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  • Apple Wakes up To Serious Alarm Clock Issue

    If you accidentally overslept today, you can blame the problem on Apple. And Apple will back you up on it.

    As it turns out, Apple is being flooded with thousands of complaints from users that their alarm clock feature (on the iPhone 4 and earlier models with software updates) is malfunctioning, particularly with regard to non-recurring alarms. This weekend Apple has not only acknowledged the problem, but promised a automatic alarm fix for the bug beginning tomorrow, January 3, 2011.

    We're aware of an issue related to non-repeating alarms set for January 1 or 2. Customers can set recurring alarms for those dates and all alarms will work properly beginning January 3.
    This latest alarm clock glitch is eerily reminiscent of a similar bug that took aim at the alarm clock feature after Daylight Saving Time this past fall. Shortly before that issue, in September folks in Australia and New Zealand also began widely reporting that their iPhone alarms would sound an hour early.

    From last fall until today, message boards across the blogosphere have filled with complaints from people whose lives were propelled into turmoil as a result of being late for work, missing flights and other time-sensitive commitments. Thankfully, according to Apple, the snooze button on this bug has been officially whacked and the iPhone alarm clock should function normally beginning Monday morning.

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    1. kbennell's Avatar
      kbennell -
      If this fix does result in 4.2.2, I'm sure there will be a fix out on cydia for jailbreakers...
    1. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
      iNT3Rv3NTiONZz -
      Quote Originally Posted by piston597 View Post
      Apple can make one of the best phones this world has seen along with superb desktops, laptops, tablets etc, but they cant for the life of them make a god damn alarm clock that can work properly.
      exactly what i was about to write...
    1. Supaman34's Avatar
      Supaman34 -
      if u set the alarm to "repeat everyday" aka slecting everyday from sun-sat it works fine.
    1. jiggyjae's Avatar
      jiggyjae -
      I got to work late for the past two days because of this ****
    1. Antman217's Avatar
      Antman217 -
      Yeah real alarm clocks are just great until you accidentally unplug em from the wall socket.

      I solely rely in my iPhone for an alarm and I have has no problem with it ever! No daylight savings or this problem. I always have recurring alarms and I don't have snooze on. So I'm just lucky I guess. I payed good money for my iPhone and I'll be damned if I can't use one of it's basic features that it's meant for!!!!
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      Sound like another excuse for Apple to put out another update just when we have a untethered jailbreak just about ready to distribute!!
    1. VaderForce's Avatar
      VaderForce -
      I think it's not good enough especially after the Daylight Saving fiasco we experienced in Australia in October 2010. Shame on Apple's product engineers & testers.
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Quote Originally Posted by da_petcu21 View Post
      Seems like some developer that works on the alarm clock will get fired
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
      I woke up an hour late for work a few days back, not too happy.
      I got to work on time as usual but then again my Android alarm didn't fail me.
    1. ReggieSmith's Avatar
      ReggieSmith -
      Since Apple has a known issue surrounding their alarm click app I don't see why anyone would still use it as a sole means of waking up. That's just dumb.

      Add to that, folks were reporting at least 2 days prior to new years that this was an issue and would happen.

      Add to that, this affected NON-recurring alarms. If you are using this as your alarm clock I would think you'd have a recurring alarm set, right? (I think some of the folks complaining on here just want to jump on the bandwagon.)
    1. eyeRobot's Avatar
      eyeRobot -
      I shouldn't need a backup alarm, alarms aren't just for waking up when you've got an alarm clock by the bedside. It's BS that it doesn't work properly. I'll use a 3rd party app from now on.
    1. needweeds's Avatar
      needweeds -
      Thank god my alarm works flawlessly..
    1. 1hihum's Avatar
      1hihum -
      Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
      Correct. SMART people have a backup in life for important things. Idiots think everything will always work as planned and never need a backup plan for anything.

      Well idiots and children like on this site where the average age is 16 apparently judging by some of the things I've seen.

      If you don't have backups for IMPORTANT things in life, you deserve to be nipped in the azz to wake you up.
      So I guess you are walking around with a spare cell phone in your pocket...you know, just in case the "phone" app suddenly doesn't work? Because you know, that's one of those "important" things that us idiots and children should have a back up for. That's got to be one of the most ignorant arguments that I have ever heard. The bottom line is that simple things like the alarm should work...period. I can understand there are glitches, but on the flip side, it's perfectly understandable that people are gonna be upset when **** stops working. And as for the "everyone should have known since it's been two days" excuse, that's B.S. Too. Not everyone is checking the boards every day for possible glitches or problems.
      Smart person...more like smart ***.
    1. shinygerbil's Avatar
      shinygerbil -
      @ReggieSmith and other apologists

      I'd like to know what right you people making these comments have to judge the way others use their phones.

      I use the iPhone alarm because it is enough for me. I don't use the recurring alarm because my working hours change daily.

      It is an alarm clock. It is described as such and it should work as such and it is Apple's responsibility to ensure this. Not mine.

      To be told "why are you using the iPhone alarm clock as your only means of waking up? That's just dumb" would not be acceptable if I heard it on the phone from Apple support, simply because it isn't true. It is no more acceptable to hear from a random person on the Internet - and more importantly, it is still not true.
    1. wesker17's Avatar
      wesker17 -
      i had the same problem and i just erased all my alarms and put them up again and that fixed the problem :^P
    1. fatrixcartmen111's Avatar
      fatrixcartmen111 -
      Woke up a half hour late for work today haha. I rely on the iphone alarm because you can set multiple alarms very easily, and since Im constantly sleeping in different places (for all you haters :P). I can confirm that the alarms do work now!
    1. MagicJustin's Avatar
      MagicJustin -
      This alarmed failed me 3 times. I've had a first gen iPhone for 3 years and have used that solely as my alarm (ditching my old iHome and my iPod Video). About 2 months ago, I upgraded (swited to AT&T) the iPhone 4. It's a fantastic phone and have been able to carry less stuff.

      I no longer carry my digita camera every where. I no longer carry my Flip camera, I don't bring my iPod with me. These are 3 devices I don't need anymore because of the iPhone. I've been using the alarm feature for 3 years without any failure... and suddenly there's a "programming glitch"!!! Really Apple!?

      Somedays I use the app "Sleep Cycle" other times I use the built in Alarm app. Sleep cycle will sometimes wake me up earlier than I want (I know I can change the settings) but I have to have it laying in bed with me instead of on the dresser (well at least to monitor my sleep.... and it's VERY ACCURATE!)

      I needed to wake up for the day to prepare for a show (luckily I woke up 10 mins after my alarm should have gone off) then I set it later to tell me to leave for my show. Both times it failed. What a horrible glitch Apple!
    1. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
      GellBrake'rrrr -
      I sure am glad this never happened to me in my PaRtY days!!! I used to /always/ rely on my phone to wake me up for work after staying up till 5-6 am playing beer pong, and then having to sleep on someones couch, and then wake up 2-3 hours later.

      I feel bad for those who Got screwed by the iPhone devs that couldn't design a legit clock app.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      I set my clock last night just because and when I got up this morning I got up late. I was not aware of any talk about the clock being messed up. The first thing I did was head for the internet to see if there was anything going on as far as news about it and low and behold I found a lot of it and how people got up late because of the alarm clock not working.

      I have used the alarm since I bought the first iPhone. It has never let me down until last night.
    1. ev_ol's Avatar
      ev_ol -
      "whose lives were propelled into turmoil" -Great verbiage.

      As for the "update" to fix the problem, I believe the problem actually fixes itself and therefore doesn't require an update. Whatever glitch is causing the problem only interferes for a few days.

      Personally, I blame Obama and his screwing around with daylights savings time. I think he's just upset that congress wouldn't let him have an on/off switch for the internet.