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  • [Giveaway] Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 is Officially Live In Cydia!

    It's here folks, Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 has been officially released!

    Springtomize is an intensive application with almost endless capabilities. It lets you customize many if not almost all features of Springboard. You can use several combinations of customization in what seems like endless possibilities. There are so many options, that you might seem overwhelmed. Springtomize 2 is a jailbreak tweak by Filippo Bigarella and you will not be disappointed by its power.

    If you remember the original Springtomize, you know by now that it no longer works on iOS 5 and that it was made to customize iOS 4. The original Springtomize had a price tag of $1.99 and it did the same things that Springtomize 2 could. The only difference? Springtomize 2 has more features and is compatible with iOS 5. Since there are so many settings with Springtomize, we're going to break it up into groups for you. First off, when you open Springtomize 2 for the first time, you will see a cool animation that shows the Springtomize logo move into the settings application. You will then be accompanied by a message asking you to go into Settings to configure it. Not only can you use the Settings application to configure Springtomize, but you will also notice a Springtomize icon added to your SpringBoard home screen; this is a shortcut to your Springtomize settings. Once you open the Springtomize settings in the Settings app, you will notice a list of settings as shown below:


    In the animations settings of Springtomize, you can set your own changes to SpringBoard's animations. This includes application GUI's, folder opening and closing, SpringBoard unlocking, and more. You can adjust the speeds to your liking. Additionally, you have the ability to choose how your multitasking applications switch. Normally when you open the App Switcher and change applications, the application will be pushed to the side as the new one pushes in. You can change that horizontal switch to a vertical switch if you like. You also have the option to have a television animation when you lock your device. You can pick the color of it and adjust the sound. Last but not least, you can also change the color of the screenshot flash to anything you want (default: white).


    In the capabilities settings of Springtomize, you can choose which functions of iOS can be turned on and off. Below is a list of the functions with their descriptions:
    • Homescreen WP: The SpringBoard wallpaper. You can turn this off to decrease lagging.
    • VoiceControl: Voice Control is the voice assistant built into some iOS 4+ iDevices.
    • Multitasking: The App Switcher. Disabling this will close (not suspend) the application when you press the home button.
    • HDR: High Dynamic Range; this is a Camera setting that you can enable in the Camera app to eliminate highs and lows.
    • Front Camera: This is the FaceTime camera. You can enable and disable use of it.
    • SMS: Text Messaging. You can keep people from using your texting application.
    • Telephony: The telephone. You can disable the use of the iPhone's telephone.
    • Contacts: The contacts application. You can disable the use of contacts, ultimately saving your privacy.
    • Battery Percentage: You can enable or disable the battery percentage in your status bar.
    • GPS: Global Positioning System. You can disable your GPS from being able to track your location.
    • AppStore: Apple App Store is the application that you download other applications from, disable to stop downloading.
    • Magnetometer: Used in the Compass application. Disable to stop use of the Compass.


    The dock settings in Springtomize are pretty straightforward and easy. You can enable the CoverFlow Effect which will give your dock applications a Cover Flow perspective like the Cover Flow for your music albums. You can hide the dock completely (the dock, not the icons on the dock), or the labels of the icons on the dock. You can hide the dock's refection, or you can choose how many icons appear on your dock (default four applications).


    The lock screen settings in Springtomize let you customize how your lock screen performs and also how it looks. Here is a list of the options with descriptions:
    • Display Seconds: Show the seconds in the lock screen's large digital clock.
    • Always Charging: Always show the iOS battery background on the lock screen.
    • Always Show Wallpaper: Always show the iOS Wallpaper instead of the battery when charging too.
    • Disable Camera Button: Disable the iOS 5 camera button after double pressing the home button.
    • Always Show Camera: Always show the camera button even without double pressing the home button.
    • Hide Top Bar: Hide the lock screen clock; also disabled the iPod controls when double pressing the home button.
    • Disable Artwork: Disable showing the album artwork of the music you are listening to on your lock screen.
    • Delay Dimming: Keep the lock screen from dimming up to 60 seconds. Useful for IntelliScreenX.
    • Hide Knob: Hides the lock screen slider. You will need an alternative unlock method or you can't unlock your device.
    • Custom Label: Allows you to put your own text in the, "Slide to unlock" box.


    The icon settings in Springtomize let you customize how your icons appear and also how they look. Here is a list of the options with descriptions:

    • Hide Labels: This will hide any labels from the icons that aren't on your dock.
    • Lock Moving: Keeps applications from being moved around when the device is is jiggle/wiggle mode.
    • Disable Jittering: Keeps your iDevice from going into jiggle/wiggle mode.
    • Disable Uninstalling: Keeps App Store applications from being deleted.
    • Disable All Badges: Hides all badges. This will replace the BadgeClear or noOTA Badge jailbreak tweaks.
    • 2 Tap Clear Badge: Tap a badge twice to clear it. This will replace the BadgeClear or noOTA Badge jailbreak tweaks.
    • Use Custom Number: Customize the amount of applications per row.
    • Resize Icons: Change the size appearance of application icons throughout SpringBoard.
    • Hide Icons: Lets you hide certain applications; pick from the menu. Also disable Newsstand.


    The folder settings in Springtomize let you customize how your folders appear and also how they behave. Here is a list of the options with descriptions:

    • Folders Closebox: Lets you delete a folder and return applications to the home screen.
    • Hide Preview: Removes the tiny application pictures from the folder.
    • Disable Animation: Stops the animation from opening and closing folders.
    • Hide Background: Disables the stock linen background of the folder.
    • Auto Close: Closes any open folder after you open an application from it.
    • Hide Label: Hides the label of the folder.
    • Disable Badges: Hides badges that appear when applications inside the folder get a badge.
    • Create in Dock: Allows you to make folders directly on the dock.
    • Use Custom Number: Lets you choose how many applications appear per row.

    App Switcher

    Within the App Switcher settings of Springtomize, you have the option to have a landscape switcher as well as portrait. The Start editing option allows you to open App Switcher and all applications will already be in wiggle/jiggle mode so you can start closing applications. Disabling the paging allows you to scroll without limits through the App Switcher without being paged like on the home screen. You can choose to start with the iPod which means that your iPod controls will be the default view of the App Switcher when you open it. You can disable badges in the app switcher and enable a brightness slider. You can also customize how many applications appear per page of the App Switcher and you can hide or dim applications that aren't running so that only the running applications appear solidly.

    Time Machine

    The Time Machine feature of Springtomize is really cool. It allows you to have a backup of your Springtomize settings so that if you play around with it and forget what settings you had originally, you can restore your settings to your backup. This works similarly to the way that Time Machine works on a Mac as Time Machine on a Mac will put all of your stuff back the way it was last time you saved it. With Time Machine for Springtomize, you can save things such as your icon state (where they were on SpringBoard), what wallpaper you had, and Springtomize Settings. You can use toggle switches which lets you select which of the above options to restore, or you can just reload everything. There is an automatic backup option that will save periodically for you.

    Staus Bar

    With the Status Bar options of Springtomize you can can do some heavy duty revamping of the iOS stock status bar. You can put a custom carrier (which can be basically anything you want), and you can replace the time with a different kind of text that you want as well. Not only can you adjust the things that show at all times, but you can hide certain things from appearing on the status bar such as:
    • Airplane
    • Battery
    • Battery Percent
    • Bluetooth Battery
    • Bluetooth
    • Call Forwarding
    • Data Network
    • Location
    • Play
    • Rotation
    • Carrier Name
    • Signal Strength
    • Sync Indicator
    • Time
    • VPN

    Hiding them means that either the existing icons that appear all the time will be hidden, and that even the icons that only appear under certain circumstances will be hidden as well.


    The pages settings of Springtomize is very limited, but there isn't much you can do with paging anyways. With Springtomize you can hide the page dots at the bottom of your SpringBoard, remove the page limits (there is a limit to the amount of pages you can have), you can disable Spotlight, and you can disable paging so that you can scroll through your SpringBoard freely without being constrained to certain pages.


    Some of you out there are just hardcore themers who can't stand to see the stock iOS appear on your screen. If you're one of those people than you'll appreciate Springtomize. It lets you add your own custom docks, your own custom batteries, custom label fonts, custom label sizes, custom label colors, and even lets you make all of your springboard applications GrayScale. Think of all of the Cydia jailbreak tweaks that this eliminates the need for.

    Notification Center

    With the Notification Center options of Springtomize, you can choose to have your notifications instantly cleared. This can be convenient if you're tired of going through and individually double tapping the button to clear notifications from each application. Additionally, you can adjust how many lines of text appear for each notification in Notification Center. You can have anywhere between one and thirty lines of text. That's enough to read an email. This competes with IntelliScreenX in that respect, allowing you to disable a widget to save loading time.


    The more section of Springtomize has everything else. It includes documentation which walks you through each section very carefully. If this guide and review wasn't enough information for you, then check out the nice guide that Filippo included in the application. Additionally, you can set your settings files here, and disable and enable MobileSubstrate addons for troubleshooting. The last two options allow you to report a problem and return the settings to the defaults.

    I love Springtomize 2. It eliminates the need for having numerous jailbreak tweaks that do what Springtomize does. Using Springtomize over a ton of other jailbreak tweaks means optimization because less tweaks need to be installed on the device at once which means less things are doing less. Springtomize replaces some applications like BadgeClear, App Switcher Brightness, Brightness switcher, FakeCarrier, CleanStatus, and many many more. It's just impossible to list them all. For the small price of Springtomize 2, you can own an arsenal of tweaks which would cost well over $35. I recommend it to everyone with an iDevice; it doesn't slow your device down in any way (even with all of these settings). Props to Filippo, very good job on Springtomize 2! I think we cal all agree that this bundle is worth more than the $2.99 price tag he is selling it for!

    Name: Springtomize 2 - iOS 5+
    Price: $2.99
    Version: 1.0-1
    Developer: FilippoBiga
    Repo: BigBoss
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Sources: Filippo Bigarella
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] Springtomize 2 for iOS 5 is Officially Live In Cydia! started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. anig's Avatar
      anig -
      This thing can't even keep my status bar themed. The time is not supposed to show and a custom action is supposed to be there instead. Something simple like love
    1. thevmax's Avatar
      thevmax -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      Closed beta tests can only be so thorough... It's been on beta for months.
      I have gotten NO RESPONSE FROM AUTHOR. (Since December 01, 2011).
      NO RESPONSE FROM SAURIK on this issue either. (Since December 07, 2011).
      I have opened a ticket with PayPal looking to get my money back.
      This item has been updated to a dispute within PayPal (as of December 20,2011),
      because I have received no response from the creator of the software or the seller of the software.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by thevmax View Post
      I have gotten NO RESPONSE FROM AUTHOR. (Since December 01, 2011).
      NO RESPONSE FROM SAURIK on this issue either. (Since December 07, 2011).
      I have opened a ticket with PayPal looking to get my money back.
      This item has been updated to a dispute within PayPal (as of December 20,2011),
      because I have received no response from the creator of the software or the seller of the software.
      What is your problem now? All of the issues have been fixed in updates thus far.
    1. jabregousmc's Avatar
      jabregousmc -
      What happened to the lock screen clock sizing option?! Would really liked to have that feature kept in there!