget my acc number!!

    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      I have emailed the developer with all of the winners for iRealSMS! Keep your eyes out in the next 24 hours to see if you won by searching for the tweak and seeing if it says, "Officially Purchased."
    1. Gh0sti's Avatar
      Gh0sti -
      if im correct there are 19 official entries and i still havent gotten irealsms just wondering if im correct about this
    1. detox246's Avatar
      detox246 -
      Got my free copy of iRealSMS and I must say its pretty nice. Great job and thank you so much!
    1. drog92's Avatar
      drog92 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gh0sti View Post
      if im correct there are 19 official entries and i still havent gotten irealsms just wondering if im correct about this
      i just rejailbroke my phone and it seems that i have gotten a copy!

      Thanks Anthony!

      And of course SpiritOfLogic!
    1. nomiqw's Avatar
      nomiqw -
      Thanks Anthony!

      And of course SpiritOfLogic!