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  • Firefox 9.0 Released

    Firefox 9.0 unofficially released by Mozilla download links included.

    Firefox 9.0 has been officially set to be released tomorrow; if you're impatient, you can download the official release unofficially right now for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Firefox is a speedy Web Browser that I use by preference. I think that it's one of the fastest, but I generally love the freedom of addons. Unfortunately, even after Firefox version 9.0, Mozilla still has not included Mac OS X Lion's full-screen application feature to their Web browser. But, it does have the two-finger navigation gestures that come included with Mac OS X Lion's Safari Web Browser.

    So are you wondering what's new in the Firefox 9.0 release? It basically looks the same as Firefox 8.0. Well, aside from the multitouch gestures, Firefox 9.0 is aimed at increasing your JavaScript rendering speeds. The speeds have been increased by twenty to thirty percent and should show a major difference on Web sites such as Facebook which use JavaScript on a lot of its functions. If you recall, Apple's Safari Web browser has a Nitro JavaScript engine, although from my experience, I think Firefox 9.0 might just have a slightly faster rendering speed than Safari does.

    Firefox 9.0 is fully compatible with almost all of the addons that worked on Firefox 8.0 and because of that, you won't have to worry about an addon crisis like we had to deal with with a recent previous version of Firefox which was just recently fixed. The update brings speed and stability enhancements and added HTML5 support as well as the new features mentioned above. You can view and read the entire list of release notes from Mozilla from this link. If you have trouble seeing your bookmark icons from your bookmarks menu, you can fix this issue by emptying your Firefox cache and restarting the browser afterwards.

    I would rank Mozilla Firefox as easily my favorite Web browser. Safari doesn't have enough addons and it isn't open source, Google Chrome just feels too loose for me and doesn't have as many addons, Internet Explorer is just plain slow, and Opera just seems to load things oddly. Firefox is my preferred browser because albeit it opens slower, it loads pages much faster than some other browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox's closest competitor, opens quickly but doesn't seem to open pages as fast. It's a give or take situation, but I would recommend Mozilla Firefox to anyone. Check it out!

    Download Links:
    Firefox 9.0 for Macintosh: Link.
    Firefox 9.0 for Windows: Link.
    Firefox 9.0 for Linux: Link.

    Sources: ExtremeTech
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      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      I have to disagree. It boots up fast but it doesn't seem to have heavy rendering engines for large sites. Firefox is just the opposite of that, boots up slower but it has the heavy engine to load a page. Now with the JavaScript boost, it's been proven by my source linked in the article to have some of the best JavaScript performances of any browser.
      I totally agree with you about Firefox man! There is no "Best" web browser, its a matter of preference I think. I happen to prefer Firefox more because I like the flow of the browser and how it doesn't seem too heavy. I do continue to use Google Chrome right now because I really like having the zoom option thats included with OS X Lion, and until Firefox adds this option, I hate to say it but I will be using Chrome. I have a 27in monitor and sometimes its hard to read small print or maybe i just need glasses ;P