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  • "One-Click" Tethered JB With redsn0w 0.9.6rc7

    While we all wait for an untethered jailbreak solution, the Dev-Team has updated redsn0w with a "one-click" option for the tethered 4.2.1 jailbreak. Rather than the multiple screens you normally see, you can now use redsn0w on the command line to "Just boot tethered for now."

    There are currently two major efforts towards an untethered jailbreak. The "jailbreak monte" backup plan is still in beta, and is only available to developers who have access to the 4.2 beta 3 build. While that is underway, @comex is working on the 4.2.1 untether and making good progress (even if slower than many of us would like). So since we're kind of stuck with the current stet of affairs for the immediate future, the Dev-Team added some command-line options to simplify the process.

    You need to just specify redsn0w by location and run the appropriate arguments for your setup:

    -j to ask redsn0w to "Just boot now"
    -i [filename] to specify your reference IPSW
    -o for old-bootrom iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3GS
    -b [filename] to specify your own boot logo png

    For example, if redsn0w for Mac and your IPSW are on the Desktop, you would use the following command to do a tethered boot of an iPod touch 4G jailbroken at 4.2.1:

    open ~/Desktop/redsn0w.app --args -j -i ~/Desktop/iPod4,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw
    The zipfiles for redsn0w 0.9.6rc7 [Mac] [Windows] include a script file that lets you double click to launch redsn0w with the above parameters. You can create custom *.command files for your particular configuration, but Mac users should remember to make them executable with chmod +x. Windows 7/Vista users should run redsn0w as Administrator in "XP Compatibility" mode.

    Source: Dev-Team Blog
    This article was originally published in forum thread: "One-Click" Tethered JB With redsn0w 0.9.6rc7 started by Paul Daniel Ash View original post
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    1. JLick's Avatar
      JLick -
      Not to bash on the dev team, but what's the point of this lol?
    1. Sprouseod's Avatar
      Sprouseod -
      "Waiting for reboot" I tried 0.9.6rc7b and I got to the reboot screen but it stayed there. Am I just not waiting long enough? I tried several minutes.

    1. Nickjudd's Avatar
      Nickjudd -
      I really want 4.2 for the 'find my iphone feature'. Cause on New Years i had a bit to much Captain and lost my iphone! I spent 2hrs looking for it in my friends house didn't find it and ended up coming to the realization i left it in the tazi. We had a good convo on jail-breaking..... Luckily in the morning my friend found it on his car! Surprisingly it didnt rain which was pure luck since im in Ireland!!! On the night i promised my self that i'd update, but i cant part with the great JB features.
    1. Nuwan Eshwara's Avatar
      Nuwan Eshwara -
      Quote Originally Posted by StanHell View Post
      Yeah, the only way that this is really going to be any quicker is if you actually make these command line codes into some sort of shortcut.
      This is exactly what I have done, I have made these codes into shortcuts for tethered iDevices by packaging the commands into .bat files.

      All you will need to do is move the entire REDSN0w CONTENTS, AND THE IOS4.2.1 FIRMWARE into your C:/ Drive and these .bat scripts will handle the rest. Simple click whichever bat script applies to the iDevice you are trying to boot.

      You can download by clicking here (direct download link)
      I have a problem. I have done exactly as you have advised here. by clicking the file for iPhone 4 file from the download it open up the redsnow but with an error message saying "unable to recognize ipsw: C:/iPhone1,2_4.2.1_C148_Restore.ipsw"
      the reason i think is that my file name mine is "iPhone3,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore" should i rename the restore file
      to yours or how could i change your file to the correct restore file name? Appreciate your help
      Many thanks
    1. n00neimp0rtant's Avatar
      n00neimp0rtant -
      Mac users should make an Automator workflow to do this automatically.

      Just open Automator (if you have a Mac, you already have it on your computer), make a new workflow, add the "Run Shell Script" action, and type:
      open /*the redsn0w.app file path*/ --args -j -i /*your IPSW file path*/
      (the pwnage icon I swapped in myself manually)
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      I'll be waiting too.
    1. mtwiford's Avatar
      mtwiford -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      meh. After you do the initial update and install winterboard there's never a need to boot cycle so this seems trivial. Takes just as much time to type in the command line stuff than it would to find the firmware in Finder.
      +1 That is exactly what I was just thinking
    1. Truckerbear's Avatar
      Truckerbear -
      I have known people that have had a tethered jailbreak and it SUCKS. One kernel panic and your shot! I wouldn't tether jailbreak if someone would pay me to do so. I am only interested in untethered.

      I am however waiting patiently to get the untethered jailbreak.
    1. Sprouseod's Avatar
      Sprouseod -
      Figured it out
    1. whereswaldo's Avatar
      whereswaldo -
      Why is comex being refrenced as @comex in news articles? This isn't twitter, it's real news
    1. soulthoughts's Avatar
      soulthoughts -
      Quote Originally Posted by 2Jaze View Post
      Random question: Putting the iphone in Airplane Mode wouldn't be an alternative to complete shutdown in the hospital?
      Probably not. I work in a hospital too. It's not only the cell features it's the camera that's the concern too.
    1. ecd5000's Avatar
      ecd5000 -
      Comex is most likely waiting for the next update 4.3 or whatever it shall be called. I read this article yesterday on redmondpie and shortly followed by a tweet by Comex that depending on apples release of the next FW update he might wait until then.

      Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
    1. lvazn93's Avatar
      lvazn93 -
      saves less time for people who have to reboot their ipods
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by wirehedd View Post
      Seeing as one of the places I do work for is the local hospital I have to shut my iphone off every time I enter certain areas and not having an untethered JB sucks. I'm still at 4.1 like a lot of the community and will be extremely happy and grateful when the new untethered JB arrives.

      Do Dev-Team Go! Go Comex Go! Go "whoever the hell can get this done" Go!

      Until then I'll sit patiently waiting and cheering for them all. Grateful I have a working iphone with the JB features I need.
      I need my phone for work and can't have a tethered jailbreak. So I will wait as long as it takes....
    1. Newiphone27's Avatar
      Newiphone27 -
      im still very new at unlocking and JBing. Does this mean that I can JB my Iphone 4 on 4.2 but not unlock yet? I cant wait to use it.still on my 3GS now
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      This tethered jb is nice step but the average consumer may get lost in translating typing code to jb there iPhone 4. Basically, the untethered jb is much needed.
    1. titeo's Avatar
      titeo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sprouseod View Post
      "Waiting for reboot" I tried 0.9.6rc7b and I got to the reboot screen but it stayed there. Am I just not waiting long enough? I tried several minutes.

      I am having a similar prob...My 3G[S] with the newer bootrom is not booting out of the "recovery" mode. After the pineapple logo it just cuts off and restart to the "recovery" mode.

      Can someone help me? I can't restore with iTunes either. I get error 1015.
    1. iFrosty's Avatar
      iFrosty -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      Exactly. 4.2 was intended for the iPad and doesn't add any new "must have" stuff over 4.1 on an iPhone. I'm still very happy on 4.1 with no intention to upgrade.

      im with you there!
    1. CaryDude's Avatar
      CaryDude -
      Quote Originally Posted by 2Jaze View Post
      Random question: Putting the iphone in Airplane Mode wouldn't be an alternative to complete shutdown in the hospital?
      Sometimes "off" just means "off", whether we agree with it or not. I flew over the Christmas holidays and the flight attendants on Southwest said "...off not airplane mode." Since flight attendants have the authority of the FAA behind them, I complied. It's part of being a grown up and respecting authority.
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      I actually asked for MuscleNerd to do this. I'm very glad he did, but a single click is still required, which is stupid. Let me jailbreak from the commandline with NO clicks, please

      I wanted to use this in a toolkit I've created that automatically fixes phones that are stuck at the Apple boot logo due to a crashed MobileSubstrate plugin, but now it still requires a stupid click to boot the phone.

      C'mon MuscleNerd, add a zero-click cmdline param.