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  • Is This Apple's 5th Generation iPhone Prototype?

    Nothing like a good "photo leak" to ramp up the iPhone rumor mill.

    Now that 2011 has arrived, there's only another six months or so until the 5th generation iPhone likely debuts. Does this mean the tech blogosphere will be buzzing with iPhone rumors, pics, and vids for the next 180 days? Unfortunately, there's a good chance the answer is yes. It's a process that they may have gotten underway today, as the "leaked photos" shared by SmartPhone Medic are reportedly those of Apple's 5th Generation iPhone (or possibly the long-awaited Verizon iPhone).

    Here we have both images and video (each from different sources) showcasing the goods. The video comes courtesy of Global Parts Direct, a company that is clearly trying to promote itself while dishing on the alleged iPhone 5 prototype. SmartPhone Medic, on the other hand, is already a well-known and somewhat credible source for leaked iDevice info. As Apple Insider reminds us, last August SmartPhone Medic got its hands on a genuine front panel for the forthcoming but still top secret fourth-generation iPod touch.

    The newest photos portray the next generation iPhone design, which suggests Apple has improved upon its flawed antenna design that resulted in the so-called "Death Grip" phenomenon. Additionally, the professed 5th generation iPhone frame reveals a retained spot for a micro-SIM card, the obvious implication of which hints at a long-awaited "world" phone design - both GSM and CDMA. While CDMA doesn't use a SIM card, Verizon's 4G network does. So if, in fact, this iPhone 5 panel is a legitimate prototype, it can clearly be deduced that Apple will be expanding its carrier relationships (likely in the US) with the release of the next generation handset.

    Real or fake? You be the judge.

    SmartPhone Medic
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    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      You need to ask a super mod, you probably have enough posts to get a custom title, but you need a lot to get a custom colour
      Lol do you think could I get a custom colour?
    1. randomfrankp's Avatar
      randomfrankp -
      I dont see how this will fix the death grip considering the bands are still on the bottom...
    1. babyblue_pimp's Avatar
      babyblue_pimp -
      LOL @ apple taking down the video

      It has to be the verizon iPhone, it has 4 antenna bands now instead of 3
    1. yelow13's Avatar
      yelow13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by asmacumber View Post
      How do you deduce that the camera hole is missing from those shots? There are no electronics or glass panels present in those pictures, so no camera hole WOULD be seen. And in the video you can CLEARLY see the front-facing camera.

      And the SIM slot looks the same size to me ...
      Yeah I was thinking the same thing
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Quote Originally Posted by zoso10 View Post
      Did someone find this in a bar too?
      No they found it in Photoshop. There will be another pic to surface off this that states "new verizon CDMA" as soon as I fire up CS5 and remove the sim slot. LOL
    1. yelow13's Avatar
      yelow13 -
      It seems pretty fake, except for the fact that Apple has claimed copyright of the video lol
    1. Ryka's Avatar
      Ryka -
      This is crapy!!
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I agree those pics leave much to be desired! At first sight i'm thinking dual screens....one in the front and one in the back...wishful I know hahahaha! With dual core beginning to arise as the "NEW" standard to come, possibilities are endless for design...dual OS that actually works...OSX and iOS woohoo! :]
    1. red_zone's Avatar
      red_zone -
      Quote Originally Posted by kuhndsn View Post
      no they found it in photoshop. There will be another pic to surface off this that states "new verizon cdma" as soon as i fire up cs5 and remove the sim slot. Lol
      LOL! Best. Idea. Ever.
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      You guys missed this part.
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      Quote Originally Posted by whereswaldo View Post
      You need to ask a super mod, you probably have enough posts to get a custom title, but you need a lot to get a custom colour
      I got my custom title at like 200 posts. Read it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by STRAYunINFIDEL View Post
      I got my custom title at like 200 posts. Read it.
    1. soulthoughts's Avatar
      soulthoughts -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rasta4Jah420 View Post
      Your wrong..it clearly has a mini sim slot on the side, if it was the "new verizon iphone" wouldnt it use cdma or whatever?? Verizon doesnt use sim cards....nice journalism though...
      Reread the article. It said verizon 4g will.
    1. RonHC's Avatar
      RonHC -
      With the video down, one can hope
    1. midgetwithatophat's Avatar
      midgetwithatophat -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      I would vote almost certainly the CDMA version of the iPhone 4. Too early for a production version of the next gen iPhone IMO.
      Ditto, its WAY too early for the next gen
    1. SupaMonkey's Avatar
      SupaMonkey -
      This video has been removed because of a copyright claim from Apple inc.

      This probably means this stuff is real. Now is it iPhone 5 or just iPhone 4.1 :P
    1. hoekapika's Avatar
      hoekapika -
      It's the iPhone 4 4G
    1. alyshehata's Avatar
      alyshehata -
      If it werent reall Apple wouldn't have removed it
    1. macimaster's Avatar
      macimaster -
      ha thats hilarious cannot believe that they removed it, i guess they did say that they were fed up of parts manufacturers leaking the desgins early haha
    1. Just Dummy's Avatar
      Just Dummy -
      Who cares honestly? It's morons like the author of this article that fuel this garbage. When the i5 hits shelves someday if it is something I like I will get one. What kind of pathetic people waste six months speculating what is or might be in a telephone? Seriously most people I see on these forums are the same people who got picked last in gym and continue to have no life.