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  • [Review] See Your Open Safari Pages In A Multifl0w-Like Way

    This jailbreak tweak lets you have a new style to your open pages.

    Multifl0w is quite possibly one of the most sought-after multitasking addons for iOS in the Cydia store to date. The way that it allows you to multitask is fun and intuitive. Many have hoped that Apple would make multitasking similar to multifl0w, but only clean it up a bit. However, multitasking isn't the only thing that a clever developer who goes by the name of tom-go thought this kind of animation would be good for. Instead, he took this idea way over the top and built a tweak that lets you multitask through your Safari pages much more easily and efficiently than having to page through each of them. You can see in the screenshot above just how it transforms your Mobile Safari work-space into a multitasking efficiency desk with the Web at your fingertips. Tom-go is the developer behind another useful Mobile Safari tweak known as Magnifier for Safari.

    The jailbreak tweak is dubbed GridTab for Safari and what it does is pretty straightforward - it lets you spread out your open Web Pages across a wide view so that you don't need to waste time paging through all of them. This tweak is aimed towards heavy Mobile Safari users because it makes it easier to have more things open at once and lets you multitask among each Web Page more efficiently without wasting any time. The animations are great; they're smooth and inertial and they simply compliment iOS with open arms. You can tell right off of the bat that time was put into this tweak and the time paid off in the end.

    GridTab for Safari includes a settings cell in the Settings application that lets you choose if you want your Mobile Safari grid to be composed of rows and columns of two by two or three by three. From my own preference (to reduce paging) I choose to leave it on three by three so that more pages will fit on the screen. When you open the Settings application, you will see only one thing to tap on; Layout. Tapping the Layout cell will bring you to the Settings for GridTab for Safari:

    Now that I have three by three selected (the first image in this review shows you two by two, obviously) you can see how it dynamically changes with no respring necessary to let you fit the extra row and column of Web Pages in your Web browser than the default two by two settings allowed:

    Also, just in case you didn't know what I meant by paging, here is a screenshot of the default Mobile Safari without GridTab for Safari installed on your iDevice:

    As you can see, the default configuration for Safari is much less convenient for the average Mobile Safari power-users. Having to scroll through each page like your Music's Cover Flow takes time and this jailbreak tweak makes it simple to just tap on what you need when you need it open. One thing to note is that if you fill up your two by two or three by three page on the Mobile Safari page, a new page will be created meaning that you will need to page through grids. So if my setting was to leave it on two by two and I had four pages open in Mobile Safari, a new page would be started that would show one Web Page open and I would have to swipe left to get to my main four by four page again. One way to think of this is the way that iOS stores your applications. When you fill up a page, a new page begins filling up. Unfortunately, there are no folders for Mobile Safari's Web Pages though.

    Name: GridTab for Safari
    Price: $1.50
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: tom-go
    Version: 1.4-4
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    I was able to talk to tom-go via email communication and ask some questions about the tweak:

    Anthony: What was it that gave you the idea for GridTab for Safari?
    tom-go: One of my friends asked me to make this tweak. He wanted to bring the tab screen of the iPad to the iPhone. I thought it would be handy and worth trying to make.

    Anthony: How do you feel about your jailbreak tweak versus Apple's stock Safari page switcher?
    tom-go: GridTab for Safari is better for heavy Safari users. It is very convenient to be able to see many tabs on one screen, making it possible to find a desired tab quickly; and users can arrange tabs, it is useful too.

    Anthony: What was the hardest part about making GridTab for Safari?
    tom-go: The previous version utilized the iPad's Tab screen. But since iOS 5, the iPad does not have a tab screen any more. So, I had to re-write it completely.... It took more time than I expected, but I made it. =)

    Anthony: Are you planning any future updates for GridTab for Safari?
    tom-go: Unfortunately, no.

    So guys, that's GridTab for Safari for you. It isn't new but it works with iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices. It was cool meeting tom-go and I'm sure that many of you will enjoy using GridTab for Safari if you try it. I highly recommend it. Let us know what you think about GridTab for Safari in the comments.

    Sources: tom-go
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    1. moveandstore's Avatar
      moveandstore -
      I just purchased this. It is very useful and works well for me. It's not like I'm going to have 5 or six tabs open on any given basis, (I'm using an iPhone 4, not a tablet - this would be more idea for a iPad) but if you have two or three tabs open, this is a great little tweak.

      Thanks for all of your work on this