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  • iPhone Comes to Verizon, Finally

    Verizon chief operating officer Lowell McAdam announced today that a version of the iPhone 4 compatible with its network would be available for pre-order to existing customers beginning February 3, with general availability February 10. The culmination of more than two years of rumors came as almost an anticlimax, as virtually every media outlet was reporting the Verizon iPhone as fact before it was announced. "If the press writes about something long enough and hard enough, eventually it comes true," McAdam said, acknowledging the long wait for a second carrier in the United States. Apple COO Tim Cook, who joined McAdam on stage at New York's Lincoln Center, hailed the step, saying Apple was "incredibly pleased to give Verizon's customers the choice we've been waiting for."

    Perhaps most strikingly, Verizon will let customers tether up to 5 devices to their iPhones using their 3G Mobile Hotspot app which will be pre-installed. Verizon says they will charge $199 for a 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB, with a 2-year contract. They did, however, decline to answer questions about the cost of the data plans, saying that "pricing will be announced at a later date." This comes after days of speculation that Verizon would offer the same unlimited data plan they give to other smartphone customers. And the question of whether the iPhone 4 on Verizon would support simultaneous voice and data was answered by Dan Mead, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless, who said it was "the same as other CDMA devices." In other words, it won't.

    Also unanswered is whether the new phone also comes with an updated antenna assembly. This is a new model of iPhone 4, as changes to the device's internals were necessitated by the switch to a different network protocol. However, take a closer look at the photo above: see that black line on the upper-left-hand corner? Yeah. It's surprising that they would not brag about a Death Grip-free iPhone if they had one, though, so it may just be a design change forced by the CDMA radio. Verizon did repeatedly emphasize how prepared their network is for what is expected to be an onslaught of data-hungry iPhones. Dan Mead said that the carrier had been drive-testing with thousands of iPhones and "could not be more pleased" with the performance.

    McAdam was also mum about a CDMA version of the iPad, which was a longshot possibility for today's announcement. Also missing in action was any timeline for an LTE version of the iPhone, even though Verizon will complete rolling out its nationwide 4G network this year, with AT&T to follow next year. This does follow the generally conservative pattern Apple has historically shown: AT&T's 3G network was largely in place when the original iPhone was announced, but it only supported the slower EDGE standard until the iPhone 3G was released in 2008.

    Industry analysts generally predict sales of between nine million and 12 million Verizon iPhones in 2011, with Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster counting on Verizon to boost total iPhone sales by 5 percent or more, which would bring Apple an additional $5.9 billion in earnings this year.
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    1. Eagleye's Avatar
      Eagleye -
      Ugh... finally. All AT&T haters run away to Verizon and free up our network. Im excited for that and... Competition. With Verizon and AT&T with the iPhone it's gonna be an all out war with who has what features perhaps driving phone pricing or data plans down and who knows what. Not to mention if another provider (sprint) gets the iphone soon.

      BTW, Total and complete FAIL on no voice+data... that is the most useful feature that makes the iPhone experience that much better. I cant tell you how many times I have looked at movies, weather, maps, news, or googled something while I was on the phone with someone. Have fun on Verizon... Im sticking with AT&T for now. They've treated me well here in Chicago.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
      Depends on what your job is then...... some of the customers travel outside the US every week.

      For those jumping the At&t ship please report back how wonderful (LOL) Verizon is to you!

      You know those 18 month upgrades for existing customers? LOL FOrget it with Verizon, once your hooked your theirs for 24! My daughter's BF has Verizon, customer noservice, noupgrades, phone breaks no service, no no no is what you hear a lot from them.....and yes they make sure you can hear that now!
      Right, which is why they won;t go with Verizon. For the VAST majority of people that do not travel frequently, Verizon is a fine choice. This is all anyone is saying. THE MAJORITY has no need for a world phone...
    1. ty22's Avatar
      ty22 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
      You also have to admit, your paying more for an outdated CDMA system, they should be investing into GSM and LTE all these years instead of raping customers.........Thats the angry part
      Yea. CDMA might not have the features, but it has quality. And they are now getting into LTE to solve the problems.
    1. CX3NT3_713's Avatar
      CX3NT3_713 -
      it's about time.... now people can shut up,about it... haha
    1. jmcgee_jr's Avatar
      jmcgee_jr -
      People are forgetting that most of the users that get this phone will be existing Verizon customers and will be used to the no voice and data at the same time, so really that is not going to be a big issue.
    1. n80r's Avatar
      n80r -
      so now i can walk into apple or at&t and demand they factory unlock my iphone because its no longer in a exclusive deal and use it on t-mobile?
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by elite_jounin View Post
      Lol so basically no voice and data at the same time?! = massive fail/epic fail. Not to mention they have last years phone...laughable!
      Last year's phone? The iPhone 4 is current tech. We have no reason to assume that the next model will NOT be available simultaneously on ATT and Verizon...
    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      So all those "rumors" Messany were spreading were true?
      F52k yes they were god!!!!!
    1. Onemajorflaw's Avatar
      Onemajorflaw -
      Quote Originally Posted by billchase2 View Post
      Excellent. Now, everyone get off of my AT&T network and go to Verizon. ;-)
      I was hoping this was the case, but after reading everyone's comments it doesn't appear that this will happen, unfortunately... Although the competition may drive AT&T to adjust their prices.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
      I would think all future models will be like other phones
      GSM and CDMA flavors
      That was a mistype. It should read "WILL NOT BE"... correcting that now.
    1. saunupe1911's Avatar
      saunupe1911 -
      I wonder if FaceTime from iPhone 4/AT&T will work against iPhone 4/Verizon. That's a very important question.
    1. CynicalDriver's Avatar
      CynicalDriver -
      Quote Originally Posted by GrandMstrBud View Post
      Seriously how many people talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time? I see a lot of people complaining about it but personally I have a GSM 3G phone and I can but I have never had to use both voice and data at the same time. And if you do use both then chances are there is WiFi available.
      Some people have broader needs than your narrow scope of the world eludes to.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by saunupe1911 View Post
      I wonder if FaceTime from iPhone 4/AT&T will work against iPhone 4/Verizon. That's a very important question.
      I would say yes. Facetime works across all apple products.. iPhones/Macs/iPods... regardless of what internet provider you have. Facetime is an internet to internet connection.
    1. decke's Avatar
      decke -
      HAHAH! No voice and data uh?

      I'll stick with AT&T.

      So for those saying sprint won't work with iPhone. How can verizon work on metropcs? I've heard that be can done, don't know if true.
    1. abujala's Avatar
      abujala -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      I think spreading the wealth will benefit AT&T customers the most by freeing up bandwidth. I think Verizon's network will see an initial bog down period with a year of catch up.
    1. ShredNasty's Avatar
      ShredNasty -
      Soo, Messany's fired, right? I mean, what else does the guy have to write about?
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Huh, somehow I expected this to be posted by Messany lol. I don't mean to knock him, but he did write a majority of the Verizon rumors.
    1. saunupe1911's Avatar
      saunupe1911 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ShredNasty View Post
      Soo, Messany's fired, right? I mean, what else does the guy have to write about?
      Damn, why is everyone clowning Messany. Their will be more stories. There always is.

      He can report on Sprint or T-Mobile iPhone 4s now
    1. ShredNasty's Avatar
      ShredNasty -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Last year's phone? The iPhone 4 is current tech. We have no reason to assume that the next model will NOT be available simultaneously on ATT and Verizon...
      Yeah. Last year's phone. Current tech? I guess, as long as you're not comparing to anything but Apple products. Compare it to an EVO or a MyTouch 2 and it gets wrecked upon. Just like basically every review comparing them has stated.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Now that would be awesome...just remember, competition is good for the consumer...IT'S A WIN WIN :]