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  • Mirror's Edge for iPhone Is FREE Today Only!

    Mirror's Edge is a popular iOS game that's free today only!

    Are you an avid iOS gamer? The iPhone 4S brings us a dual core GPU that can render graphics seven to eight times faster than the iPhone 4 as shown by benchmarks in previous reports. Albeit the iPhone 4S has an amazing graphics engine, the iPhone 4 was never slow to begin with and the iPod touch 4G has the same processing unit as the iPhone 4. That means that anyone can enjoy this awesome games, but the dual core A5 processor users will get more bang from their GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) than the single core A4 users will.

    Mirror's Edge is a popular iOS game that people have been able to play since its release on September second of last year. To this day, it's still a pretty popular game. It's made by EA (Electronic Arts), a company that is well known for games across platforms. Mirror's Edge is free, today only, as part of EA's Daily Deal.

    Mirror's Edge is mostly about free-running and having the responsibility of moving information from place to place without being caught by government surveillance. It features no HUD (Heads Up Display) and doesn't play in first person, instead you see the whole character's body as they move around and it's your job to run around and avoid trouble. Here are some screenshots:

    Mirror's Edge is a 100MB game that has a four-star rating in the App Store. Many are happy with the game and there are few poor reviews. Get it while it's free!

    The iPad version can be downloaded for free as well.

    Will you be taking advantage of the free download? Share in the comments below!

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    1. KraXik's Avatar
      KraXik -
      Already got it free from last years Apple Xmas app!
    1. raksrules's Avatar
      raksrules -
      Correct the typo in 3rd line of article...it should be TOUCH instead of TOUGH
      English Nazi here :P
    1. shinratdr's Avatar
      shinratdr -
      iPad version is free too. I already had the iPhone version, but thanks for the heads up!
    1. vantheman169's Avatar
      vantheman169 -
      Just got it thanks. Also the game for iPad is FREE today too.
    1. Youngnell's Avatar
      Youngnell -
      Beat it completely with all bags and everything in about 2 hours on and off play. Fun game
    1. Dumazz61's Avatar
      Dumazz61 -
      Thanks...downloaded today...good game so far...even better since it's free
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Keeps crashing on my iPod. Wonder if it's because it's jailbroken
    1. pagehere's Avatar
      pagehere -
      I already had the iPhone version, but thanks for the heads up!
    1. iZangetsu's Avatar
      iZangetsu -
      Still free today just installed it
    1. duromega's Avatar
      duromega -
      Let me see if it's still free