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  • "iPhone 5" Is the 6th Top Google Search of 2011

    The iPhone 5 was the device that never came to be...yet.

    The iPhone 5 was one of the top anticipated items of 2011. Google search histories (thanks to the new Google Zeitgeist feature) show that the term, "iPhone 5" was the 6th top Google search of 2011 which really illuminates people's lust for such an item. Apple was expected to unveil the iPhone 5 at this year's event having that they waited so long to unveil the device instead of their usual time in June. The iPhone 4S was announced this year in October which is a significant jump. It's no doubt that many were unhappy with the announcement as we heard and continue to hear cries about the size of the screen, not having 4G cellular service, and also looking the same as the previous iPhone.

    Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when the iPhone 5 will be released or if it will. There is absolutely no proof supporting that an, "iPhone 5" will be released, but that is our speculation of the ideal. There will certainly be a next iPhone but there just isn't any evidence pointing to the fact that it will be an, "iPhone 5." It's just an educated guess.

    While the demand for an iPhone 5 with completely new chassis, features, and radio technologies is still high in the air, Apple is being pressured into making such a device. While demand is high for a device with a four inch screen, 4G cellular technologies, and upgraded specs, the iPhone 4S continues to sell out at places all around the world and it is the bestselling iPhone yet according to the sales numbers of the first weekend launch.

    With Google searches for the iPhone 5 having risen dramatically from the year 2010 to this year (1,658% increase to be exact, as Mac Rumors reports) there is no doubt that the iPhone 5 was dubbed one of the most anticipated things to have in 2011. Many Web Sites, graphic designers, and anticipating Apple fans created Photoshop® artist renditions of what the iPhone 5 may look like and the picture of this article is one of the nicest. Unfortunately, until the iPhone 5 is released, we can enjoy our iPhone 4's and iPhone 4S's.

    How many times did you Google search the iPhone 5 this year? Share in the comments below.

    Sources: Mac Rumors
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    1. Norb's Avatar
      Norb -
      Quote Originally Posted by iTouch-Warrior View Post
      Can they give it a rest already? iPhone 5? There will not be an iPhone 5! Why? Because the next iPhone will be the sixth generation, and it'd be stupid to call it 5. Now, enter the idiots complaining about the iPhone's name scheme! Well, let me explain.

      iPhone - The first one, later called iPhone 2G
      iPhone 3G - Because it had 3G capabilities and the G had nothing to do with "Generation".
      iPhone 3GS - Because it was an improved iPhone 3G and again, it had nothing to do with a timeline or anything.
      iPhone 4 - Because it was the fourth generation, although its model number was 3,1.
      iPhone 4S - Because it's a slightly (very slightly) improved iPhone 4.

      So, why in the world would Apple call the next iPhone, iPhone 5? It wouldn't be the fifth generation and there's no 5G mobile broadband service, so drop the iPhone 5 nonsense already!

      Pretty sure that when it all started they weren't sure what was going to happen and how successful the iPhone would become so naming was not an issue; beside they don't even name new iterations of their other products so it was the last thing on their mind...

      I'm pretty positive that going forware its going to be 5, 5s, 6, 6s and so on.
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Wonder how far apple is going to take the iPhone before it dies off. iPhone 10,11 and so on. Anyway people thought it was going to go from 4 to 5 not a 4s.
    1. Madman604x's Avatar
      Madman604x -
      i'll call it the 2012 iPhone